Shield Of Arrav OSRS| RuneScape Guide-2021

Shield Of Arrav OSRS

The shield of arrav osrs is one of the most sought-after items in OSRS. The shield is an item with a very long history, and it has been passed down through many generations. King Rennard once owned, who ruled over Arrav, hence the name “shield of arrav.”   

For years, people have debated how to obtain this coveted object. Some believe that players must complete a series of tasks or puzzles before they can solve the puzzle that will allow them to acquire this rare object. 

Others think you need nothing more than patience and determination to find it on your own while playing OSRS for hours each day until you eventually stumble upon it.

To date, there are no reports about anyone.?

Walk Throw

If you wish to join the Black Arm Gang, speak with Charlie the Tramp and ask him what’s down the alley. Then talk to Renal, located in Varrock Library.

He’ll tell you that there is probably a book about something on one of those shelves over there (pointing). Find it; they’re all blue/white bookshelves at either end near where I’m sitting right now when we find our target.

Phoenix Gang

Barak is the most well-known fur trader in Varrock. He has an icon on his stall that resembles bear skins, which means he sells both furs and meat from bears. Barakee’s knowledge of other criminals helps him maintain connections with all corners of town. 

You can find out what criminal activity there may be going down at any given time if you talk to this man long enough about it.

Black Arm Gang

To join the Black Arm Gang, talk to Charlie the Tramp located near the south entrance of Varrock. Ask him what’s down an alley, and he’ll tell you that it is their hideout.

Go down this same alleyway with many buildings on both sides with windows facing inward so people can see inside (and these days, they might have cameras). 

Entering anyone will get one black armed quickly if they’re not expecting company. Once inside though *points* looks like someone has set up shop already or maybe just came back from shopping because all sorts crap spills out onto shelves here, including jewelry.

Finishing Up

To complete the quest, you must trade one-half of your certificate with a partner. The first person who receives this shield will then have two certificates and can hand them over to another player so they can complete all three pieces as an Ironmen mode.


  •     Congratulations!
  •      You have completed the shield of arrav
  •      You have awarded
  •      1 quest point
  •      600 coins
  •      Total quest points: 96           


The Phoenix gang has been in control for a while now, with no sign of stopping. They’re likely to be here for the foreseeable future. Black Arm Gang is still around, but they’ve lost some power and respect since their days as the most powerful gang in Varrock (although this was before my time). 

  •      1 quest point
  •      600 coins
  •      Total quest points: 96            

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