12 Actors Who Always Play Bad Characters

12 Actors Who Always Play bad characters – Check out why!

You can only become famous by doing good vibes and bad vibes. However, most of the actors and actresses become famous for leading roles of heroes and heroines. On the other hand, there are some actors on the TV screen that always come off as negative and villainous.

They become famous for playing bad characters on the TV screen. In fact, a key secret for making a movie successful relies on the acting of the villain more than the hero. There are some faces that you will only see in one character “ Villain”.  In this post, we have gathered some actors that play bad boy in many stories.

1 – Christoph Waltz (Nazi)

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Waltz is the talented and sexiest actor in the industry. He had played horrific roles for grabbing the attention of the audience towards him as a villain and even wins an Oscar award for his impressive acting in ‘Inglourious Basterds’. He also gained the title of the bad guy by acting in super-villain roles in ‘Big Eyes’ and Water For ‘Elephants’.

2 – Ralph Fiennes

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Ralph Fiennes is a villain who does not need any introduction. He comes as a terrible bad guy in the Harry Potter Series and Goblet Of Fire. On the other hand, he also gained the title of being a bad villain by the ‘The Tooth Fairy’. The very early and the most popular role of Ralph Fiennes was ‘Amon Goth’.

3 –  Javier Bardem

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Bardem is not a popular bad guy. But, he earned a spot in our post because of his impressive acting in the ‘No Country’ and ‘Skyfall’. These two movies were his masterpieces.

4 – Alan Rickman

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Alan Rickman is a British actor who becomes famous because of his fantastic acting skills. He is a good guy in real life but played a gangster role in Die Hard as Hans Gruber and received many rewards of accolades. He even earned the reward of the best supporting actor for his role in Robin Hood. Sadly, he died in 2016 due to cancer, but his legendary acting is still captured in the heart of millions.

5 – John Malkovich

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No one can beat John for changing his characters from normal to a crazy person. He is a talented actor who knows how to maintain a balance between a psychotic person and a normal person. The most famous movies of John Malkovich in which he appeared as a villain is ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ and ‘ In The Line Of Fire’

6 – Torrey DeVitto

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Torrey Devitto is a famous and sexiest actress. She started her career as a model and by appearing in small films. She became famous after being starred in “ Psycho Nanny Carrie” and in a horror movie “Evidence

7 – Hugo Weaving

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You may not know the name of this famous villain, but his face will surely grab your attention when you think about Agent Smith in the Matrix Trilogy. He also comes in many famous movies such as Captain America and The Hobbit. He even starred as a good guy in Transformers. His deep and dramatic voice brings him a lot of fame and popularity in the industry.

8 – Christopher Walken

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Christopher has given us memories by leading villain roles in Batman Return, View To A Kill. On the other hand, he also comes as the gangster in the Last Man Standing. We will simply compliment that his remarkable acting does not need any introduction. Walken is a character who fits in every role because of his acting skills and passion.

9 – Gary Oldman

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Gary Oldman is not only famous for his acting. He also gained fame and popularity because of his wardrobe. His most terrific and terrible acting was in Hannibal who gives nightmares to many people. He also leads the villain role in “The Fifth Element” and

10 –  Michael Ironside

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Ironside is a most famous method actor who is deeply committed to his villain role in the industry. He acts as a serial killer in the horror movie Visiting Hours. You will be amazed after knowing that he also voice over many DC comics

11 – Charlize Theron

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Charlize Theron is a famous and most demanding actress who contributed 20 years of struggle in the industry. She has played major roles in “ The Cider  House Rules” and “Mighty Joe Young”.  She also appears as the evil queen in “The Huntsman Series”. Her acting is marvelous and impressive. She deeply knows how to adjust to the evil character.

12 – Mads Mikkelsen

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The last villain actor on our list is the actor who may not be famous in the USA but in Denmark. He started his career and showed his impressive acting skills in “ Casino Royale “. His mindset and impressive acting skills gave him the role in Marvel’s story “ Doctor Strange”.