OSRS Fishing Guide

OSRS Fishing Guide

The Old School Runescape fishing guide has a complete and in-depth resource for anyone to get started fishing the old school way.

With our OSRS Fishing Guide, you’ll be able to find everything from how to feel, what you can catch with it, and even where some of the best spots are.

We’ve got all the information that any fisherman needs. Start your adventure today.

OSRS Fishing Guide

This blog post is a Guide To Fishing in the OSRS game. It is all about how to fish and about what you can catch, and where you can find them.

Fishing is one of the most popular activities that people do in the OSRS game, so we want to help new players to get started with this helpful skill. 

What is fishing in OSRS? 

Fishing is a skill that enables you to catch fish from selected spots around Gielinor.????

Higher levels in fishing give players different mechanisms for how they can be seen, such as increasing their chance at catching large species or bringing more of them into your fishing net each time. 

It all depends on what specific level-up path has been chosen. After getting these higher rates with one particular method, other methods become available were less desirable, but still, good creatures might show up if desired by the player.

This could include adding bones aboard ships so sharks will bite better during battles later downstream when supplies run low. 

Tools in Fishing Guide

Net fishing is a small, simple net that can be used for catching fish.

It’s not edible and has no unique properties other than being able to hold more items in one space than most general-purpose clothes would allow without getting too clunky or heavy on your person when carrying around all day long. 

Bait Fishing requires only bait such as worms (which are actually very common), but you also need some rod, so make sure it’s not just any old stick from nature. They’re typically made specifically with this task ahead. 

Fly fishing is more than just a hobby for the avid angler.

The delicate balance of light, rod and line combined with feathers to make your bait can be both entertaining as well rewarding – so take up fly-fishing today. 

Cage Fishing is best for lobster pots as they don’t require consumables; Barbarian Rods can only use bait products which include fish offcuts such as feathers from chickens (which will never get close enough without being shucked first)or roe/caviar/fish chunks on sticks resembling twigs if you’re feeling fancy; Aerial Cormorant method requires using King Worms too. 

Level Guides


Early levels can be skipped by completing quests that give a Fishing experience. Completing Sea Slug, Fishing Contest, and the Pirate Pete subquest of Recipe For Disaster  will grant a total of 10,612 exp.

Which gets you up to level 27 before heading off into The Fremennik Trials, where another 7800 more are waiting.

Fly Fishing 

Fly fishing is a quick and easy way to catch trout, salmon or other fish.

Drift netting can be pretty good at level 47, but for the best results, you’ll need tick manipulation, which requires certain items like herb and tar from trees in order to create 3-tick actions with your rod of choice (knife/teak logs). 

The primary method involves dropping between catches by starting on one spot then quickly moving over another before releasing into their natural environment again – this makes it easier than ever before. 

Fishing spots in Shilo Village or Barbarian Village are great alternatives if you’re looking to bank your inventory, as they have a nearby fire.

However, banking the catch with Ironmen is not recommended – it slows down experience rates and makes low-level fishing more difficult overall. 

Drift Net Fishing

Drift net fishing is one of the most efficient ways to train both Fishing and Hunter.

This method may not be as fast-paced or fun, but it provides more experience for those who want to max out their skill in Wild Life Management skills like Tracking, Spotting.

For this method, players must have completed Bone Voyage to access Fossil Island.

Replenishing your supplies can be tricky since it is a dangerous trip, and the beaches are not safe for landing boats or doing any other landings

So, make sure you bring everything with you! You’ll need at least one trident from either merfolk or, if playing as human (or some other race), then an uncharged spear-like weapon; more specifically, something that’s designed exclusively for catching fish.

Such as salmon fishing rods, so they don’t get lost in another fisherman’s tackle box pile alongside all sorts of things he doesn’t want anymore. Still, he would rather sell off with some extra cash than letting go. 

Barbarian Fishing

3-tick Barbarian Fishing is an efficient way to train both fishing skills, especially for players with low agility and strength levels.

It becomes available at level 48, but it can be faster before that if you’re using drift net or 3 tick fly rods until reaching 58 when the player will have access to barbarian spears, which allow them to catch leaping salmon instead of just ordinary ones found from other methods like 2 tick harpooning tuna & swordfish.

2 ticks aren’t really necessary since my character already has higher than average stats, so I’m going straight towards boss fights.

Drift net fishing can be a great way to catch salmon and sturgeon with little effort. You’ll need barbarian training, agility level 30+ strength 45+, bait such as feathers from Otto’s Grotto in order for it to work best. 

Final Thoughts

In this article, you learned about the basics of fishing in OSRS. You will also discover some tips for getting started with your own questing or fly fishing adventure.

Hopefully, these insights will help you on your journey to becoming a master fisherman! If you’re looking for more information about any of these topics, be sure to check out our other posts and articles on the blog. 

Happy Fishing!