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Story of Recipe for Disaster – Comprehensive Information In 2021

Story of Recipe for Disaster

Story of Recipe for Disaster

The Recipe for Disaster OSRS is a quest that’s been around since the beginning of RuneScape, and it’s still one of the most popular quests in Old School RuneScape. This blog post will summarize what you need to do from start to finish. Some tips on how to make things easier for yourself. 

It is a quest made up of 10 subquests that range in difficulty from easy to very hard. It’s intended as something nearly anyone can start, but only the most accomplished and willing players complete it.

Story of Recipe for Disaster

The Cook in Lumbridge has a limited number of ingredients for cooking due to the constant stream of people stealing his items from the kitchen.

Luckily, he used to have an assistant who was willing to help him out with this problem before their relationship soured, and now they must compete against each other again. The best players will be able to put an end to this issue once and for all. 

The Cook 

The cook is preparing for a party in Lumbridge. He tells the player that 100 years ago, there was an important meeting held where his ancestor cooked such amazing food they offered him and all of his descendant’s jobs as head cooks at the castle forever. This big meetup happens every ten years to celebrate their anniversary. So he needs help gathering ingredients again (even though it’s been over 90 since).

Guests of Feast

  • Mountain Dwarf 
  • Osman 
  • Goblins 
  • Pirate Pete 
  • The Lumbridge guide 
  • Evil Dave 
  • Skrach Uglogwee
  • Sir Amik Verse 
  • Awowogei 
  • Duke Horacio
  • Gypsy Aris 

Unfreeze the Guests 

The Culinaromancer was a cook in Lumbridge over one hundred years ago. He threatens the secret council with death, but he is thwarted by an ancestor of the current head chef.

This assistant made his ancestor head chef for life and created powerful food magic that released him from prison when it sensed danger again after you had saved members of this secret council before the Culinaromancer’s spells attacked them. 

Luckily Gypsy Aris, who senses trouble, cast another spell to help protect people, just like how she helped create your feast earlier, which successfully protected everyone at court against attack. After the feast, you will be able to enter and exit the dining hall at will. 

However, it won’t be in its active state until a certain point of this quest is achieved. To release each council member from Culinaromancer’s spell, feed them their favorite dish; Gypsy Aris and Cook can help you with that!

You’ll get these quests throughout your playthrough as well, so don’t worry if they aren’t accessible right now because there are other things on those members’ plates first (insert pun here).

While she can easily seal away or end up killing him quickly due to her power over time itself since he caused his awakening though not entirely by choice but still holds responsibility for it making everything worse around. 

After giving each member their favorite dish, Gypsy Aris teleports them away to safety and tells you how many more council members are left.

Each subquest gives 1 quest point as well as some access to the Culinaromancer’s Chest, which contains additional rewards such as items or lamps of experience.

Killing the Culinaromancer

The safest way for an ultimate ironman to defeat the Culinaromancer is by suicide beforehand at the nettles in Edgeville and only taking along the food and weapons you require.

After each fight, you should repeat and restock on food at both warriors guilds while also shopping from Alfonse’s wares when available because he sticks up every day after a certain time period.


1 QP
20,000 EXP lamp
Access to Culinaromancer chest