How to quickly and decently promote a profile on TikTok

Tik Tok is an app that very quickly captured a huge audience. At first, the so-called zoomers paid attention to it, but soon serious bloggers and corporations also realized that a gold mine was hidden there. The audience of the service is growing very fast.

Promotion in TikTok is in great demand today. Many have noticed that the time that users spend on this social network is longer than in all others.

For comparison, it is twice as large as in Instagram: but until recently it was believed that it is there that the “hottest” audience is located, who cannot think of life without their favorite app.

The average user surfs TikTok for about 47 minutes a day, and teenagers spend 2 hours or more there at all.

Many have realized that to advance in TikTok is to ensure their popularity among the growing generation, which is only forming their tastes. Therefore, it is really important to have a strategic plan to promote your page on TikTok.

Before proceeding to the lifehacks for promotion, you need to figure out what the account looks like to other users, whether there is something interesting in it. All promotion tools work very well if there is something to promote.

For empty, poorly designed or boring accounts, it is also possible, but it will be very expensive, energy-consuming, and there will be a very little effect.

Increasing the number of subs by dint of paid methods works perfectly as an additional method for good content. Therefore, the first things you need to take care of is the following:

  • choose a beautiful memorable login
  • choose a resonant profile name
  • enter a catchy description
  • put links to other social networks (and vice versa)
  • switch the account to pro mode. Pro mode is important, because without it you will not be able to view statistics. You can also choose a profile category in it, which is also useful for promotion.

While changing the login, description and name of the profile, remember that you will not be able to change these settings every day.

Therefore, you need to think about them first, and then change them. You can edit them no more than once every 30 days.

After all of that is set and done you can proceed to thinking about developing your page. In this article we will tell you about several free methods and a chance to buy TikTok followers, which is often perceived as controversial, but is still highly efficient.

Unlike Instagram, mass liking and mass following are not prohibited on TikTok. But they also give less effect: this social network has a slightly different specificity.

Therefore, it is helpful to use hashtags, cross posting (tell your audiences on other platforms that you have started TikTok and motivate them to join the party) and some other promotional methods that we will be talking about further.

  • Try collaborations.

This is a classic idea for TikTok, and it consists of one blogger shooting a video, and the other shooting something as if he is part of the frame of the first clip.

You can see how successful duets of other users are to understand the specifics of this approach. Usually duets are made by accounts with approximately the same level of hype.

It turns out that this is beneficial to both of them: the audience flows from both sides. You can participate in a duet without the consent of another user. This is called a reaction.

Try collaborations

To do this, they take a video of a popular blogger that has received many views and record a duet with their video. Sometimes such collaborations become viral, and popular accounts react to such duets if the idea of the video is really interesting.

As we have already noted, hashtags are a classic way to promote an account. To increase the popularity of your account, explore popular hashtags in your subject, then select a few popular, but preferably not the most clogged and competitive, and then put a few of them in the description of your video.

It is not recommended to take the top hashtags if you are a novice blogger – you will not be able to advance using them.

An important part of how you can increase your TikTok followers in a natural way is to follow the music trends.

The social network has a music library from which you can take and use any track. Some manage to get into the trends so successfully that the account becomes popular during a couple of days.

However, if you want to boost all of these results, you can take on a chance to purchase TikTok subscribers or thumbs up, which will make your content more appealing and validated in the eyes of random viewers.

When people see a clip that has no positive validation to it, they are less willing to check it out and leave it a like as well. So it is logical and smart to take on some paid promotional services to change that situation for the better.

But if you decide to do it, you have to keep in mind that you should be interested only in the real subscribers for your profile.

Ignore the websites that offer to take on fake subs (that are bots or empty pages) because those will drown your statistics and will make your clips stop circulating in trends and recommendations from that moment on.

Be careful with what you’re buying and who from and combine this paid method with all the free ones that we have been talking about in this article.

If your account is not very popular, do not buy lots of subscribers and views at once. Proceed gradually.

Choose the time of the promotion as well, publish videos at the same time and don’t fall out of the routine of regular posting. Set up your orders so that likes and subs would come gradually.

If you have big plans, and serious promotion is planned, it is recommended not to engage in amateur activities.

It is better to order a consultation from an experienced SMM developer, so as not to “get into a puddle” with the account you are trying to promote and develop.