10 Non-Traditional Careers for Women

10 Non-Traditional Careers for Women – Check Which One Is Your Favorite

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1. What is A Non-Traditional Career
2. 10 Non-Traditional Careers For Women
3. Some Jobs Women Can’t Do
4. A Guide For Choosing Non-Traditional Female Professions

After the waves of feminism, gender equality has become a major issue in the world. Many companies and firms are struggling to hire equal numbers of men and women staff. However, in previous decades, jobs and careers are dominated by genders.

Now in 2021, there will be many non-traditional jobs for females and males because many industries have appeared in the past few years. In simple words, if you are looking for a job and do not know what will be the best career, this post may help you.

What Is A Non-Traditional Career?

We will explain this term in simple words that a non-traditional career means a career that has been specified by one gender. It can be male or female. That was a major problem in the past because companies limit vacancies based on gender.

This thing creates waves of feminism in the world. Now, women and men both start identifying non-traditional jobs for them as a career.

Non Traditional Female Professions

  • Physician & Medical Assistant

Source: https://www.prismcareerinstitute.edu/

Being a Physician as a woman is a great career. In this profession, women have more polished skills in communication, nurturing, and sympathy as compared to the man.

However, it is a difficult profession, and keeping up with it will consume a lot of your time. In fact, it becomes difficult to manage children, family, profession, and other things at the same time.

That is why women sacrifice a lot when it comes to the medical field. But, the good thing about this profession is that women are highly paid in this female profession.

On the other hand, there are many other female jobs in the medical field such as medical assistants. They are valuable and handle the management of clinics and offices.

The only requirement for a medical assistant is that she holds a strong grip on communication and multitasking.

  • Computer Programming

Source: https://www.gcu.edu/

Computer programming is one of the best non-traditional jobs for females in the tech industry. It is associated with designing and developing computer programs that are trendy in the market.

An entry-level female programmer can acquire a handsome salary based on their resume and experience.

Moreover, many programmers start earning in their internship for getting hands-on experience. If your family is supportive, then you should start learning how to code after completing college.

After learning this skill, you can earn by doing freelancing and a full-time job.  Both will be your ideal career if you want to start as a women programmer.

Check out the best Please keep in mind that as a programmer, you should be responsible and creative for developing. In the programming field, you can be an expert in front-end development or even in back-end development.

If you choose to be a pro programmer in both, then we will highly recommend you for this non-traditional female job.

  • Chefs & Head Cooks

Source: https://www.escoffier.edu/

Starting your career as a female chef can be quite interesting. You can work in hotels, restaurants, or at private residents. The best thing about this career is that chefs are mostly hired for long-term jobs.

As a woman, it can be a perfect non-traditional career for you because cooking food in a creative way is not a difficult thing for a female.

As a head cook or chef, your responsibility is to manage the staff, supervise them, and always ensure the quality of the meal you are giving to your customer.

A professional chef also has the responsibility to train and hire other food workers. For becoming a female chef, there are some certain things that you need to practice :

  • Leadership & Communication Skills
  • Creativity
  • Deep Sense Of Taste For A Perfect Meal
  • Time-Management

This non-traditional career is generating many non-traditional jobs for females, such as chef, staff-manager, food inspector, and food worker.

  • Air Pilot

Source: https://www.unearthwomen.com/

You will be surprised after knowing that 3-4% are women pilots all over the world. If we calculate this figure in numbers, then out of a hundred only three or four are women pilots. It can be a great female profession if taken seriously.

There are many reasons that will encourage you to become a female pilot. You can be an inspiration as a young girl among others in the pilot uniform. Not all actresses and female doctors have inspired personalities. You can set an example by becoming an air pilot also.

Secondly, air pilots are highly paid for each flight and their professional services. You can enjoy the perks of the pilot career and can even travel the world from one country to another.

That will be a great adventure for you if you are a traveling girl. In this field, you will get many opportunities for growth as well.

  • Engineering

Source: https://www.swansea.ac.uk/

Engineering includes many non-traditional and traditionally female jobs. This profession itself includes many categories that you can use.

The best thing about engineering is that they are women engineers who are highly paid and sometimes more than men. As a women engineer, there are many benefits that you can achieve.

The first thing that you need to do in this field is lookout for a mentor by yourself and you will end up becoming a mentor for your juniors automatically. That seems illogical while reading but it is a matter of fact.

Every person, no matter he/she, needs to determine the perfect mentor. This will encourage you to be a mentor for other junior students and workers.

You can be an electrical engineer, software engineer, aerospace engineer, and chemical engineer. You will start improving your communication and listening skills in the field of engineering.

Secondly, this female profession encourages you to be yourself no matter if you are a woman or a man. Your gender does not define you.

By keeping yourself out of the comfort zone, you are more likely to gain positive results and your success rate will be equal to or even more than men.

  • Become A Firefighter

Source: https://www.themarysue.com/

The profession of firefighter creates a huge difference in the world of feminism. Most of the people around you may discourage this career from starting as a woman. But, trust us, it is one of the best non-traditional careers which will enable you to learn many things.

This profession itself does not rely on a single-gender, you can give your services by becoming a good firefighter. Moreover, you can set an example for those who need inspiration in their life for doing something.

There are certain things that you need to learn and implement for becoming a good firefighter.

