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How To Clean Cricut Mat

It’s not a big deal that Cricut mats need to be cleaned properly. They require cleaning after a couple of uses. Most of the people prefer to replace them with a new one instead of cleaning.

If you’re not one of them and want to save your time and money both, these simple steps and life hack for how to clean the Cricut mat well worth your time.


Key Points

  • Steps For Cleaning Cricut Mats
  • Cleaning Methods
  • How To Make Cricut Mats Sticky?
  • Summary

Steps For Cleaning Cricut Mats

  • The first and the most common way for cleaning Cricut mats is to use plastic scrapers gently on them. Do it in a circular motion and gently clean it until you get final results. Keep in mind that these steps need multiple attempts
  • Use baby wipes for cleaning Cricut mats because they are soft and a little bit damp. Using these baby wipes will ensure the quality and prevent damage. Make sure that not all baby wipes can be used for this purpose. There are some wipes that contain alcohol. Some of them are bleach-free.
  • You have to use those otherwise, the stickiness of your mat will start decreasing. If you are thinking of a nail polish remover, we will recommend you not to experiment with it. Secondly, always clean the mat in straight motion with alcohol wipes.
  • You can use soaps also for cleaning mats and they are quite affordable. There is no need to buy soap separately. You can use the bathroom’s soap. Lint rollers also stand perfect for the cleaning process. They remove every kind of hard dirt that irritates the appearance of the Cricut mat.
  • If you maintain the cleaning of your Cricut mat on a weekly basis, then you are at less risk of replacing it.  After using mild soap on it, let it soak water for at least 10 minutes. In case you find hard particles or dirt, you can use a soft brush on it.

Cleaning Methods

It is a general fact that cleaning any home appliance increases its life span, then why not Cricut mats. The problem is many people don’t know the right way of cleaning. Check out these easy and simple methods for the cleaning process:

Method 1

The first method needs the regularity of mat cleaning. You can use a light scraper, lint rollers, or even soap for its cleaning. All of these attributes are affordable and do not cost too much. Pay attention to one method that gives more effective results. Please keep in mind that you need to use warm water always.

Method 2

This cleaning method is mainly used for Cricut cake mats. Before cleaning, make sure that the Cricut mat you are going to clean does not have any adhesive or gum paste on it. There are some Cricut mat products in the market that need a cutting process for eliminating leftovers.

Use a plastic scraper after removing leftovers. In this process, warm soapy water will also help you a lot in your cleaning process. Make sure that the tools and equipment you are using are non-toxic and do not irritate the quality of the mat.

Method 3

The last and most convenient method is using magic sprays or magic erasers. It may seem strange in listening, but trust me they stand perfect and effective when it comes to the cleaning of Cricut mats.

We have derived this method based on our experience. There are many magic erasers that you can get from Amazon.

Moreover, you can get this product at your local shops as well. On the other hand, you will also need a silicone squeegee. Use the spray on the mat and let it spare for at least 15 minutes. After that, take a silicone squeegee and rub off the dirt from the Cricut mat.

How To Make Cricut Mats Sticky?

Making your mats sticky is not difficult. There are many sticky sprays known as adhesive sprays that will do the job. You can get this spray at your local shops or from Amazon.

We will recommend you to buy from amazon because they are of high quality and do not compromise on price and quality.

But you need to know that every product on Amazon has different user instructions. The best thing about this product is that they are effective and will not break your bank.

After doing a spray on the mat, use a scraper or alcohol pad for applying. This process will only take your 20-25 minutes and does not need any complicated knowledge.


Cleaning the Cricut mat is important for you if you want to increase the lifespan of your product. However, the above methods and steps that we mentioned will surely help you.

Now, it depends on you which method suits you more. This detailed guide will not be suitable for those who always prefer to use the services of others instead of DIY skills. But, if they change their mind and try at least one

attempt. They will never regret their decisions. Secondly, these methods are effective and affordable. You can find these products on Amazon or even from your local shops. Please pay attention to the baby wipes and choose the adhesive sprays carefully.