Dwarf Cannon OSRS

Dwarf Cannon OSRS

Dwarf Cannon OSRS is one of the most exciting and addicting games out there. It takes strategy, patience, and a little luck to get far in this game. If you are looking for something new to play or want tips on succeeding at Dwarf Cannon OSRS, read on. 

Dwarf Cannon OSRS has been around for years now, but it’s still trendy among gamers. The game starts with picking your dwarf from three choices: Gimli, Dori, or Nori. After that, you will be taken into the map where players must figure out which levers control which doors by shooting their dwarfs through them.


Details Of Dwarf Cannon OSRS

1.Wall throw

The Black Guard is the elite of the dwarven military, and they need your help with repairing their railings. Talk to Captain Lawgof, located south of the coal trucks (but within gates), if you don’t have 20 agility required for crossing logs. 

Enter from the fence on the southern side by the gate he opened up just for us. He’ll explain that goblin forces are approaching straight down this road, and it sounds like the all-out war might be inevitable soon if we don’t do something about those pesky little pests firsthand before then.

All right- I volunteered as well since no one else seems inclined to assist them anytime soon, so here take 6 wood planks/railings (whatever) while supplies last.

2.The dwarven multi cannons

Return to Captain Lawgof, and he will thank you for fixing his multi-cannons. Use the toolkit that he gave on these cannons, which includes 3 tools: 

  • Pliers (for adjusting safety)
  • Hooked Tool(to take out spring)
  • Toothed Blade. (used in Gear)

Match each one up with its respective part of the screen so we can fix our cannon’s problems!

3.The missing son

Head south of the watchtower, then east around the Fishing Guild to find a cave. You can also teleport there using a skills necklace, but if you do not have one just yet, we should start by heading into this passage first. 

Our goal is definitely worth making its way through all obstacles on foot. The goblins inside should show gratitude for any assistance given after saving them from certain death at least once before now (or whatever else matters). They’ll reward your efforts with anything in-game or out alike; riches beyond measure even.

4.Congratulations, your quest Dwarf Cannon OSRS has been completed. 


  •           1 quest point
  •           750 crafting XP
  •           Ability to use dwarf multi cannons
  •           Total quest points:51

Closing Remarks

The dwarf multi cannons are a way to access the dwarven mines. To use them, you must have completed an easy quest in which King Arthur or Queen Guinevere asked you for help with their missing son. It is also possible that they will be used as cannonballs against your enemies, but this has not been confirmed yet.

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