OSRS Agility Guide – {The Info You Need To Know In 2021}

OSRS Agility Guide

Old School RuneScape is a game with many skills. Agility is one of these skills, and it’s the topic of this blog post.

The most common way to train Agility in OSRS is through obstacles on an obstacle course. Various courses all over RuneScape vary in difficulty, but they’re always fun to play.

This guide will help you navigate your way through each course so that you can train your agility skill without getting lost or stuck.

You’ll find some helpful tips at the end for those who need more guidance with their training.

OSRS Agility Guide

Ever wonder how to get from level 1 to 99 in the fastest time? It’s a question that many players have been asking for years. In this article, we will walk you through all of how you can train Agility and get your levels up.

What is Agility?

Agility is a members-only skill that provides access to all sorts of shortcuts around RuneScape.

It also allows you faster run energy restoration and the ability to obtain your graceful outfit, but it will work in free-to-play worlds too.

You can also get a graceful outfit and benefit from an increased rate of restoring run energy.

Different Areas for Agility Training

One of the ways to train Agility is by completing courses. There are specific areas on the world map where these agility courses can be found, and players will need to complete all obstacles in that course without failing or taking any damage, however small it may be.

It is highly advised for anyone who doesn’t want a hard time training their Agility should bring some food as well since they might fail at certain parts, which could result in getting hit with minor damages.

But still important enough if you don’t have anything protecting your character from them such as armor or good quality foods like lobsters etc.

While taking on a course, it is important to remember that failing an obstacle can result in damage based on your Hitpoints.

So if at full health, 12 points of damage might be taken but only 6 with just 20 HP left. To get the best experience rates, you must continually run around courses that will drain energy quickly, so make sure to bring some potions.

Levels of Agility Training

There are several levels that you need to clear before ending OSRS agility training. Here is the list of levels, their names, and some tips for completing them.

Level 1-10 / Gnome Stronghold Agility Course

At level 1, the Gnome Stronghold Agility Course is a great way to train. It can earn up to 8,000 experience per hour and takes 13-and-a half laps before leveling up at 10.

Level 10-20 / Draynor Village Rooftop Course

Gnome Stronghold Agility Course

If you’re a player who’s low on stamina potions and other forms of energy restoration, the Draynor Village Rooftop Course is an effective way to level up.

According to some estimates, it can grant as much as 9,000 experience per hour if run for 28 laps straight (which would take almost four hours).

However, if you want your character to advance faster than that, you’d have to do 102 consecutive laps, which could probably last upwards of 8-9 hours.

Level 20-30 / Al Kharid Rooftop Course

The Al Kharid Rooftop Course is a high-intensity training activity that could get players from level 1 to 30 within 50 hours.

Level 30-40 / Varrock Rooftop Course

Varrock Rooftop Course

This course is a great alternative to Werewolf Skullball. With each lap only taking 4 seconds, you can get up to 13k experience an hour! At level 30, it will take 101 laps, and at 40, it takes 16 laps with no failures on the way there.

Level 40-50 / Canifis Rooftop Course

The Canifis Rooftop Course is an easier and less click-intensive alternative to the Werewolf Skullball. It’s the best place for players who seek graceful outfits; it’s also a great way to make money at any level!

Players can expect to gain 18–22 marks of grace every hour on average, but with failures, they’re likely to see 14,000–16,000 experience per hour.

Level 50-60 / Ape Atoll Agility Course

Players who have completed chapter 2 of Monkey Madness I can train at the Ape Atoll Agility Course.

This method offers around 30,000-35,000 experience per hour, and with stamina potions, this rate becomes roughly 45,000-50’000 %. Players should bring a ninja monkey greegree (the Kruk one will not work).

Level 60-70 / Falador Rooftop Course

The Falador Rooftop Course is a 1-minute lap with a maximum hourly experience rate of around 26,400 XP/hour. This average would vary based on agility levels as higher Agility means failing obstacles less often.

Level 70-99 / Hallowed Sepulchre

The Hallowed Sepulchre offers the fastest experience from level 52 onwards. This method is a lot harder compared to other training methods because it requires good concentration and timing. At Level 92, however, players can loot Grand Hallowed Coffins on floor 5 – which allows them to obtain endurance rings.


Agility courses are a great way to train your agility level. The higher the agility course, the more difficult it will require you to have a higher maximum agility level to complete it successfully.

This OSRS Agility Guide has everything you need to know about different areas for training, levels of training, how to do each course with tips on what needs improving before attempting the next stage of difficulty, where to find them all around Gielinor, as well as recommended equipment that may help you succeed.

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