Cleaning & Disinfecting Tips for Your Home  |  Covid-19

The coronavirus and what house cleaners don’t want you to know, we’re going to talk about that today. We’re talking about the coronavirus. We’re talking about it because it’s all over the news.

Everybody knows about it, everybody’s aware of it, and we want you to know that we are also aware.

Covid-19 Virus

Here’s what house cleaners don’t want you to know: we are aware of every disease that comes through. Every flu, every sniffle, every pneumonia, every flu season our antennas go on high alert.

Here’s the reason why.

  1. We cannot afford to transfer germs to other customers’ houses.
  2. We can’t afford to get our customers sick.
  3. We can’t afford to get sick.

House cleaners do not get paid for calling out sick and staying at home. Customers do not pay them for not showing up. Right?

So our livelihood, the ability to put food on the tables for our families depends on our health.

So, every time we go to a customer’s house there are a series of things that we have to do to keep ourselves safe and to keep you from other germs or any cross-contamination.

I’m going to go through a couple of them quickly so that you know what house cleaners know and what they do on an everyday basis that you may have overlooked and may not even be aware of.

Packet of Gloves

The first thing is we have some gloves. This is a little packet of gloves, this pack has six gloves in it. Every house we go to has six gloves, and so when we get to a customer’s house, we are going to put on those gloves as barrier protection.

Gloves  Clean & Disinfect Your Home

The reason we put the gloves on is that it keeps cross-contamination from even me touching the steering wheel of my car and coming into your house. Right? 

Now, I have barrier protection between me and you, and so now your house, whatever’s inside your house is contained inside your house from my touch.

Now, you have to be super careful, and this is something that we have to learn as house cleaners, I can’t scratch my hair or my eyes or my nose or rub my nose or sneeze or any of those things while I have my gloves on because my gloves are what touches your house, they do not touch me. So, there’s a barrier between us.

Shoe Covers

Another thing we have are our shoe covers, which just slide on over the tops of your shoes. This is great because this keeps what’s on your floor until we clean it up. When we’re done,

Shoe Cover Clean & Disinfecting Your Home

we take them off, we roll them inside out and we toss them so that they never go outside your house. 

So, again, what is inside your house stays inside your house. We did not track anything in from outside. We are not touching anything that we touched before we got inside your house.

When we get out to our cars and we leave, we take our gloves off and then we use hand sanitiser to make sure that even before we touch the steering wheel of our car, we haven’t transmitted anything. 

Companies that have Swiffer Duster

Thirdly, I would mention is Cleaning Companies and most of the companies we recommend use the Swiffer dusters. This keeps all of the dust that we find in your house, it sticks here

Swiffer Duster Cleaning Your Home

with a little lanolin protective it picks up the dust and we slide this off and throw it along with our gloves and our shoe covers when we leave your house.

So, again, this is not cross-contaminated from any other house. Every house gets its Swiffer duster. This goes through your entire house, but whatever’s in your house stays in your house and is removed when we leave by throwing this away. 

Cleaning Cloths

The thing that we do is you’ve seen house cleaners use different coloured cloths. These are not for fun, like, “Oh, this keeps me entertained.” This is for cross-contamination from room to room.

Cloths Cleaning Your Home

Now, green is in the kitchen and yellow is in the bathroom, and so we would never cross-contaminate germs from the kitchen to the bathroom because we have different coloured cloths that clue us in.

Then we have an orange cloth for the rest of the house. This might be furniture, it might be door jams, it might be other things, but these are colour-coded so we don’t get confused.

Drill Brush

Another thing that we have is, if we ever use a drill brush, for example, the green one also goes for the kitchen and the yellow one is for the bathroom. This is for things like scouring cabinets or shower stalls or bathtubs or things like that where it requires a lot of elbow grease.

Drill Brush Cleaning Your Home

You can use a drill brush, but again, they’re colour coded so that there’s no cross-contamination. We also have some small brushes that we use. These are Oxo Deep Cleaning brushes, and we have the blue ones for the kitchen and the orange ones

for the bathroom. This way, inside your home we’re never cross-contaminating from using ones that go in the kitchen to the bathroom. Different kinds of germs, even in your home, even when no one’s sick, we don’t want your house to be cross-contaminated.

Pack of Sponges

Another thing is every customer gets their pack of sponges. They have a date on them and the name of the customer and the time that we arrive and the date that we issued these sponges. And so, this is just a non-scratch scrub sponge and a Magic Eraser, and so every customer gets their pack. 

At the end of the day, if there’s a life left in either of these sponges, we put them inside the sealed Ziploc bag and we take these with us, this goes in your kit for next time we come. It might last two cleanings, it might last three cleanings before we replace these, but they are kept specifically for your home.

Scrub Sponge Cleaning & Disinfecting Your Home

If they are not aired out, if they are not sanitized, if they are worn out, whatever, they get tossed and replaced. It’s on an as-needed basis, but every home gets its own. This way, there’s no cross-contamination, there’s no sharing from house to house.

Those are just a few of the ways that we on a day to day basis keep your home safe.

Now is the greatest time ever to call a House Cleaner or office cleaner and have them come in and wipe your house down from top to bottom.

We’ve all been watching the news and we all know and understand the importance of sanitizing and disinfecting the entire house to prevent germs and things like that from spreading. 

So, the thing we don’t want you to know is this: we are completely aware of the virus. We don’t want to scare you any more than you’re already scared of.

We do want you to know that we take precautions at every single cleaning to protect you from getting sick and to protect ourselves from getting sick. 

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