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Old School Runescapes – OSRS Smithing Guide – [Latest Info In 2021]

OSRS Smithing Guide

OSRS Smithing Guide

Are you a gamer that has been playing Runescape for a while now and wants to start Smithing?

Maybe you are just starting in the game and need some help getting started. No matter what your current level of experience is, this article will teach you everything about Smithing. How to get the required ore up through working with metal at the furnace! Let’s dive right into it.

The hardworking blacksmiths of Old School RuneScape are an integral part of the game. If you’re looking to start your career as a smith or want to brush up on your skills, this guide is for you.

We’ll cover how to level up in Smithing and what materials are needed to get started. 

What is Smithing?

Smithing is a production skill that allows players to smelt ores from mining into bars and then forge them immediately or at anvils.

It’s useful for making weapons, armour, accessories such as rings and amulets. Items you’ll need in combat quests are the perfect way of training Smithing while doing other things (Crafting).

OSRS Smithing Guide

Recently, the Elder Scrolls Online game developers have released a new update that has sparked controversy among players.

The update introduced pay-to-play Smithing training, which is designed to make it easier for players with in-game currency to train their skills. This change has been met with mixed reviews and opinions on social media channels by gamers. 

Some say this takes away from the quality of gameplay, whereas others are more supportive of the change because they can’t afford to spend too much time playing due to life commitments like work or school. 

Experiences relating to Smithing

If players need to fix struts for the Smithing experience, they can hop between worlds until their desired world appears. A hammer is conveniently near the machine, and players get 1.5 times their level in XP when using it. 

It’s not difficult at all with such high rates of exp, so even ironmen could give this method a try if there are enough machines nearby where they want to train smithing ability. Hop to another world where the strut needs repairing.

Experience rates vary depending on efficiency and skill level, but a player can gain between 12,000 experience per hour at level 10 Smithing.

Blast Furnace

Blast Furnace

At the Blast Furnace, players can smelt bars from various ores. It is recommended to use Ice Gloves and Coal bags for higher experience per hour, which usually results in a decent profit too. Optimal bar patterns are found on their respective pages of this website, so you know what kind of ore combination will give the best output.

The Smithing of darts

To make money while smithing darts, consider the following. The experience per hour is relatively low (128xp/hr), but it requires little effort and can be done in bulk, leading to an overall decent hourly profit of 120K coins (~$2).

Smithing Armour

Smithing various armour pieces at an anvil offers the fastest experience outside of the Blast Furnace, and it requires a fairly low amount of effort.

Players should smith platebodies that they can from steel plates to mithril and adamant as these offer fast experience rates with lower costs than iron or less expensive materials.

Smithing mithril’s into either legplates or skirts is a slightly slower but cheaper alternative to steel for levels 66-68 which will still provide good XP/hr depending on Grand Exchange prices.

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