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How Long Do Asus Laptops Last – How To Buy A Laptop

How Long Do Asus Laptops Last

How Long Do Asus Laptops Last

In the last few years, technology has changed many trends that impact human life either positively and negatively. Asus is one of the top brands in the world that leads the technology industry.

A laptop’s longevity depends on various factors such as price, components, quality, and manufacturing. In today’s topic, we have covered a guide for you on how to buy a laptop and whether you should prefer Asus laptops or not.

Key Points
1. The lifespan of an Asus gaming laptop depends on the type of function you are doing, the components it obtains, and the way you treat it
2. Buying Guide For Choosing The Best Gaming Laptop

How Long Does Asus Gaming Laptops Last?

As we said before, the lifespan of a laptop depends on various factors. The main specs of a gaming laptop are hardware, RAM, battery, motherboard, and CPU.

If your laptop has a highly-effective and high-grade component, then the lifespan will be longer than you expected. Nowadays, technology is bringing innovation.

Many Asus laptops are coming with cooling systems and ergonomic designs that maintain cooling systems for heat dissipation which is the primary reason for malfunctioning. 

On the other hand, the term “ How Do Asus Laptops Last” also depends on how you treat your gaming machine. The more expensive the laptop is, the more optimal performance it provides.

If you choose an Asus gaming laptops,  It stands perfect to be used by beginners for improving gaming and video editing skills.

We still have not stated the answer to “How Long Asus Laptops Last.” A laptop’s longevity is determined by the task it performs, such as processing high-end video editing software, games, and many more.

Buying Guide For Best Laptops For 2021

It does not matter whether you are buying gaming laptops or a regular laptop of any brand. Certain factors are common in every brand.

Specs are not the only thing that you should consider; there are several things that we have explained for you to make your purchase easier. Check out the below points that will make your investment easier :

Graphics Card

GPU is one of the most significant decisions gaming enthusiasts make. There are many latest graphics cards in the market that we categorized for you in three.

If you want to improve your gaming skills and do not require the highest settings, then GTX 1650 and RX 5500M will be the right choice for you.

They are compatible with various games. The laptops between $700 to $1000 contain such types of graphic cards. 

The best graphic cards for mainstream gaming laptops are Nvidia GeForce GTX 2060. They are the top-of-the-line components that can be used for a higher setting.

Nowadays, RTX 3060 and 3070 have covered the market. You will get these specs in the gaming laptops ranging between $1000 to $1500.

If you want a virtual reality experience or higher graphics, then nothing is better than RTX 2070. They are the powerful GPU in the market that you can find in gaming laptops ranging between $3000 and above. You can also use this graphic card for 4K gaming.


CPU is another significant component of your laptop that you can get according to your budget. We will recommend you not to buy a computer with old version CPUs such as intel core i5.

The benefit of choosing an optimal CPU is that you can upgrade your RAM to 8GB for super fast speed. Moreover, some models in the market come with 16GB. It depends on your budget and preference.

On the other hand, a storage device is also as important as a graphic card. Always consider those storage devices that prevent slow speed and low decrease the performance of the laptop.

Screen Display

The screen display is the factor on which your gaming visualization depends. If you did not consider a monitor or LCD with your laptop screen, you might miss an optimal gaming experience.

The screen size, resolution, and refresh rate are the attributes you need to check while considering a display screen. If your desired laptop offers a 1080p resolution, they are good enough to be used for high-end games.

On the other hand, we will also recommend you not to consider touch screens for gaming laptops. They will disturb the gaming experience. Moreover, they will consume more battery as compared to FHD or non-touch displays.


If you think that choosing a comfortable and convenient keyboard is enough, then you are wrong. There are so many other things to consider in laptops, especially gaming laptops.

You will get a mechanical keyboard and membrane keyboard. But, keep in mind that your laptop should have less essential travel.

Actuation is another thing which is the force we apply for pressing a key. There is only one drawback to gaming laptop keyboards. They have fewer macro keys.

But, it is not an impossible thing. Some latest models in the market contain programmable buttons, which is a good option.

Battery Timing

The last consideration you need to check in your laptop is battery timing. The battery timing depends on the overall performance and the function you are running.

We would recommend you consider those laptops that have more than 4 hours of battery timing. They will run effectively on high power mode for the optimal gaming experience. 

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