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Ernest the Chicken OSRS – Quest Guide In 2021

Ernest the Chicken OSRS

Ernest the Chicken OSRS

Ernest the Chicken OSRS is a new game for 2018 based on the popular gaming platform, Old School RuneScape. Old School RuneScape is an online multiplayer role-playing game released in 2013 and has been one of the most popular games since then.

The creator of this game added some new features to this game to keep things fresh. But also brought back all your favorite features from before.

Ernest the Chicken OSRS

You play a game as Ernest the chicken, who was originally from an old pc game called “Ernest Goes to Jail.” Ernest has been arrested in this new version of the game for going too far into barbarian land and stealing a sword. 

To find your way out of jail, you need to solve puzzles and find items to help you get back home. But beware you can’t go through levels in any order. 

Let’s get started. 


1. Starting Point

Speak to Veronica, south of Draynor Manor by the gate. 

2. Story Behind Ernest the Chicken

The worry is growing for Veronica as she awaits her fiancé, who went into the spooky manor house to ask for directions. It’s been over an hour and he still hasn’t come out yet!

3. Requirements

The ability to defend from a level 22 Skeleton.

4. Item Required

These items can be obtained during quests:

  • A spade
  • 1 fish food 
  • 1 poison 

5. Starting Out

Talk to Veronica standing just outside the courtyard of Draynor Manor. Her fiancé, Ernest, had gone into town an hour ago for directions and has not come back. She wants you to find him. Enter through this gate here an atrium-style building called a manor which was once known as ‘home sweet home. 

Climb up your staircase in the center room – it will be immediately west if there are no poltergeists around. Otherwise, go straight north from the bottom steps until you reach another set with more spiral stairs on top leading up even higher still. Professor Oddenstein is waiting inside these old ruins ready to hang out anytime pal (long pause).

6. Pressure gauge

To get to the pressure gauge, which is located on the second floor in a room directly south of the main staircase, or one can be found at their respective locations below: 

There’s plenty available for fishers who prefer dry foods to live ones, with blue boxes being for sale outside by those selling them. While green bottles contain deadlier substances like liquid nitrogen designed as freezer burn treatment so watch out if you see someone carrying around any type.

Use the poison on fish food to create poisoned bait. Go to the room southeastern in the manor, next grab a spade from the door leading outside if you do not already have one then head over there and get a rubber tube too.

Leave through that same exit we came into when first entering or again using the western side of the grounds (where the fountain is). After getting your things ready just use those dead piranhas as an appetizer by placing their bodies carefully at the base before feeding them into mouthfuls- careful though. 

Because these creatures can be pretty violent about having their last meal! Once they’re done eating, each piece should still look alive. So it’ll seem like nothing’s happened.

7. Rubber tube

The answer to the puzzle is in a compost heap. Head north of this patch and search near cabbages for your key, which is found on top by breaking through with spade equipment (or use magic). 

Once you have it go back into the manor from the front door, then head downstairs left as soon as possible where the skeleton will attack if at a low level – the best strategy would be leaving immediately afterward once the tube is handed over.

8. Oil can

In the basement, the wall from where you gained entrance by climbing through a ladder and into another room below ground level, will be an open bookcase.

Searching inside this bookshelf reveals several shelves full of various items-from canned foodstuffs such as soup or vegetables (which are helpful if times get tricky). Candles are so thickly packed together. They cannot be pulled out one at a time without breaking them apart completely.

9. The doors have locked and now there is a bomb in the room

It would be best if you pulled levers A, B, D down before time runs out, or else it will explode. You’ll need to enter door one first with your left foot on either side (it doesn’t matter which), then push against C as if you were going into an elevator Pitch yourself towards Lever D.

Until you can grab onto its handlebars with both hands while pulling up hard enough for all eight locks attached around Door 9 to release themselves simultaneously allowing access through one.


You have completed Ernest the Chicken quest.


  • 4 quest points
  • 300 coins.

Final Thoughts

Ernest the chicken osrs is a game that has been around for over 20 years. It’s time to get your friends together and experience this classic game with enhanced graphics. What are you waiting for? Download it now.

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