OSRS Animal Magnetism

OSRS Animal Magnetism

Animal Magnetism is the quest that lets you help Ava in Draynor Manor. It’s required to access all of her devices, which are very powerful ranged cape slots with excellent benefits.

Details of Animal Magnetism

Here is a quick guide on how to complete animal magnetism. Scroll your screen and read about it.

The Story Behind Animal Magnetism

Draynor Manor is home to a new damsel in distress, and you can help! Ava, the Insomniac, needs your assistance. She’s been having trouble sleeping because of her nights at Draynor manor (she was never one for those soft mattresses).

If she gets enough restful hours on these comfortable beds with crisp linens, then we might see what this budding scientist produces as a reward – wishlist or something more tangible, perhaps?

Requirements For This Level 

You need to get through these skills and quests for your Animal Magnetism quest. First of all, you must complete The Restless Ghost Kills: 19 crafting skills total; 30 ranged or 35 woodcutting skill requirements based on which weapon it is being done with (depending on if the player has access to both).

Secondly, make sure that when competing against enemies, there are 18 slayer tasks available, so they have something other than combatant as a challenge.

Required Items 

  • Mithril ax
  • Five iron bars
  • Ghostspeak amulet
  • 20 Ecto-Tokens
  • Hammer
  • Hard leather
  • Holy symbols
  • Polished buttons

Quest Start 

The following instructions are straightforward. They will help you understand everything well, so stay tuned as we go through them together!

Let’s start at the beginning!

Step 1 

Ava is unable to sleep and needs your help. She tells you that the bed gave out on her, but there are no signs of damage in this room. Ava has been living with these undead chickens for years now because she claims they don’t make noise at night like other animals do when walking around during daylight hours.

Even though I find it hard myself not hearing any footsteps or scurrying about while trying desperately not to be woken by them only being able to get some rest after finally falling asleep thanks again to those noisy creatures outside my window.

To fix things here, we’ll need 2 “Undead Chickens” from Port Phasmatys as long’s.

Step 2

The GhostSpeak Amulet and Ecto-Tokens are used to speak with the dead. In this case, use them on Alice’s husband, who is still haunting his wife after tragedy struck their home in Port Phasmatys due to an undead chicken infestation that has been plaguing society for years now.

Step 3 

Talk to Alice’s husband by using the Ghostspeak amulet and ask him about the chickens. He will say that an older woman lives in their barnyard who can help you with your problem of not hearing his wife correctly. Keep talking until she tells us more.

Step 4

You are in luck! You need to find old Crone west of here and talk with her. She will give you an Amulet made by herself which can be given as a gift for Alice’s husband so that he may have peace from all his worries during these trying times.

Step 5 

Return to Alice’s farm and give this amulet to her husband. He will sell you one undead chicken for 10 Ecto-Tokens. But if that doesn’t work out in your favor, then buy two chickens instead – they go on sale every day at 2 pm.

Step 6 

Return to the manor and talk with Ava. Give her undead chickens; then she’ll ask you to speak with a witch about them.

Step 7

The witch lives in the next room to Ava. So, don’t forget to take five iron bars with you. Talk to her, and she’ll demand them from you. Make some selected pieces of these bars into a magnet for use later on when mining near Rimmington Mine.

Face north is best because that’s where all minerals tend towards going according to their magnetic pull (accordingly).

Step 8

Give this magnet to Ava, and she will tell you that the regenerated wood has been made using old-growth trees. Chop down a tree that always attacks while passing through it with caution because it cannot be chopped.

Step 9

Talk to Ava and tell her that you can not chop the tree. She will ask you, visit Taurel – known as a slayer master. He can help with this task! Use your Games Necklace (Gnomish) or teleport towards him using it so he may instruct on how one goes about cutting down large-sized trees like these without harming them in any way possible for their safety during such endeavors.

Especially if they do not have experience doing just what needs to be done.

Step 10

“Now, Ava will give you a note that needs translating to complete the quest. She wants something in return for her efforts, but she doesn’t want any of your money. So long as it’s not anything valuable or expensive.

Step 11

You’ll need the Polished Button, Hard Leather, and a note from Ava to make this container. Give it all to her in exchange for an Accumulator that will help you get through your journey.


Congratulation, your quest has been completed.

  • Crafting (1000XP)
  • Fletching (1000XP)
  • Slayer (1000XP)
  • 2500XP woodcutting 
  • One quest point
  • Ava’s device

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