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Biography Of Natasha Bertrand

Biography Of Natasha Bertrand

Natasha is an American writer and TV, which has become the discussion topic of journalists nowadays. Many TV anchors and other industry-related people are talking about her because of her performance and the work she did at business insider.

She works as the senior news reporter for providing valuable information to a business insider that helps their customers have up-to-date knowledge. Here in this article, we will discuss the biography Of Natasha Bertrand, which has several interesting facts about her.

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Biography Of Natasha Bertrand 

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Natasha Bertrand is an American resident who was born in New York. Her real name is Natasha Bertrand but, her colleagues and friends gave her the nickname of Natasha. The date of birth of Natasha is five December 1992. Currently, she was 29 years old. The zodiac sign of Natasha is Sagittarius, which is interesting information for her fans.

Starting Of Her Career 

Natasha started her career as an assistant editor at Miscellany News during her college days. She has a strong grip on two of her favorite languages, English and Spanish. His learning of languages helped her a lot in her career in Journalism.

After that, she moves to Spain, and there, she started an internship in research. Natasha starts getting fame and popularity when she worked for business insider in 2014. We all know that Business Insider is one of the best blogs in the world that provide a chance to talented editors and writers.

Natasha was one of them, and she also completed an internship at business insider. Her journey did not stop here. After showing off her professional behaviour and impressive content, she was hired in 2016.

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Moreover, once, she asked a question to Donal Trump’s lawyer, who fired an ex FBI director. Her success journey was continually going on a track, leading her to the American new channel known as NBC. Many of her clients said that she is currently working theirs a contributor position.

Her Personal Life 

Her personal life has nothing strange but a happy relationship with her boyfriend named Bryan Coxwell. According to his social media and other information. We determined that he was a former U.S army ranger and currently working as a military veteran.

Her boyfriend was born in Ohio and currently living in New York. He is currently working as a security contractor and engineer based on his strong profile and military experience. They both are living happily with one another without any complications and problems. Their bonding is very strong.

Net Worth Of Natasha Bertrand 

With her continuous struggle and professional behavior, she has become a top news reporter and TV anchor in America. She has given a lot of her time in this field, and the most interesting thing is that writing and journalism is her passion.

Natasha has experience in many big and multi-national companies in the world. We can not currently determine her salary and net worth. Recent research shows that she is earning a $70K+ salary per year and has made a net worth of more than $300K.

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On the other hand, she is gaining fame on social media platforms also. Her Instagram followers are more than 10k. She also had made more than 400K Twitter followers, which is quite impressive.

Some Interesting Attempts For Ruining Donald Trump 

  • According to his bodyguard, he reported in a congress that when he went on a trip with Donald Trump in 2013 to Moscow, an unidentified man came and offered to send five women to the trump’s room. However, the offer was rejected because of Russia’s trap to reveal Donald trump as a perverted president by making video footage. The main purpose of Russia for doing this was to blackmail Donald Trump in the future. Natasha said that they were only in Moscow and Russia sends five prostitutes to ruin him. What consequences will he face when trump goes to Russia? Any idea?
  • After the information comes out regarding hush-payments that were routed to the women Trump has affairs with. Natasha said that I think it’s all making sense now, that Trump was continually going to Moscow and may have some sexual fantasies with prostitutes. It all makes sense because Trump constantly went to Moscow. Natasha also alleged that his lawyer travelled to Prague in 2016. However, it was a rumour that they were roaming in Washington’s streets for a couple of months. The truth is that he went to Germany in 2016 and reaches at Czech republic via trains and busses. This fact was never confirmed till yet as he was the living evidence about what happened in Moscow was true or not.
  • Doing a lot of research, we know that he has many affairs in the united states or even outside of America. He was the target of many blackmailers who knows the dark side of Trump. Many facts were standing against him, for example, his first lady Melania Trump and his kids. You will be amazed after knowing that he even paid top hackers for cleaning everything online on the internet at the end of the election for keeping a clean record. 


After the brief discussion on the life of Natasha Bertrand, we finally come to know that she is an interesting woman and talented also. She has achieved many things with his continuous struggle since the beginning. The hot issues she raised and the content she wrote on them is quite impressive. Moreover, the allegations she talked about on Donald Trump is somehow right and wrong also. But, the point to be noted is that at least she dares to raise the voice against something wrong. By keeping a lot of knowledge and experience, she also has a good sense of humour, which leads her to a happy married life with her boyfriend. In the last, we will recommend that if you had any confusion on the allegations raised by Natasha, do in-depth research before considering her wrong.

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