How To Clean White Vans

Nothing feels good than rocking a new pair of white vans for a casual weekend outfit. But cleaning your white vans may be challenging. Even wearing any white color accessories, shirt or pent needs to be taken care of from dust.

It only takes one step in a dirty puddle to mess up the look of brand new shoes. Here in this article, we will provide you with some easy methods, tricks, and tips to clean white vans.

Key Points

  • Methods For Cleaning White Vans
  • Is It Okay To Put White Vans In The Washing Machine?
  • How To Clean Leather Shoes
  • Conclusion

How To Clean White Vans


Before cleaning, you need to gather essential things that you will use, such as two bowls, slightly warm clean water, laundry detergent, scrub brush, and clean water. After gathering these requirements, take two cups of warm water and a quarter half of laundry detergent.

Make the solution and dip your scrub brush or any other brush you want to use for cleaning. We will recommend you use an old toothbrush for cleaning the surface of the rubber soles.

After scrubbing your white vans, take a clean towel and wipe it down to clean the shoes’ surface. Repeat this process until you wash it properly. If that does not solve your problem, you can clean stains by using a stain remover. Once you cleaned your shoes, now it’s time to go through the drying process.

It would be best if you dry your boots by using natural ways. If you want to maintain your shoe’s shape, add newspapers in stuffing format in your shoes and place them in a cool place for drying.

Keep in mind that some fabric and leather do not bear the direct blow of a hairdryer. That is why we are recommending you to use sunlight.

Quick Hack 


If you are in a hurry or do not have time to clean white vans, you can use a mesh bag technique for easy and fast cleaning. Place your shoes in the mesh bag and delicately wash them with warm water. Don’t forget to add a 1/4 cup of detergent. After that, airy-dry them from a little bit distance and let them dry.

Second Method 


The second method for cleaning the white vans also stands useful. Start your cleaning process by removing easy dirt and dust from it. It will make cleaning easier for you. After that, make a mixture of thin paste and baking soda as required. Add some amount of warm water and a half tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide.

Dip any scrub brush or a toothbrush in it and gently scrub the tough dirt on the van. In the mixture you created, baking soda will help remove scuffs and stains, and hydrogen peroxide will help you whiten the canvas fabric. Once you scrub the dirt, take a white damp towel or piece of cloth, and start wiping your sneaker.

Please use the mixture carefully and after cleaning, make sure the paste has been removed.

For cleaning rubber outsoles, use the same paste on it and give it a gentle rub.

Is It Okay To Put White Vans In The Washing Machine? 

We think that washing and cleaning any kind of shoe pair by hand is more friendly and effective as compared to machine washing. That is not possible sometimes, because we run short on time also.

If you want to do an experiment, please note that only canvas type of shoes can be cleaned by a washing machine. Putting on leather shoes will not be a good idea.

You can use a mesh bag for cleaning, which will help them to maintain their shape. It is a must for you to dry them with sunlight or heat only. Using a hairdryer will ruin the quality of soles and fabrics.

Important Things To Note 

  • Remove the laces off and clean them separately
  • Always make the mixture and solution in the bowl
  • Use an old toothbrush or soft brush only for scrubbing.
  • For wiping, use a white damp cloth only

Cleaning Of Leather Shoes 


The cleaning of leather shoes is also a challenging problem. Because many of us spend a fair amount of money on them, and no one will ever want to ruin the quality and shine of their leather shoes. We think that giving you a solution for cleaning leather shoes may help you in the future for cleaning by yourself or guiding someone.

The first step you need to take is to take out the laces from your leather boots and wash them separately. After removing laces, use a soft brush to remove dust from the leather surface. All you need is a mixture of warm water or soap for cleaning and maintaining the leather’s shine. You need to use a clean damp cloth separately for wiping. Use the damp towel to remove water stains on it and scuffs.

There are many products in the market that you can use for keeping the shine of the leather shoe. You can use leather conditioners to prevent stains. The best thing about leather conditioners is that you can make them at home by yourself also. All you need is vinegar and linseed oil. Use the mixture on the surface of the leather and let it apply for 15 minutes. After completing the process, let the shoe dry naturally in the open area or cool area. Try to keep your leather product away from heat or direct sunlight.

How To Clean Grease & Oil? 

Add Baking Soda

Sprinkle the baking soda on the spots where grease and oil are spilled. Scrub it gently with a damp towel or cloth. Let it dry for at least 24 hours. Baking soda has the ability to soak out grease and oils of every kind. They are even affordable. After 24 hours, wipe out the powder using a soft cloth.

Cleaning Of Ink 

The removal of ink stains is as easy as cleaning grease and oils. You can remove the stains using alcohol swabs or nail polish remover. Blot gently on the spot you want to clean.

Please keep in mind that whether you are using alcohol swabs or nail polish remover, rubbing or scrubbing is strictly prohibited.

It will spread the ink on the whole surface of the leather shoes. Only use a damp cloth for gentle wiping and a dry towel.

In case you spilled other stains on the leather shoe, such as cooking oil or any stain. Use the mixture of lemon juice and cream of tarter with paste. Apply the mixture and let it dry for 30 minutes. After that, use only a damp cloth for cleaning the paste.


The above method we mentioned will help you keep your white vans updated and brand new without spending money on new ones. However, these are simple and effective methods that will not cost you a single penny.

On the other hand, we strictly restrict you to place your leather product in direct sunlight after cleaning. It will cause cracks on the leather, and you will ruin the quality of your shoes.

Moreover, there are many products in the market that you can also use for cleaning purposes.

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