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OSRS Mining Guide – Best Using Method In 2021

OSRS Mining Guide

OSRS Mining Guide

Do you want to mine for ores in Old school Run escape? Do you want to know how to get rich mining in Old School Run escape? I will tell you about the best ways and locations for mining, what equipment is needed, and what skills are helpful.

It’s not too hard to get started with this guide. The main thing is getting a lot of money so that you can buy better pickaxes and armor before going out into the mines where monsters might be lurking around.

This way, when they come after you, your armor will protect you from damage while your pickaxe deals them blows.????

What is Mining in OSRS?

Run  escape has a skill called mining, which allows players to extract ores and gems from rocks. The higher your mining level, the more likely you are to mine ore successfully. You can smelt bars with these materials or sell them for profit – it’s one of the most popular skills on RS. Mining has many uses, but its best purpose is to make money by selling collected resources.

Tools in Mining Guide

First, let’s discuss what tools are needed and how they work.

1. Pickaxes

The first tool that is required is a pickaxe, and it works by breaking through rocks. You can also use your hands or a chisel if you don’t have access to a pickaxe though those won’t be as efficient as using one.

Once you’re on the other side of the rock face where there might be an ore vein (depends on type), then break some more rocks until you find what kind of ore is inside.

2. Prospector Kit

The prospector kit provides a total of 2.5% bonus mining experience when worn. But this is not worth getting timewise if the player wants to get 99 Mining using fast methods like power mining and wind rushing in Prifddinas or rocker unities on Fossil Island with Elder Rune Pickaxe/Enhanced Pendant.

However, it’s required for master clues, steps, and hard tasks in Falador Task Diary, so players might want to obtain it anyway. The outfit costs 180 nuggets which take around 10 hours on average.

3. Varrock Armour

Varrock armor gives the player a 10% chance of mining two ores at once. If you want to mine iron, Varrock armor one will help; if granite is what you’re interested in, then Varrock Armour 2 can give that effect instead.

However, it does not work at Motherlode Mine or Volcanic Mine and has no effect when worn as a prospector jacket.

4. Gems

When mining, there is a 1/256 chance of finding an uncut gem instead. Gems that can be found in rocks are sapphire, emeralds, rubies, and diamonds. If you wear charged amulets of glory while mining, then your chances increase to 1/86.

5. Mining Areas

The mines of Gielinor are scattered throughout the landscape as both above and underground locations. These can be mined for ore, but some require certain quests to gain access or membership to use them.

6. Mining Guild

The Mining Guild is a mineral-rich place in the Dwarven Mines that only Members can access. Notable features include large numbers of Coal and Reunite rocks, as well as an invisible +7 level boost to your mining skill while there.

The guild also has two reunite rocks you might find some unidentified minerals on, which allow for trading with other players.

7. Motherlode Mine

The Motherlode Mine is an awesome place to mine, located in the dwarven mines. You can get various gems or ore for your level and deposit them into a machine that will also produce random ores of different levels.

It’s also pretty likely you’ll be rewarded with gold nuggets used to buy items such as coal bags, gem bags, or prospector outfits at stores like Stuliette on Entrant.

8. Blast Mine

The Blast mine is found in Lovakengj and requires level 43 Mining. Players can use Dynamite to get Blasted ores that give a small amount of Fire making experience as well, which are then deposited for random higher-level ores than the player’s current one.

The Blast Mine has unique content because it gives players access to ore up ten levels above their own regular mining skill.

9. Volcano Mine

In order to mine in the volcanic chamber, players must avoid lava beasts and navigate across pools of lava. However, they also need to ensure that their mining is stable as it might collapse unexpectedly with too much pressure exerted on a crack or hole.

Levels and Ores

Here is the list of levels and ores you have to complete in the OSRS mining guide.

1. Level 1-15 / Copper and Tin Ore

Players should mine copper or tin until they reach level 15. It is recommended that you do this at the mining site in Lumbridge Swamp, where there are fewer players and monsters to be easier on your own.

2. Level 15-45 / Iron Ore

If you’re looking for experience, not ore efficiency or profit margins, iron is the way to go. If you don’t want to use tick manipulation methods but still need quick levels from level 15-45, mining Iron will be faster than any other type of rock in this time frame, assuming good performance and proper gear, which gives a 10% chance at a double swipe per hit.

3. Level 45-99 / Granite

The 3-tick mining granite at The Quarry is a super click but fast Mining experience. However, it takes some time to get used to the tick manipulation method and its benefits might not be worth doing if you’re inexperienced with them.

The Quarry offers the fastest Mining experience in Run escape. However, this method is extremely click-intensive and can be hard to learn.

Tick manipulation must be used for this method, as without it, the rates are reduced significantly and wouldn’t make sense at all training levels.

Players who have difficulties with tick methods may want to train iron first before attempting on granite because even though iron will still give decent XP when you start, after a while, there’s not much more that could benefit your overall progress mining them instead of regular stone blocks found throughout Gielinor (Run escape).

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