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We recommend our visitors to read our terms and conditions carefully. These terms contain important information, which includes legal rights. By using our website and its online services, you agree with our terms and conditions and. If you do not want to accept terms and conditions, do not use our website and any kind of online services.

1 – Accepting Our Terms & Conditions

1.1 – If you have changed your mind about not accepting terms and conditions, including privacy and policy, you should not stay on our website because it is a violation. Our site is offering a different kind of online services, which means that we are willing to use these services.

You need to accept terms and obey privacy policies. Please note that our website has some specific terms and conditions also. Please read them carefully and think whether you are willing to accept it or not. These specific terms will not change unless some variations are needed. These terms of services will be automatically applied if you made interaction with other websites that are partners of Infotainmentbeats.

1.2 – Infotainmentbeats have the right to change, replace, or modify the terms of services according to the situation from time to time. These changed terms are applied to every team member mentioned in the policy and every visitor mentioned here. You will be notified via email or other contact information about updates or changes. By accepting terms, you agree to be aware of the changes we made. In case if you did not submit your email, you will be notified by posting on the official website.

1.3 – As we mentioned in our policy, this website is for adults and not for underage visitors. By using this website, you are ensuring that you have the legal capacity of age and mentality to use this website. Otherwise, you will be bound legally if you violate anything on the platform.

To use this website, you will be asked some queries and registration details. It’s a legal condition that identifies that you are capable of using online services correctly, currently, and completely. On the other hand, we have the right to suspend you, terminate you for accessing this website or any useful service we provide only if the details you provide are not actively correct and complete.

1.4 – It is a must for you to know that we will revise and change our terms and conditions according to the situation. You will be notified with every update we do on our website. If you don’t want to face any consequences, you should visit our terms of services on a daily or weekly basis. Your frequent use of Infotainmentbeats will ensure that you accept our revisions and changes in terms of services and policies.

On the other hand, each time you utilize our online services or sign in for daily content. You will come with the acceptance of the new agreement we updated. We will notify you by posting officially on the website or via email. Now you understand why we suggested you review our conditions daily? If you arent satisfied with the updated terms and conditions, you can reject it by unsubscribing and discontinuing the use of Infotainmentbeats. This will include our online services and products also.

2 – Permit Of Usage

2.1 – Your use of online services and content is limited expressly for your personal or non-commercial use. Our many online services contain material that we derive from third-party companies. We are the real owners of these online services, and we have the right to trademark, copyright, and trade name it. You admit the academic and valid proprietary rights in the online services we provide and the content you use.

Moreover, the content and the online services you use are limited, such as viewing and downloading content. All of the authorized actions will be taken by Infotainmentbeats only. We are responsible for fixing limitations. Please note that you can only use online services for non-commercial or personal use. You cannot use directly through any other personal laptop, computer, or multimedia device to change the trademark or mechanism of the digital mechanism.

2.2 – It is prohibited to copy, download, stream, duplicate and replicate any kind of advertisement you see on the online services. We will also highlight that transfering, publishing and modifiying is strictly prohibited unless you express properly and take permission from Infotainmentbeats.

On the other hand, it is also prohibited to use any kind of data extraction tools in softwares or hadware drives. This will be considered as violation and we will take serious action against this. You should not build a business of reselling and redistributing or making any professional or commercial use. We will not allows this for making profit or any other leads.

2.3 – If you want to use the content of our website or any other critical resource. We will give you opportunity with widgets and embedded player, and other embedding technology that you can use to stream content on different websites. Otherwise, giving credit is a must for you.

But still, we will not allow you to modify, improve, or even remove original content. The reason for disallowing our visitors from such factors is because of advertising networks. We are working with many ad network companies that show relevant ads and promotions to our visitors based on their interests and choices. A slight change in the content will impact a huge difference in the advertisement.

2.4 – Our terms of service also includes limitations for showing content without visible sources and other elements. It includes a graphical interface. Moreover, a visitor needs to avoid violations from messing with trademarks and any kind of advertisements.

3 – Service & Website Accessibility

3.1 – the services we provide and the content you will experience on our website is intended for users who are over the age of 15 and lives in the USA. The visitors living in the territories of the USA can also access it. The visitors living outside of the USA need to obey the policies and rules we made for USA residents for online services. You can get more clarity by reading our privacy and policy. By attempting the access of Infotainmentbeats, you agree that you are eligible for at least one website requirement.

3.2 – Infotainmentbeats can change, suspend, or even terminate any website aspect, which includes online services and features. Due to any reason, if we find some violation, a person will face a violation. Some of the features and online services on our website are free of cost. However, we will give you the facility to purchase some of our services and products to help you live an easy and comfortable life.

