Sea horses are also the type of fish who live under the water. They have a swim bladder and breath through gills. Like others, they do not have caudal fins and long-tails. There are different species of seahorses, the most common are Spiny Seahorse & Short Snouted Seahorse.

You can find these species on the west coast of the UK. They prefer to live in shallow and salty water which is, of course, seawater. The size of a seahorse depends on the species. Check out some interesting facts about what seahorses eat that we mentioned below:


Key Points

  • About Seahorses
  • How Do They Eat & What They Eat
  • Can We Put A Seahorse As A Pet In Our Aquarium? 

About Seahorses

Seahorses do not have caudal fins like other fishes. They have a flexible long neck which is why they swim slowly as compared to others. They feed themselves on tiny crustaceans. Most of the seahorses eat shrimps, whereas other species prefer to eat invertebrates, planktons, and larval fishes.

How Do They Eat?

As we said before, they are slow swimmers which means eating is a very challenging thing to them. You will be surprised after knowing that they do not have any stomach. It means, they need to eat regularly and consistently for taking food straight to their digestive system.

In fact, young and mature seahorse can consume 3,000 pieces of food on a daily basis. On the other hand, adult seahorses can eat 50 times per day.

Getting food is not an easy task for seahorses, they are slow and not good when it comes to swimming for hunting. Perhaps, their neck is adapted to catch evasive prey. Seahorses have the ability to reach at their prey silently without alerting them.

Can We Put A Seahorse As A Pet In our Aquarium?


To be honest, it will not be a good idea to pet a seahorse. The reason is that they prefer to eat live food instead of others. At this point, it becomes difficult to feed them. If you think you can feed them live food without any problem, then there is nothing to worry about.

It would be best if you train your seahorse for eating the mixture of live food and frozen food so that it will not cost you more. The best-frozen food that they will love to eat are planktons, grass shrimps, and krills.

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