1- Overview Of This Website

1.1 – Infotainmentbeats is a corporation that provides valuable information and content on various topics on behalf of itself. We always ensure that we are not trying to violate anyone’s privacy and always took one step away from violations. Below we had described the policies that will define us.

1.2 – The main goal of infotainment beats is to provide every kind of visitor (new or old) valuable content regarding every problem they face in their life. We always struggle to gather information from different resources and gather them in one place, which is our platform. If you feel anything violated, please [email protected].

1.3 – By visiting and exploring your problem’s solution on our website, you ensure that you understand the collection, resources, and information. In case if you are not willing to understand, please do not use our website.

2 – Information Required From Our Visitors

When you visit our website, we will collect the necessary information from you, which we explained in “Access Of Information.” You will get this paragraph below.

2.1 – We will collect information if needed of your geographical location such as IP address, the browser you are using and the operating system you have. Moreover, device type and bandwidth is also must for us to collect in case if someone do violation or hacking issues. These type of gathered data will be only send to our advertisers.

2.2 – We would like to tell you that we will keep details of your every visit you do on Infotainmentbeats. This will not only include location data or traffic data. But, the time you spent on our site and the pages you viewed will be monitored. This will also help us to analyze that the information we are providing is valuable or not. Why are we doing this? This will help us to identify your directly or indirectly whenever you browse us. The main purpose for collecting this information is to combine all of your information only for identity. We will highlight this in our privacy policy.

2.3 – Here we need your attention. Like many other online brands and websites, our site use cookies and some other technologies. The purpose of using these technologies is to provide our visitors with an optimized and useful browsing experience. Accepting this will enable us to improve our website and services for targeted advertisements. Another reason for collecting information is to know deeply about our visitors to view the ads of their taste and the number of ads you will experience. Moreover, we will also highlight where the ads will run on our web pages. If you are a new visitor to our website, you may see the pop up of accepting cookies and similar technologies that are in process.

3 – Contact Information

3.1 – By visiting our website, you need to give us some information which will be done by form filling. The form includes your registration, your subscription to our services, and your email address. While participating in any competition or discussion, promotions, or surveys, It is a must for every visitor to give us information so that we reach you more easily. This will involve the information of your credit card, one or more than one photograph, and personal bio-data.

3.2 – You also have the authority to create an account on our website for subscriptions You can even use your social media profile for creating an account. In case you made a direct account on our website, you need to provide information specifically. Only you are responsible for your privacy and confidential information such as passwords in the specific event you chose or subscribed to.

It is a must for you not to share the passwords you made for a specific service on our website. Otherwise, we are not responsible for it. On the other hand, we will collect information automatically in case you create a profile from social media. But, you need to keep one thing in your mind. The information we collect will depend on the privacy settings you applied to your social media profile. For example, region, name, language, or gender.

4 – Other Information

4.1 – Dear visitor, we may receive the information about your visit on our other platforms or websites we are linked with. This means third-party information because we are working with many other corporations, businesses, affiliates, and contractors. The most crucial business partner: payment & delivery services. But that is not the only company we are linked with. We will receive your information from reference agencies of credits, social and advertising networkings, and information providers. We will consider this information from other resources as “contact information” or either “access information.”

5 – Ways Of Utilizing Information

5.1 – Our main goal is to collect information for business purposes and commercial use. Below we had mentioned some important points that will briefly explain our privacy & policy :

  • The services and content we manage includes access authority of the visitor and the modification of user experience
  • Participation of visitors in specific services and competitions or events
  • Technical purposes such as error fixation and bug detections
  • There will be strictly follow up legal obligations
  • Scams and safety monitoring
  • Publishing advertisements and online tracking of an individual for a specific purpose ( Have a look at Access Of Information for more clarity )
  • Collaboration with service providers that you demand
  • Affiliate partners and business partners with sub-contractors
  • Launching of new services and products for making life easy and valuable.


5.2 – We may share your personal information, which is beneficial and essential in our point of view. The purpose of sharing information is to follow legal actions and laws. On the other hand, protecting and defending against legal rights is another reason for mentioning such a policy on our web page. This will help us take legal actions against any frauds or violations on behalf of our visitors and employees.

