What Does Dry Socket Feel Like – Risk Factors | Treatment | Symptoms

What Does Dry Socket Feel Like – Risk Factors | Treatment | Symptoms

Dry Socket is a dental condition which sometimes becomes critical and painful. This condition mostly happens after the extraction of permanent adult teeth. In this condition, the blood clots at the site of the tooth extraction fail to develop before the wound heals which results in pain.

This pain lasts for at least 7 days. You can notice the pain after 3 days of tooth extraction. Dry socket becomes more painful when the food particles are stuck in the Extraction Area, if the tooth weren’t placed perfectly then we should know how do braces work?

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Key Points

  • Risk Factors Of Dry Socket
  • Treatment & Symptoms
  • Prevention

Risk Factors Of Dry Socket

This medical condition is not a very common problem. It happens in rare cases. You will only develop the risk of dry socket During The First week of tooth extraction. In recovery, the pain will start getting at its low point which is ignorable.

This pain mostly starts gradually day by day after the dental surgery. The best thing about this condition is that if you completed a week without any pain, then there is nothing to worry about. You are not going to get any dry Socket In Your Mouth.

Treatment Of Dry Socket

The treatment of dry sockets can only be done by your Dentist.  It means that you need to go back to your doctor after the surgery for meditation and cleaning. Some common treatments of the dry socket that your dentist will do includes :

  • Cleaning of food particles which sometimes stuck in the tooth extraction site
  • For immediate relief from pain, your dentist will Replace The Gauze at home or may provide directions for cleaning in case of unavailability
  • There are several pain killer’s and Prescription Drugs that will help you to relieve pain.

Symptoms of Dry Socket

There are many signs that you can consider as the development of dry sockets. The problem is that most of the patients consider it as a Natural Temporary Pain that happens after the surgery. But as we said before, if the pain starts increasing day by day, it may start developing a dry socket.

Some most common symptoms of dry socket are :

  • Swelling
  • Fever
  • Pus On The Extraction Site
  • Chills & redness

Why Does a Person Get Dry Socket?

The main reason for developing a dry socket in the mouth is because most of the patients do not follow the instructions and precautions that the Dentist Recommends. On the other hand, there are several other reasons which increase the risk of dry socket such as :

  • Removal of gauze earlier
  • Having infections before surgery in the mouth
  • Excessive smoking reduces the Flow Of Blood Supply in the mouth which results in pain and dry socket.
  • Having dense jawbones also increases the risk of such medical conditions.

Can We Prevent This Medical Condition?

It is quite possible for you to prevent this medical condition if it is at the initial stage. In fact, we will recommend you to visit those doctors who are Board-Certified. Check out the below precautions that you need to take for preventing Dry socket :

  • Stop smoking for at least a week after the surgery
  • Avoid drinking Beverages And Hot Drinks because they will dissolve with blood clots and you will experience more pain.
  • Avoid eating those meals that are stuck in the extraction site.

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