A Mountain Daughter

What Is A Mountain Daughter?

Mountain Daughter is a quest in the Fremennik province. The player must assist Chieftain Rellekka of a mountain camp east of Rellekka to find his missing daughter, who an Orc Demon has kidnapped.


Details of Mountain Daughter

1.Starting point

Talk to Hamal the Chieftain in the Mountain Camp east of Rellekka. To get in, take the path north of the Golden Apple Tree and use a rope on the rock behind the guard.


The small tribe of people living in the mountains to the east of Rellekka has lost its chief’s daughter and will not move on before finding her. Is there something more nefarious going on? You decide when you go looking for clues.


  • 20 Agility 
  • The ability to defeat a level 70 monster (can be safe spotted)

4.Items required

  • Rope
  • Pickaxe
  • Ax
  • Plank
  • Staff or a pole (obtainable during the quest, Dramen Staff does not work)
  • Gloves (excluding: Slayer, Mystic, Ranger, Moonclan, Lunar, Infinity, vambraces, and random event apparel)

5.Mountain Camp

In the Fremennik Province, head to Mountain Camp east of Rellekka and northeast of Golden Apple Tree. To get there, use an enchanted lyre (or a regular one if it is closer), which can be found near Seers’ Village or by using the fairy ring code AJR. 

Alternatively, travel through teleport spots at home base for players who live close enough such as Rellekka village itself. It would help if you first climbed the path of the rock slide and then headed left. 

Follow this narrow road as it winds its way down towards an area where you will find another passage with more boulders that read “Push Boulder.” Doing so automatically gets rid of one block holding up your rope when climbing over them all.


6.Hamal’s daughter

Hamal’s daughter has been abducted, and he needs your help to find her. He tells you that she was last seen heading into the village, but no one could convince his warriors of hiring an outsider for this task (they are Fremennik). 

7.Hamal allows it on one condition

If we can return alive with news from Rellekka about what happened here to prove our worthiness as champions during battle.


Just north of Hamal’s tent are mountain goats. Follow the path leading west along the shoreline until you reach a tall tree by geysers that feed into it high above ground level. Climb up and make your way over to this tiny island using any means necessary. 

Mud from nearby if possible or perhaps even climbing onto rocks with one leg already planted on land for there not be too much distance between where they stand body weight versus two feet off solid footing – whichever works best. 

Once upon a time, said flat stone Authorities proceed onward past bubbles rising out of deep blue waters before finding their shining destination, selecting “Listen-to Shining pool.”

9.Making peace

The Chieftain Hamal sends you to find Svidi, who has not yet returned from his trading mission. Heading south along the mountainside is blocked by rockslides and trees, but once past these obstacles, there are few in-between them. 

Keep following your yellow dot on the mini-map until it leads towards Keldagrim’s forest northwest of where they were initially located at Black Unicorns (which should be easy enough). 

Speak with this villager when found to initiate trade negotiations between villages for our nearby mining town Vermi slider mine. It produces bronze bars much wanted here because we’re close to those metal deposits beneath Karamja island.

10.Finding food

Travel to the peak of White Wolf Mountain and look for a group of thorny bushes near where you will find gnome gliders. If this is your first time completing The Grand Tree quest, use one ring from the dueling arena that teleports players there or walk up if they are not afraid with their hands protected by gloves (4 damage inflicted otherwise). 

Pick off an edible fruit encased in spiky leaves. Remember these can be poisoned, so it’s best to avoid eating them all at once. Put on some shoes before planting as barefoot Running Speed decreases significantly when climbing mountains.

11.The Kendal

After you’ve completed both tasks, go back to the shining pool and speak with Asleif again (make sure not only do pole vault but use your plank on flat stones). She asks that you convince her father that she’s dead. Injured by a creature called Kendal who dragged off nearby in the north direction where they killed. 

Left the island after the death scene for search party purposes. Following the path east leading into the cave blocked the entrance at the foot of trees, so cut them down until reaching the opening inside.

12.Finishing up

Hamal asks you to give her a proper burial by building the grave on an island in the middle of the pool. Hamals will provide longboats for transport and some possessions so that she may cross over into Valhalla as one with honor- but only if Ragnar has something he can offer up as tribute.

See map above locations where five stones await mountain goats’ pen (they respawn quickly).

Follow the path up to Ragnar (just past the tall tree), and speak with him. He gives you Asleif’s necklace, which he had intended for her as a gift. Climb up this one-way tree so that both their memories live on forever. 

Jump over those rocks to gain access, pole-vaulting them once located near some flat stones at ground level where it will be more accessible than ever before now they’re together again.


You have completed the Mountain Daughter quest.


  • 2 quest point 
  • 2000 player XP
  • 1000 Attack XP

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