The Tourist Trap
Tourist Trap

The Tourist Trap is a quick and simple game that tasks players with finding a way out of a tourist trap. The player must see the map to their escape, collect items from around the room, and match them up to open the door to freedom. 

The Tourist Trap is one of those games where you can’t put it down until you’ve solved all its puzzles. But at least now there’s no need for those old days when you had to blow on your NES cartridge or call Nintendo customer support.

The Tourist Trap

The Tourist Trap is a place of wonder and mystery, where you can visit the world’s largest antique arcade. It also features an escape room, bowling alley, restaurant, and more. Check out our reviews of these popular games to find out what we think about them.

What Is The Tourist Trap?

The Tourist Trap is a quest set in the Kharidian Desert that involves an undercover rescue operation into a slave camp to save an Al-Kharid woman’s daughter.


1.Starting Point

Irena is crying on the Kharidian Desert side of the Shantay Pass south of Al Kharid.


The new desert pass to Kharid has opened up, and if you’re heading into that treacherous territory with all its sandstorms, then be sure your waterskin is filled. There are many dangers there just waiting for a foolhardy few who wander off the beaten path unprepared.


  • 10 Fletching
  •  20 Smithing
  • The ability to defeat a level 47 enemy

4.Items Required

  • Full Desert clothing (shirt, robe, and boots required). You will lose them. It can be bought from Shantay. (Black desert robe and the Black desert shirt does not work)
  • 1-3 Bronze bars (can be bought from Shantay and can be lost while experimenting)
  • A hammer (can be bought from Shantay)
  • 30-50 feathers (can be bought from Shantay)
  • Means to enter the desert. (Such as the Shantay pass, Desert amulet 2, Teleport tablet or scrolls, Fairy rings, or the Pharaoh’s scepter)
Tourist Trap

5.Getting Started

Talk to Irena just outside the Shantay Pass. Ask her about her daughter until you offer to find her, then unequip all your metal armor and put on desert clothing.

Since it’s a hot area for one thing (water), she’ll become thirsty while talking with you, so make sure water lasts longest by refilling waterskies found throughout this vast wilderness using either knife slashes or pole-arm swings. When in combat, do not forget that cacti can be chopped up too.

6.Getting Into The Mine

Unequip all of your armor and weaponry before entering the camp, then go through it wearing only desert clothes. If you decide to bring weapons into this mined-out area as well be prepared for some tough battles. 

The guards may send us away from our original path or take water skins if they catch sight of them in their inventory. It’s best not to rely too heavily upon these resources while exploring an unfamiliar place.

“Once inside the camp, go into the building to find a bowl on your table. Pour out some water with this key and take care not to drink too much or else it will make you sick. The next time we come here without our keys (which should be soon enough), then I’ll get us all refilled so no one worries.”

7.The Plans

Go back to the Desert Mining Camp. Again, ensure that you have no armor or weapons equipped upon entry and go inside where Captain Markham is waiting for you behind his desk with a bookshelf full of maps in front of him as usual. Just search one until he notices what happened this time around, then try your best not to be caught.

But if being found out wasn’t enough already, make sure nobody is watching from outside while trying again (which might require some quick thinking).


8.Finding Ana

Make your way back down to the mine, and give this tent pineapple guard what he wants. He’ll allow you in at last.

Keep walking through the cavern until you find yourself before a cart with an open barrel next to it and grab one for later use. Then get on board by searching or looking inside, of course. Drive over there (if possible)and ride off into oblivion.

9.Rescuing Ana

Put Ana in a barrel and send her down the track before getting into your cart. Search for an empty one; then you’ll automatically find one that has hers inside.

The winch bucket is to your right, and you’ll see a guard waiting nearby. Go ahead and get up on that barrel so they can help hoist it up. When they’re not looking through, make sure not to let your voice break with guilt or awe when conversing.

Because just taking off those slave robes would cost me 15 ore blocks worth of work.

I’m going back underground through this southwest passage leading into an old abandoned mining shaft where there should be some rocks hiding Ana inside one of them (If she isn’t already). I need someone else from my town to bring her out before we leave here today.


You have completed the Tourist Trap Quest.


  • 2 quest points
  • Desert mining camp access
  • Ability to make throwing darts
  • 2 lots of 4650 XP in Agility, Fletching, Smithing, or Thieving


A tourist trap is a type of business that attracts customers by providing an experience they can’t find elsewhere. These businesses often rely on novelty, nostalgia, and regional curiosity to draw in happy customers who are willing to pay more for the unique items they offer.

While these places may seem like harmless fun, there’s danger lurking around every corner when you’re too busy taking pictures or sampling local delicacies; it’s easy to lose track of your money. Visit our website, and we’ll show you how we’ve helped others avoid becoming another tourist victim with this sneaky problem.

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