Facebook Headquarter Visit

Facebook Headquarter Visit Guide

A tour to facebook headquarters was the best place for the team of infotainment beats. We all know that Facebook is the biggest giant of the tech industry and every second person wants a physical visit to the headquarters of Facebook.

The problem is, it is quite challenging to do a Facebook headquarters visit without any link or relation. Luckily, one of our employees was working on Facebook and contacted us to give us an opportunity to visit them.

Visiting the head office of Facebook was entirely different as we did the visit of Google headquarters. Let’s explain how good it feels to visit the place you always wanted to.

A Tour Of Facebook Headquarters

Before proceeding with our explanation, I need to say that Facebook does not offer an open public tour around their premises. You can not visit their campus unless you have a relationship there or know any working employee there.

Our team members arrived at Facebook premises at ten, and their campus travel guides were waiting for us. When we walked through the campus, we noticed that the Facebook office is not just an ordinary office having tables, desks, computers, and internet connections.

We were feeling like walking down the main streets of Disneyland. The walls and the wall painting were giving us a feeling of happy vibes.

Breakfast during Facebook Headquarters visit

We had breakfast there and were surprised how big their seating was arranged in the cafe. The best thing for Facebook employees is that if you don’t like to eat your breakfast in the morning, you can do it after completing a little work.

After breakfast, we also saw a real-life Facebook wall designed professionally as a monument to the Facebook company. While we were visiting the campus, we did not see any empty. There were fun things that refreshed everyone’s mood automatically and honest opinions about life and several other things.

We also noticed that their hundreds of employees and team managers work in the outside environment, such as coffee shops, cafes, under trees, or courtyards.

You will be surprised after knowing that Facebook also has a spa on its campus. Yes, you heard right! We asked our campus guide to take a spa, but unfortunately, it was only for the employees.

The best thing that we love there is the experience of virtual reality, which was amazing. They offer a demo of the latest oculus. We had experienced several stuff with virtual reality, which was quite impressive.

Our eyes don’t believe in a 9-acre green rooftop on the building of facebook. There were also open cafes for sitting on the rooftop.

Final Words

It was a fun tour for us. We have learned a lot of things from the visit to Facebook. The walls and honest opinions create an informative environment. Every premise of the Facebook campus was worth staying in for a while.

Infotainment Beats has also decided to change many things for their employees to provide them the value they always wanted. After visiting the Facebook headquarters, we believe that the more comfort and leverage you provide to your employees, the more output you will get from them.