Six Sigma is the principle of project management that is undertaken in uncountable renowned organizations in order to maximize their profit, diminish losses, and improve the quality of their product/end result.

It is the aggregate of the methods of DMAIC that stand for the steps to define, measure, analyze, improving, and control.

These are followed by the organizations with the help of certified individuals that master in Six Sigma methodologies.

Six Sigma was first developed by an engineer named Bill Smith, who was then working in Motorola.

Although Six Sigma has been influenced by Japanese ideology, it still is applicable over the whole globe.

Every company has come to hire candidates with Six Sigma certification in order to minimize their losses and maximize their efficiency along with the profit.

The Six Sigma certification is provided at five different levels, which are given below (in decreasing order)

Five Different Levels Of Six Sigma Certification:

  • Executive leadership 
  • Champions 
  • Master Black Belts 
  • Black Belts and 
  • Green Belts with the requirements at each level being different.

The validity of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification: The certification is generally valid for three years in general and can be renewed. 

Duration: – The test consists of 100 multiple choice questions that should be solved within a time span of four hours.

Applicants with experience prefer the green Belt certification (a minimum of three years of experience is required), while those without preferring the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

The training required for the Six Sigma certification test can be taken online or preferred offline. The training courses, resource persons, and content are in accordance with the American Society of Quality (ASQ). 

Prerequisites: – There is to date no requirement asked from the candidate for appearing in the exam.

Syllabus: – DMAIC principles

           Detection of loss and defects
           Elimination of faulty processes
           Efficient running of the project
           Personal development

Various Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training centers in India are mentioned below:-

Simplilearn:- Wazirpur, New Delhi

KPMG:- Prahaladnagar, Ahmedabad

  • Bangalore
  • Chetpet, Chennai

Online training available on the site of ASQ that is considered the most credible source of
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training.

Tips And Tricks:

Simple tips and tricks to pass the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification exam.

  • Jot down the syllabus and mark out the areas that need consideration, areas that need practice, and areas that need revision.
  • Create a study plan. Merge it with your learning habits and get sufficient time for perspiration so that there is no space for failure.
  • Do not let older concepts slip away while aiming for newer concepts.
  • Try keeping track of your study on short notes. That way, it is easier to revise too.
  • Focus on areas that you lack. Pull up your socks before it gets muddy.
  • Acquire reliable materials for study as well as training sessions from credible sources. There are several online sites as well as offline modes of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training; find the best suited for you.
  • Join a community that discusses on Six Sigma Black Belt examination, scope, questions, etc.
  • Try to solve as many model questions as possible before appearing for the main examination. Books nowadays come equipped with several sets of sample papers as well as their answers. Switch on a timer and try to attempt as many questions correctly as you can before the timer ticks out.
  • Do not stress out or overstudy the night before the exam.
  • Get enough rest.
  • On the day of the exam, take a good look at your internet connection, PC, or laptop as suits you and all other hardware required for the examination in case you appear the test remotely from India. If you appear to the test in person, check the hardware provided to you and its functioning.
  • After filling out the required information, start the exam with a fresh breath of confidence.
  • Initially, the questions appear that are easy, and you are sure of them.
  • Try avoiding lengthy questions.
  • Do keep a note of the time that has passed and the remaining.
  • Submit on time.
  • Once done with the exam, wait for the results.

These points, along with exceptional perspiration, ensure the clearing of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification in India.