Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing a Brand Name For Your Business

Creating your brand name is one of the most important aspects of building your company.

You need a name that not only means something to you but also helps you to stand out from the crowd and capture an audience’s attention.

There are several mistakes that you should avoid when it comes to choosing the right brand name for your business.

Rushing the Process

Choosing a brand name for your business is not a process that you should rush through.

It requires equal parts creativity and strategy to ensure that your company’s name is reflective of its products and services as well as memorable to your audience.

It’s always a good idea to create a brand name ideas list first. If you aren’t sure where to begin, you can even use a company such as Namify to help you come up with lists of ideas.

Once you create a list, take your time to go through each name individually before deciding on one.

Using a Trademarked Name

Before you start putting your branding all over your website, packaging, and products, it’s essential that you perform a trademark search.

If you are using the name of a company that already exists in another city or state, you could find yourself out hundreds or even thousands of dollars on products and packaging that you cannot use.

Using a Trademarked Name

On top of that, if you accidentally use another company’s registered trademark, you could find yourself in hot water legally.

A quick Google search is okay as a preliminary idea, but a professional trademark search is best. 

Choosing a Name That Is Too Long

Your brand name should be something that is short, concise, and easy for your target audience to remember.

Think of well-known one-word product names such as Pepsi, Twix, and Tide. The shorter your company name is, the easier it will be for people to remember.

If you do want to use a longer name, consider what ways you can shorten the name to help people remember it more easily.

Choosing a Name That Is Too Limited

When you choose a brand name that is too limited, you make it harder to expand in the future.

Avoid using a location in your brand name, as it will make it harder to expand nationally or internationally when the time comes.

It’s also important not to be too specific or descriptive of your product or service in the name.

For example, someone who runs a housecleaning service may want to avoid using the term “house cleaners” in the brand name, as it makes it harder to expand to office or industrial site cleaning if the opportunity arises in the future. 

Your brand name is the first thing that investors and consumers alike will learn about your business.

Make sure it is concise, unique, able to grow with your online business, and not one that you rushed into using.

By taking your time now, you make it more likely that your company will be a success in the future. Don’t be afraid to use name generators and other tools from Namify to help you along the way.