OSRS Cooking Guide

OSRS Cooking Guide

The Old School RuneScape cooking guide is a complete resource to help you learn how to cook in the game. The following blog post will provide information about the OSRS cooking guide and how it can be used by players of all levels. 

  • The Old School RuneScape cooking guide offers features such as:  
  • A list of ingredients and items that each recipe requires
  • including their level
  • Weight
  • How long it takes for food to cook
  • Where certain recipes can be found

There are also sections on what types of foods offer bonuses when eaten with other food or drink (such as stewing beef with beer), how many hunger points different dishes offer, and any possible effects. 

OSRS Cooking Guide


The OSRS Cooking Guide is an informative blog post to teach readers how to cook in-game. The guide features a list of all possible cooking recipes, their ingredients, and the required levels needed to cook them.

Readers can also find information about what food is good for certain levels, which will help players decide if they should learn new foods or stick with something they’re already familiar with. 

Cooking Skill In OSRS


If you’re trying to get the maximum amount of hitpoints from food, cooking is a skill worth investing in. To do this players use raw ingredients like meats and vegetables on ranges or fires until they become edible – when eaten these heal your health instantly.

Ranges are quicker than fires but some foods only work well for being cooked at home with an open flame source such as those found inside Lumbridge Castle kitchens (these usually burn less regularly).

Levels and Guidance

  • Poison Karambwan

Karambwan is a type of fish that can be cooked without tick delay by holding down 1 and rapidly using raw karamboan on fire or range. The process costs money, but it will only take you around ten minutes to reach level 30 which would make this method worth trying for any player who wants quick experience points. 

Poison karambwan are among the most challenging fish in Farming. If you plan on cooking them, make sure your levels exceed 100 and 500 raw food should do it. Assuming all of these cooked poisonings reach level 30 with burn rates at higher levels (it can take even more than 1K!).

This would result in -169,500 coins lost because we’re going for cheaper options like trout or salmon instead which offer similar experience rates too as long as they don’t get over-leveled by accident while fishing.

  • Cooking Fish

Starting as a fisherman, you will be able to cook various fish for the experience. This takes longer than making poison karambwan but it’s cheaper and less click intensive. 

The Amount Needed Ranges are Shown In The Table Below

buy 2 – 3 times more raw meat than what was used successfully cooked up though because of those high burn rates at lower levels.

A good way is by catching your own while on quests or trying other people’s stocks when fishing right outside towns/villages (it might take some time).

Cooked Karambwan

The fast cooking experience is a must for those who want their money and XP earning potential.

The Karambwan can be cooked without tick delay by holding down 2, but this requires click accuracy as well which may take some time to do consistently on a long-term basis.

At max efficiency 5k worth of karawan will grant you 950K in one hour; however, at only 2% burnt it’s not an easy task. 

  • Bake a Pie

Baking pies using the Bake Pie spell offers a way to cook food faster than if you were cooking on an open fire.

However, this method may not be viable for some players because it requires large amounts of ingredients and/or low trading volumes between other users in your server’s game world.

  • Make a Jug of Wine

Making jugs of wine is a fast and easy method. It costs money, but usually not too expensive as long as the Grand Exchange prices are taken into account.

However, it does require more attention than cooking fish or casting Bake Pie which can be done simultaneously while standing near your bank deposit slot if need be.

Most people know that wine is made from grapes, but did you also realize how it’s done?

The 12-second timer resets each time a new jug of unfermented wine (whether banked or in your inventory) and this means you can ferment all at once. Successfully making these jugs grants 200 experience points.

Quick Summary

Well, you’ve made it this far. Thank you for reading our OSRS Cooking Guide! We hope that these tips have helped understand the basics of cooking and how to get your feet wet if you’re just starting out.

For now, though, enjoy what you’ve learned and started practicing with some easy recipes like poison karambwan or cooked karambwan before moving on to harder ones such as bake a pie or make a jug of wine.

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