5.3 – As we mentioned above, the “access information” is used to navigate web pages for browsing on a computer or other devices. It enables Infotainmentbeats to provide you access to browsing websites. Moreover, there are many other reasons for our website’s professional behavior, including analysis of data and website, troubleshooting, research, and surveys. This information optimizes our website to provide our visitors and customers valuable services and information in a professional manner. You will put less effort into participating in innovative features and facilities.

5.4 – The “Contact Information” that we mentioned above in our policy will help us operate and maintain the website’s performance. This will also involve the services we provide to our visitors and some specific topics you are looking for. Moreover, we will reach you instantly for any queries that will positively impact our visitors and us. Many of our visitors are now our partners. Using this information will lead us to select you as a partner for a specific service or product marketing. Many visitors come to us, and some cannot reach us to answer the questions they asked. If we submitted our contact information, we would prioritize you more for solving your problem, support, and improvement in our business.

5.5 – We will use this information to provide you maintenance notifications, updates, and important event messages via e-mail or telephone. If you have provided us an original and eligible piece of details, we will notify you via e-mail and telephone for products and other services. These products and services will base on the affiliate partners and other selected partners. We hope you will find your interest in it.

5.5 – Maybe there is a chance for you to give support for marketing purposes. For this, we need to use your personal information with your authentication. However, if you are unwilling in a specific competition or upcoming event, you can unsubscribe from us without any hesitation. You have full right to do this. All you need to do is wait for the email, and there we will provide you a feature for un-subscription. The most important thing you need to know is that your information will be consulted with our other selected parties. Even they can contact you via email for promoting and giving knowledge of services and products.

6 – Disclosure Or Broadcasting Of Your Information

6.1 – We shared each and everything regarding your information, and we hope there will be no more confusion for our visitors. Below you will find see some entities which you should give preference.


6.1.1 – We will share your information with the members of our group who are our affiliate-partners and company shareholders. They need to know what activities are happening on the Infotainmentbeats. Moreover, these group members include our technical person and marketers as well.

6.1.2 – Our business partner includes suppliers of goods and payment companies who also need to access your personal data, as we mentioned above in our policy. The only purpose for doing this is to improve service quality and performance for supreme user experience.

6.1.3 – For optimizing the analytics and search engine providers, we need to consider many factors to maintain the website’s optimized performance.

6.1.4 – Vendors and salespeople of our business involve many advertising companies and technology companies. These vendors help our business to attract potential and exposure and work as active service providers.

6.2 – We may also need to disclose your information in the events or products we sell. Moreover, your information will be recalled in other businesses and assets. We will see this perspective from the seller’s point of view or even the buyer. This will help us maintain security and protect against fraud and risks in exchanging information with other companies.

7 – Analysis & Advertisements

7.1 – Infotainmentbeats and our partners use services of analytics and advertisements. We choose to google analytics to analyze what the user wants to access and the most demanding and valuable visitors. On the other hand, many advertising agencies worked with us, such as Ad agencies and advertisers. Some many products and services require marketing and promotions. We use Google and Facebook for advertising mostly for our products and services.

7.2 – In the part of advertisements, we collab with tracking companies also. Some of these tracking technologies require to track your online activities from different devices you use. This leads to interest-based advertisements, which show relevant ads.

7.3 – The companies we work with provide our customers with targeted ads of their interest, which leads them to choose valuable products with suitable offers. Some of these companies are participants of the Digital Advertising Alliance. You can visit their official websites to learn about their working procedures and other stuff.

Note : There is an important announcement for you if you decide to move out of the information and services. You will only get yourself out from the browser you are using and the device you choose to move out. In the case of effectiveness, we are not responsible for any compliance.

8- Its Your Choice To Give Information Regarding Anything

8.1 – There is not any legal requirement for any visitor to provide us information for using our website. However, it is also a must to provide “access information” because you cannot take part in competition or subscription to a specific thing. If you did not accept cookies, it would not prevent user experience, but you will feel unable to use our website’s other features.

8.2 – Sometimes users fail to provide “ contact information,” in this situation, you can still use the website, but you will be unable to use a service or feature associated with a specific part. You need to fill in the contact information if you want to use advanced features.

