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Priest In Peril OSRS || An Entertaing

Priest In Peril OSRS

In the game, you have to play as a priest and lead a group of adventurers in their quests. You have to deal with many different monsters and fight them off while also controlling your health points. The game is entertaining but can be challenging at times because it requires strategy and thinking skills.

Beginning the quest:

After reading about the lost temple in Varrock, you decide to investigate. When talking with King Roald, he says that contact has been lost and wants your help checking it out for him. The entrance is east of town near-Earth Altar; following along this path will lead us directly there to get started right away (go through gate north-east).

The dungeon:

Climb down the dungeon entrance north of the temple, kill a level 30 dog that can only be seen from an inside corner. Afterward, go back up and use ranged attacks on it until it’s dead.

Returning to King Roald:

You must go back to Varrock Palace and repair the damage done by a dog, or else King Roald will be furious with you. The bucket can be found on top of the kitchen if one does not have access through teleports from other locations such as Lumbridge Castle Hotel & Sardonics Cranny. Otherwise, there are stores all over Gielinor where they sell them for their prices depending on how much money someone wants to spend (general store).

Back to the temple:

Once you’ve received the key, go up to floor 2 using the stairs in front of Drexel. Talk through his cell door and ask him about the holy river, then head back downstairs into the dungeons past where we found that pesky guardian. 

Once down here, just follow these directions: Start by getting all set with our golden treasure-grabbing toolkit (it has everything from keys for doors locksmiths would kill over). 

Climb aboard ladder southwest corner if necessary; take care not to miss any side rucksacks or other goodies lying around too much along the way because they can make things difficult later when trying to get out again.

Congratulations, you have completed priest in peril. 


  •    1 quest point 
  •    Access to Worytania
  •    1,406 prayer XP
  •    The Wolfbane Dagger


The priest in peril osrs is a dungeon tested on the live servers and later taken down. It has been remastered for release as part of RuneScape’s 15th-anniversary celebrations, and it will be available to play from 13 November 2018 until 27 November 2018. Players can start this quest by talking to King Roald in Varrock Palace. Once inside the temple, they need to go through three levels with different puzzles that must be solved; there are also some new challenges waiting for players. Are you ready? Priests in peril may not last long, so make sure you head over now before time runs out.