  • You should be responsible and honest with your job
  • If you are a quick learner, then it is a perfect female profession. Otherwise, you need to become a quick learner.
  • Physical fitness is an important thing that you need to take seriously
  • You should be good at communicating and listening because there are many cases in emergencies that are over sensitive
  • Dedication and having respect for your co-workers are also important.
  • If you are an over-sensitive person, then you need to learn how to control your emotions in a stable position.
  • Be a broad-minded girl and try to adjust to every kind of situation.

To Be Noted

Not all men and women have these attributes and not everyone is perfect as it looks. Every firefighter is different and expert in a special skill that makes a perfect team. Identify yourself and write on a notepad what are your qualities and improve them as much as possible.

  • Women Police Officer

Source: https://detroit.cbslocal.com/

The police officers are important members of society. However, they are responsible for controlling crime and other unethical activities. If you are interested in becoming a police officer, then it will be a perfect authorized job for you.

As a police officer, you will get many facilities from the government and a handsome salary package. The best thing about this female profession is that you will get many opportunities for achieving higher ranking and positions.

  • Women Auto Mechanic 

Source: https://www.autotraining.edu/

Women auto-mechanics play a great role in giving their services in the industry. They can come in front of service writing and service managers.

Nowadays, every car requires different kinds of services such as managing workshops and inspecting the auto vehicle.

This profession is a growing profession in the industry. Because half of the world population and even more has cars and millions of people are car lovers.

You can be an influencer for promoting automotive brands and their latest models. It is an interesting and potential non-traditional female profession.

  • Social Worker

Source: https://www.basw.co.uk/

A social worker interacts with society in many ways. They come forward to stopping domestic violence, supporting single mothers, ensuring equality of everything among the society.

An organization of a social worker is connected with many organizations.The main role of a social worker is to take forward the case management in front of the courts and government agencies.

Secondly, a social worker protects women from domestic violence and other criminal acts.

The average salary of a social worker is in thousands of dollars which becomes millions in upcoming years as the organization starts growing.

  • Become A Writer

Source: https://www.masterclass.com/

Starting your career as a women writer will be the best choice you ever do. There are many types of writers in the industry that have specific specializations. Becoming one of them will not be an issue because it is a non-traditional and demanding skill.

You will get many motivations and inspiration on your path of writing. You can start your beginner profession as a writer. All you need to do is just make your worth in the market.

Because many multinational companies such as Business Insider and Forbes always welcome new and rising talents of the world for writing a good and valuable piece of content that conveys the message.

Some Jobs Women Can’t Do

Half of the world’s population is of women’s which means they have equal rights for doing any legal and moral act they want. In fact, it is quite impossible for a country to grow its economy without the help and efforts of both genders.

Still in the world, there are some jobs women can’t do because of physical stamina and many other aspects. Even the laws and regulation of some countries do not allow women to do certain jobs that we mentioned below :

  • Driving a bus is not a suitable job for women
  • Playing golf on International levels is prohibited in Scotland. Sadly, it breaks the dream of many women who want to pursue their sports passion in the golf
  • Mining is not allowed to be acquired as a female job because it demands a lot of physical stamina and focus.
  • You will be surprised after knowing that in Pakistan only men are allowed to lubricate cotton equipment according to their rules and regulations. Adjusting and fixing any part of the cotton machinery or any other technical fixation can only be done by males.
  • The interesting fact about Dubai is that they don’t allow females to do any job that involves chemical mixing, catering, livestock, and fertilization.

List Of Other Non-Traditional Jobs For Females

  • Becoming a detective
  • Trimming hair as a barber
  • Construction Inspector
  • Truck Driving
  • Plumbing
  • Electrician & Carpenter

A Guide For Choosing Non-Traditional Female Professions

While entering non-traditional female jobs, there are many challenges that a woman faces. In fact, the opportunities and the challenges depend on the type of profession a woman wants to achieve. Leading yourself through the right strategies will result in many difficulties and wrong decisions.

By keeping in mind the courage you had in yourself for choosing a non-traditional profession. We have concluded five strategies that you should implement in your life for gaining success in your industry.

Think Beyond The Basics And Learn To Take Risks

Taking risks is one of the important and crucial steps that everyone needs to take for doing something better than the basics. You need to think about great exposures so that you will never feel hopeless. If you did not get a job in one place that does not mean your career is over.

The world is big and the population is in billions, there are many other opportunities that will match your resume and experience.

You can pursue them. Again we are repeating, that you need to take risks with a positive mindset for achieving something better and valuable.

Choose The Right Platform

Choosing the right platform or school for learning and practicing is another important thing you should consider. Positive and encouraging organizations play an important role in promoting women in the industry.

They will help you to grow in your profession and will support you in the issues of feminism that you face anywhere. That is why connecting yourself with the right organization is important and beneficial.

Find A Mentor That Inspires You

After choosing the right school or organization, you need to analyze which person will be your right mentor. Mentors play an important role in the life of everyone no matter, he/she is doing a traditional job or a non-traditional job.

Every person in this world needs motivation and inspiration for achieving something in their life. In fact, a person who has inspiration and a mentor in his life are more successful than a person who does not have any single person in his/her life for such a purpose.

Use Your Network & Seek Successful Organizations

The last strategy is the strategy that you need to understand carefully. Before stepping into non-traditional female professions, you need to consult with the person who is related to the same field or even in the industry related to it.

Everyone in his life has some kind of relations that can guide them. For example, if I am a graphic designer which is a demanding profession, I will surely guide my relatives and mates if they are interested in the same profession.

On the other hand, they are more likely at choosing the right organization from where I learned and connected me.

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