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How Do Braces Work – The Advance Information Of Using Braces In 2021

How Do Braces Work – The Advance Information Of Using Braces In 2021

How Do Braces Work – Benefits Of Using Braces

Braces are widely used for setting misaligned teeth and jaws.  It is a device that dental doctors use for crooked teeth. They are made of metal and ceramic wires and make a strong bond attachment with teeth.

There are some benefits to using braces. Moreover, most people want to know how braces work, this guide will help you to make sure whether you need braces or not.

Benefits Of Using Braces

Key Points

  • Types Of Braces
  • How do Braces work?
  • Time Limit Of Braces
  • Benefits Of Using Braces
  • Costing

Different Types Of Braces

There are several types of braces that your doctor will recommend based on various factors. It means that you can not consider any braces by yourself. There are many things that an orthodontist analyzes. Braces are specifically made for every person. Check out the below types.


Traditional Braces

Source: www.samuelsonorthodontics.com/

The most common type of braces is traditional braces which are made of metal. These types of braces include brackets that make a strong attachment with front teeth by fitting around each tooth. The best thing about these braces is that they are flexible and each wire holds brackets and bands together.

Some traditional braces include rubber bands and metal ties. The main role of traditional braces is to put pressure on teeth for keeping them straight and maintain perfect alignment.

In most cases, dentists recommend patients to use headgear at night which can be taken off easily. This device is also used for putting pressure to maintain alignments.

Ceramic Braces

Source: https://www.samuelsonorthodontics.com/

Another common type of braces is ceramic braces. They are almost the same as traditional braces. But, you will get only one difference in them. Most of the ceramic braces are made with tooth-colored ceramic so no one will notice too much whether you use braces or not.

There are some common types of ceramic braces such as stainless steel, clear materials, and gold.

Clear Aligners

Source: https://www.samuelsonorthodontics.com/

There are also invisible braces in the market which are known as clear aligners. They are made of clear plastic trays that fit exactly on our teeth. If you are thinking of using clear aligners, then it is a must for you to be careful. You need to remove aligners before eating, brushes, and floss.

The main purpose of clear aligners is to put pressure for moving teeth gently in an accurate position. Orthodontists recommend using clear aligners 22 hours each day.

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How do Braces work?

  • As we said before, the main purpose of using braces is to put pressure on the teeth which will result in the movement of teeth gradually in a specific position. They also change the shape of bones under the teeth.
  • They are placed on the front side of teeth in small squares. Dentists use special bonding and agents for the attachment with orthodontic bands. In this process, brackets act as handles and holders to arch wires for teeth movement. There are several types of brackets that we mentioned above, Dentists use these braces according to the patient preference.
  • Doctors wrap orthodontic bands around the teeth. They look better and clear, but they also cost more than stainless steel braces. Some customers prefer to use only brackets instead of bands.
  • Doctors also used spacers between the teeth for making space of orthodontic bands.
  • The brackets have arch wires that act as wire guides for the right movement of teeth. There are several types of archwires. Some of them are metal archwires, and others are tooth-colored and clear.

Benefits Of Using Braces 

There are many benefits that you can use experience :

  • It improves the ability to chew
  • You can brush your teeth more easily
  • It makes the smile beautiful and aligns teeth in a specific direction
  • You are at lower risk of having cavities and floss teeth
  • It reduces the grinding of teeth

Time Limit Of Wearing Braces

  • There are many factors on which the time duration of braces depends. It depends on the complication of the problem, the space inside the mouth, the distance between teeth, and instructions that a patient follows.  The average time for braces removal is between 2-3 years. After the treatment of braces, doctors recommend using retainers for one year. Most of the patients are habitual to it and they use retainers for several years.
  • The adjustment of braces is painful for some patients depending on the mouth structure. However, it makes the mouth and jaw uncomfortable for some time. If you want to prevent your mouth pain, then you can use several painkillers such as ibuprofen.

Cost Of Using Braces

The cost of braces depends on the components we use and the doctor we consult. In general, the process of braces is costly. The minimum cost you will pay for the braces is $1000.

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