How To Keep Bees Away From Hummingbirds

Since the beginning of time, the battle of hummingbirds and bees is continued. These beautiful birds battle for the same food resources that are for bees. It is also a common fact that hummingbirds attack insects in order to eat them. Their growth depends on eating insects such as bugs. Some birds keep this practice in tons daily.

If you have honey or you use bees for some scientific purpose and hummingbirds interrupt you. We come with some comfortable and practical solutions that will help your problem.


Key Points

  • What Is Feeder Pest
  • Methods For Preventing Bees Away From Hummingbirds
  • Precautions (Highly Recommended To Read)

How To Keep Bees Away From Hummingbirds

Feeder Pest


The best way for managing hummingbirds is to use a hummingbird feeder and maintain the nectar in it. Reason? There are many kinds of insects that are unable to resist hummingbird nectar. Some common types are ants, wasps, and bees are also included.

On the other hand, some insects can be attracted to their nectar, such as hornets and spiders. When numerous feed themselves on the sugar water, it is a natural process that starts becoming less attracted to hummingbirds.

Sometimes thousands and hundreds of insects take over the feeder. Managing them with the feeders will be an excellent and reasonable option for you.

Are There Any Ways Mentioned To Control Insects On Feeders?

Yes, there are many ways that you can use for controlling insects via hummingbird feeders. Some of the common and most effective are mentioned below:

  • Choose The Right Insect Feeder: that stands perfect for you. There are many kinds of insect feeders that come in variations and works for different situations. Moreover, some hummingbird feeders are less effective and complicated to use as compared to others. Let’s take an example of position nectars.
  • This feeder keeps away the nectar from the insects because of feeding ports, which makes it difficult for insects. But, hummingbirds with their long tongues have no issue using it.
  • On the other hand, a built-in bee guard feeder keeps away bees and provides an easy way to hummingbirds. In case you choose a brand that does not stand well, you can use extra accessories available in the market.
  • Play With Insects Mind: When hummingbirds find an excellent food source, they come to it frequently. Insects are the opposite of it. They only come to the same place fewer times. Relocate the feeder a few feet.
  • It will automatically decline the frequent and more visits of insects, simple. You can practice it in your yard or the feeder station you had for hummingbirds. Keep in mind that you should change the feeder position every time the feeders get refilled.
  • Secondly, it is a must for you to buy a branch because you can not move any single step forward without it.
  • The most interesting fact about insects, especially bees and wasps, is that they are attracted to yellow colors. They also hate red and other non-toxic colors. You should not buy the feeders that contain the accent of sunflowers.
  • In case you have already purchased the yellow feeder, we will recommend you paint it in red or other non-toxic colors. Most of the products come with many compatibilities. You can remove the yellow part of the feeders without compromising on the working of it.
  • Cleaning: The cleaning of the feeder is the most important thing you need to keep in mind. In case if you did not clean the feeder, it can drip the amount of nectar.
  • Secondly, the air pressure inside the feeder will force out the nectar from feeding ports after heating. It would be best if you clean the feeder after every single filling. Clean it properly and remove the spilling from the branch.
  • Please note that if you don’t want to attract insects to the feeder, make as much effort as possible to minimize the risks of leakage.
  • Trap Insects: Trapping the insects does not mean to through them in jail. There are many commercial insect traps available that you can use to keep them away from hummingbirds. They can be useful and helpful if you use them carefully.
  • We will recommend you to choose only those traps that capture the most problematic insects.
  • If you plan to trap every single insect, it will take a lot of your effort, and you will tire up yourself. Secondly, remove the trap as long as you think insect attack is not an issue anymore.
  • Hanging the feeder is another effective way to use for preventing insects. Most of the ants and other insects climb a poll or a wall to reach the feeder. Hanging your feeder will make it impossible for them to reach.
  • If this is not a suitable option for you, then use the fishing line. These lines are to think that insects or ants can not climb on it for reaching feeders.
  • It’s a common fact that most insects prefer to fly in sunlight or daylight. Shading your nectar feeder will become easy for hummingbirds and difficult for flying insects.
  • Using this method will also enable the feeder to stay cool by maintaining slow fermentation. It will also help your feeder to minimize the risk of leakages.
  • Most people did not think about this fact, but it is true. Some people have habits of throwing trashes, soda cans, and uncovered trash, which attracts insects and bees. Instead of throwing trash, use flowers and plants, creating a desirable environment for hummingbirds and other beautiful insects.


In this paragraph, we will talk about some precautions that you need to take care of. Several common methods reduce the insect’s visits close to the nectars. But it will harm many other things. For example, insecticides. Using even a small amount of chemicals will harm hummingbirds, and they will not stay a single second there. We will recommend you follow only the above methods we mentioned and don’t think about using chemicals.Note, that using any kind of oils as a home remedy will also affect hummingbirds.

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