Note : You and us both agree on that the contracts products and international goods you purchase will not apply on our services you use for yourself.

4 – Registration & Passwords

4.1 – By creating an account on our website, you agree to provide us your true and accurate information. We need your accurate and actively current data, which includes usernames and passwords. You need to access your account through a password or username for security. You need to keep your password confidential from others. It will help us also to maintain and improve the security of our personal visitor information and subscription plans. It will also include social network activities like Facebook, LinkedIn. Some of our visitors do not want to connect social media platforms with Infotainmentbeats. If you are one of them, then simply deactivate your related social network account without any hesitation.

5 – Subscriptions And Credits

5.1 – Please keep in mind that any virtual item or credits and online service you buy are non-refundable. On the other hand, even if you have a durational item such as a subscription, you have no property and ownership in usage subscription which interacts with our content.

If a person violates this condition, we will suspend and terminate it even if the visitor has some durational subscription left. Keep in mind that we will not monitor any transfer of usage subscription plan. You may not trade and sell usage subscriptions with others. None of the offers and trading will be ignored, containing our online service or content without our permission. Any transfer of such category will be declined and nulled.

5.2 – In case if a user gets suspended or terminated. We will not claim back any funds. However, a person will lose a virtual item or usage subscription. A user will be only refunded back untill the policy allows us to do for such situations. In case of any material product or international good, we are not responsible for damage and replacing. We only work as a bridge with third-parties and provide our customers with the valuable information they search for. Infotainmentbeats is not responsible for refunding back. On the other hand, we will monitor the damage due to error and other problems, but still, we are not responsible for any loss and damage.

6 – Your Acceptance To Our Privacy Policy And Third-Party Ads

6.1 – Your protection and privacy are important to us. You have the authority to provide us the information you want so that we can use it on our website. Moreover, our online information will explain everything to you. You have multiple choices for providing us your personal information.

We would like to tell you that any information we collect from you will only be used to track cookies and the privacy policy portion. Your personal information will help us find your interest and provide you with targeted ads that may be considered for you. To learn more about interest in targeting ads, you can visit our privacy policy page.

7 – Location Based Features

7.1 – There are many features and online services that you can avail of via a wireless device. Some of these features include accessing online services, uploading content, receiving messages, and downloading applications to wireless devices. Your wireless device may be incompatible with some features and carriers. Please note that we are not responsible for taking the liability of fee charges. If you have any queries and confusion regarding the product or plan, you can contact your carrier.

7.2 – if you register yourself on the wireless feature, you agree with the terms and conditions in making a connection with wireless features. We may send you a communication to your wireless device for exploring content and features on our site and other business partners. There is something you need to know if you register yourself via some online services. We will update your accounts and notify you about Infotainmentbeats. The update includes your active information and phone number.


7.3 – If you want to browse your subscription through mobile phones, we will collect and processor your personal information by enabling location services. Some of the mobile phone apps require an active location for some features to work. For example, if you enable GPS or other location features. You admit that we can track your device location.

Another reason for collecting the device’s precise app location is to proceed with specific location services, depending on the particular mobile app. It may use location and enable other users to check-in and tag. On the other hand, some of the users may not want to activate their device location. If that is happening to you, you should also uninstall the app or disable the location feature. Kindly do not consider this location feature for the emergency locator system as a GPS or driving.

7.4 – On our website, we used social media plug-ins of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Moreover, our online services contain a plug-in that has Facebook buttons. If you click on it, your active browser will automatically connect with servers.

These plug-ins have the ability to transmit content directly to the browser. In case if you are logged out from a specific social media platform or does not have any ID on it. Your IP address may be collected in the database. This will maybe help you to access certain information.

8 – Appropriate And Acceptable Use

8.1 – We will mention following points you need to consider for accessing online information and services. Please note that you are responsible for the information you communicate. On the other hand, there are some factors and rules you need to obey.

  • You are not allowed to interfere with other users in content and using online services.
  • There will not be any bullying. You are not allowed to use our online services for fraud and threatening someone. Abusing and harassing someone is strictly prohibited.
  • You need to avoid posting content of some third-party. The content you write must be yours.
  • The content and the topic you use must be respectful and appropriate. Try to maintain the balance and do not disrespect someone’s culture.

9 – Online Services For Public

9.1 – We will offer you facilities. You need to aware that accounting information that relates to your content is saved in our database. Non of Infotainmentbeats officers, editors, and writers are liable for any visitor content.