How to Start an Online Tutoring Business in 2022?

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started, the online tutoring industry has been growing massively. It is predicted that the U.S private tutoring industry is expected to reach $7.37 billion by 2023. This has opened up immense new opportunities for educators and educational institutions. Practically, there has never been a perfect time to launch a tutoring business online.

During the pandemic, teachers across the globe were highly motivated to move online to keep tutoring their learners. Maybe you are one of these educators, and you have a desire to take your classes online. Or possibly you are a tutor looking to work with students from different countries or become a professional tutor. Whatever be your requirements, through this blog, you will learn how to start an online tutoring business if you have a desire to tutor online. 

Steps to set up your online tutoring business

Choose your teaching niche

The first step of starting an online tutoring business is to choose a niche. Why is it important? To make your tutoring brand stand out in a competitive industry, you must carve out a niche before starting your business.

If you want to target the right audience, you must focus your services around a niche. Once you have a niche to target, you set a direction for everything, from your target audience to creating the website. 

Some of the examples of niches in the online tutoring industry are:

  • English as a second language (ESL).
  • Test preparation coaching (Examples like GMAT, GRE, SATs).
  • Elementary math or any subject.
  • A specialist tutor who is qualified to teach children with special abilities.
  • When choosing the right niches, consider the area of interest and the profit potential of the niche.

Study deep about your audience

If you want to run a profitable tutoring business, it is important to understand what makes your audience tick. Only if you know about them, you can understand their issues, ideas of success, and ultimately find ways to help solve their challenges. 

Here are a few things that matter to your students and parents as they choose your tutoring services.

Personalized attention

One reason why parents seek additional support from online tutors like FamilyTutor is due to the fact that classroom teaching is not enough for children. Some children require additional attention to understand concepts. Hence provide a personalized lesson plan and teaching method for your students. 

Ease of scheduling

Make sure your students can schedule and access your classes without any hassle. A fast and easy online booking process reduces the chance of students dropping out mid-booking. 

Best support

Whether it’s about rescheduling a class or regarding a payment receipt, your students must be able to seek support for anything. Being able to solve their problem fast will bring in brownie points to you and help establish yourself as a professional online tutor. 

Choose your revenue model

The online tutoring industry offers plenty of revenue generation opportunities for tutors. Here are some of the revenue models you can consider for your online tutoring business.

  • Price per class.
  • Fixed hourly fee.
  • Subscription plans for a specific duration.
  • Customer fee for group classes or large size or certain segments.

Build your online tutoring platform

To succeed in your online tutoring business, you must have an online tutoring website in place. The infrastructure you need as an online tutor is technology to conduct and schedule your classes. Basically, you need a video conferencing platform to connect with your students, a client database system to store learner data, email service, business analytics, payment processing system, etc. 

To make it easier for you, there are many online tutoring software in the market that you can use to create your online tutoring website with all the features and capabilities you require for efficient tutoring.

Choose an efficient white label solution like Pinlearn to enjoy all the benefits in a single software solution. It features all basic and advanced functionalities to make the entire process of booking a class for both tutors and students easy. Pinlearn helps to simplify the hectic process of online tutor scheduling, managing payments, reviews, and everything connected with running a tutoring business efficiently. 

How to build an audience for your tutoring business?

If you want to present yourself as an expert in your tutoring niche, you should first build credibility. Start searching for your target audience on the platforms where they usually hang out and start engaging with them. Also, You can hire internet marketing experts who will help you grow your goodwill and bring conversions to your online tutoring business.

Here are some of the platforms you can use to communicate and engage with your audience.


To create an audience, blog about anything related to your teaching niche. Offer insightful information that will help your audience with the challenges they face. Make sure you talk about how your tutoring business is unique through your blogs. 


Webinars are a great way to market your service and build an audience base. For example, if you write law-related blogs as a profession, webinars make a great platform to promote them through news updates.


Choose a niche where you have the expertise and authority to talk about and start answering your audience’s questions. You can also consider hosting guests who can help spread the word about your tutoring business as well. 

Word of mouth

Whether in person or on social media, word of mouth works wonders. The best way of leveraging word of mouth is by celebrating the success story of your students, which will bring in referrals for your business. 


Starting an online tutoring business and running it successfully requires you to think about how you will execute it. These steps might look basic, but trust us, only if you get your foundation right you can focus on your business growth. By having a business plan in place, you will be able to manage everything better as you go forward.

Whether you are an experienced in-person tutor or a newbie, online tutoring is a great way to expand your existing business and make a good income out of it. With advancements in technology, things will be favorable on your side as an expert online tutor who can cater to changing student needs.