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Ron Howard Net Worth

Ron Howard is an American actor and a director. He was a former child actor who was born in 1954. He also worked as a film director and producer in Hollywood and earned endless fame. As we mentioned, he was born in Duncan, Oklahoma, on 1st March 1954.

Ron Howard starts gaining fame first time as a child actor in The Andy Griffith Show and plays Opie’s role. His struggles and efforts bring a lot of fame and a fortune of millions. But, what is the exact amount of money he earned in his career? This article will discuss the biography and net worth of Ron Howard with some interesting facts.

Ron Howard Net Worth
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Ron Howard Networth & Biography:

 Ron Howard has a strong net worth of $200 million, which results from his struggles and remarkable productions. He starts gaining fame as a child actor in the Andy Griffith Show. Once in his interview, he claimed that he does not have time in his life that people didn’t ask him for autographs.

His continuous struggle took him to the sky of success. He keeps himself in the industry of entertainment throughout his life. The interesting fact is that his first appearance in the movie was at the age of 18 months. When he got massive popularity, he expressed himself that he was always a shy person who remains to himself only.

He never cares what other people think about him. The passion for becoming an actor and a film producer was from his family. His father also works as a play director and actor. On the other hand, his mother, Jean Howard, was also a talented actress.

After three years of his birth, he was cast in a feature film known as “The Journey.” The life of Ron was fascinating from the beginning of the day.

Ron and his wife paid $5.6 million for an apartment of 3,000, square feet in New York. Moreover, they spent some extra millions on its renovation. In 2017, they listed the apartment for $11.5 million. On the other hand, they also purchased another apartment in NYC worth more than $7,000. Their real estate network was increasing day by day.

According to a survey, they bought $27.5 million for a 33-acre estate on a lake in Connecticut. Before 2014, they paid $2.75 million for a sea-view apartment in California.

His Role In Andy Griffith Show

 The best thing Howard gain in his life is the support of his parents. He works as an actor on The Andy Griffith Show. Even after he becomes a famous director, people knew him as “Opie.” His parents support him in his career, but they also wanted him to live a normal childhood life in a high school with everyday activities.

In his interview, he also said that his parents wanted him to complete The Andy Griffith Show and some other plays only and focus only on studies and normal life. Ron Howard becomes a director at the age of 15, isn’t it interesting? He starts shooting movies like he was a professional guy on the set while he was only 15 years old. According to research, he also worked in a TV drama with his brother Clint in “Son Of Police Detective.” His career was going tremendously fast. In 1969, he also played roles in horror films like “Happy Mothers Day.”  

 Producer-Director Career

 After paying his full attention and focus on the actor, he starts thinking of directing movies and feature films. In 1975, he led his career in the industry as a director and producer.

In Hollywood, he met a successful producer Roger Corman who helped Ron Howard directly direct his first film. Roger Corman wanted him a Star in his movie “Eat My Dust.” Both of them agreed on the deal and started helping each other. Roger Corman was the only hope for fresh student filmmakers and directors. He also comes first for taking risks and chances of new directors.

He applied the same rule to Ron and gave him an opportunity, which brigs him tremendous results. The interesting fact is that the film “Grand Theft Auto” was filmed in 22 days with an estimated budget of $600,000. They ended up with $15 million-grossing.

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After completing his acting career, he signed a contract as an executive director with NBC. Ron Howard directed many successful movies like Skyward and Through The Magic Pyramid.

After marrying her wife Cheryl and three daughters, he moved his family from Los Angeles to Connecticut. However, he does not want her daughters to go on the same path as he follows. He thinks that his parents did a great job of supporting him. But, I cannot guarantee it’s something that will help my children too. In 1986, he developed his own official production company and announced Grazer as his business partner. Ron Howard starts selling shares of his company worth $1.7 million by $8 each share. The percentage rises to $18. Ron Howard says that “I remember the days when I was 17 years old. I wanted to go door-to-door in my neighborhood to raise funds for making a film.

Success Of Apollo 13

 After a big failure of Far & Away in 1992, he directed a film Apollo 13, in which he starred Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon. This space movie brings his high rank back in the Holly Wood. The Apollo 13 wins nine academy award nominations.

Final Thoughts On The Life Of Ron Howard

 The life of Ron Howard was not as tough as it looks. According to him, the support he gains from his parents helps him a lot to reach his destinations. On the other hand, his parents were also against his career because it took his normal childhood. His struggling life starts at the age of 15 years. The big ambitions of becoming an actor and a film producer, take him to his destinations. Now, he is the richest and famous film producer in Hollywood. Ron Howard children and his wife is living a happy life with him. Ron Howard is a potential man who creates a massive fortune of money with the struggle and a strong mindset.

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