8.3 – It is quite possible that your browser setting transmits a signal of “ Do Not Track” by itself. According to the law, we will not monitor these signals, and there is no industry that consensus to the site operations.

8.4 – We always care for our customers and respect every visitor’s privacy. Infotainmentbeats only keep information about specific visitors as long as it is necessary to fulfill requirements. We only collect information for specific purposes because our policies do not allow us to give our customers services and features without knowing our visitors. The information we collect only be used for legal purposes to keep records and prevent frauds and scams happen in the online world. We will either protect our customer’s data or delete it, so it does not fall into the wrong hands.

9 – Security Of Data

9.1 – We know that transfer of data via the internet is not a safe way. But still, we do our best and set high protocols to protect the data of our employees, business partners, and visitors especially. Our team always struggles to maintain technical points and appropriate strategies for security measures. We will not take any responsibility for the data you process on our website. Security is another reason we collect the personal information of our visitors and access it. Our security features prevent unauthorized access and procedures. To prevent inappropriate access, we put the data and other information in a safe place by maintaining security and industry standards.

9.2 – Please note that our website contains links to other website partners that vary from time to time and region to region. Whenever you decide to move to our partner program website, keep in mind that they have their privacy policies. We will not take any responsibility for any problem you face in this situation. It would be best to read their terms and conditions before submitting any personal or professional information.

10 – Underage Children’s

10.1 – We would like to tell you that this website’s intent is not for children under the age of 16. No one will provide information of any kind under the age of 16. The Infotainmentbeats are unable to navigate the advertising of such an audience. We are strictly saying that if you are under 16, you don’t need to provide any information. There is not any single feature for children under this age. It also includes comment features and updates. You are unable to get these features and facilities if you are under 16. In case there is your need to access Infotainmentbeats, you need to do the operation with parental consent. Otherwise, we have the authority to delete the information and other data. If we did not do this, then there are high risks of fraud for us and our other group members.

11 – Reservation To The Privacy & Policy

11.1 – We have the right to make any change in our privacy and policy. Any slight change in the policies will base on previous policy and will be instantly posted on the revised policy.

12 – Additional Announcements For Residents Of California

12.1 – This additional announcement is only for the visitors and residents of California. The CCPA act of 2018 provides authority to know, delete and cast out personal information

12.2.1 – This will include identities such as name, email address, IP address, and the ID assigned to your account.

12.2.2 – The information of credit cards and debit cards + billing and shipping address will be also counted

12.2.3 – We will keep a record of your gender and age. This may include data that qualify safety classifications under federal laws of California.

12.2.4 – We will monitor your online interaction with other websites and services

12.2.5 – Include your information regarding priority, references and interest.

12.3 – For more information and understanding, read the above policies in which you will get an understanding of each and everything. You will know everything about how we collect information and why we collect information.


12.4 – If you live in California as a resident, you have the right to delete your personal information. Moreover, you have also the following rights that we mentioned below :

  • You can delete the information that we collected from you
  • You can delete the sources from which we collected your personal information
  • You can delete the information that a third party discloses.
  • For the business and commercial purpose for which we collected information, you have the right to delete it.

13 – Additional Announcements For Residents Of Europe

13.1 – This sectional of privacy and policy only applies to visitors living in Europe. It regulates European general data protection. In many circumstances, you have the right to request any personal data related to you at our platform. Moreover, you can update undue data without any delay, which is inaccurate. You can prevent and strict us from processing any data related to you. On the other hand, you can also request your data to be transferred from the central platform to third-party websites.

13.2 – If you like to take follow up of anything you can contact us on our official email address [email protected].

13.3 – Please note that we will only transfer your personal information to trusted third parties on which we trust. When we get a reasonable security guarantee from them, they can take your personal information. On the other hand, you need to know that your personal information will not be transferred that originates from EEA to third parties. If these third parties are located outside of Europe, we need a proper security guarantee and security protocol if it is a must to do so.

13.4 – If we find that the transfer of personal information to a third party in a country is not recognized by the EU’s commission with proper protection and safety. We have a right, and we will take strict actions against this violation without any hesitation.

Note: In case you find out that we have not complied with its obligation under our terms and conditions. You have full right to launch a complaint on behalf of yourself to the data protection authority of the EU and UK information commissioner’s office.