NBA sweeper boy

An NBA Floor sweeper boy cleans the basketball court and earns a salary that ranges depending on their status. Have you ever wondered how much a mop boy makes?

NBA (National Basketball Association)

The National Basketball Association or the NBA is an international sporting league that has over 200 million followers.

It’s one of the most well-known leagues of all time, and it will be exciting to see how this upcoming season goes for them. Many people worldwide follow this sport and its championships closely because it has been successful from year to year.

NBA Floor Sweeper Salary


A mop boy plays an exciting and crucial role in the NBA. They work as part of a team, mopping up water spills on court floors after games finish or during breaks between quarters. They also take care to make sure that all players’ shoes are cleaned at halftime, so there aren’t any clean-up issues for coaches when it comes time to resume play later in the second half (or eventually overtime).

The average salary ranges from $60k-$90K based upon qualifications – some may receive payment only if successful. In contrast, others could be paid hourly rates per game played, but one thing’s certain: You won’t find anyone looking down their nose at you because your uniform isn’t official.

Duties Of Mop Boy

In order to be an NBA floor cleaner, you must first know what work needs doing. Two types of janitors clean the court: a sweeper and a mop boy/girl (depending on if they have experience or not).

They all have their roles within this position but primarily focus on keeping it dry from sweat and water at all times with regular mopping as one responsibility, among many others, which also includes helping set up benches for games, loading them onto trucks when needed; unloading those same loads after events happen–that’s quite physical strength required.

How To Become A Floor Sweeper In The NBA?

If you want to become a court cleaner at the National Basketball Association, specific steps might be helpful. For starters, visit their website and look for all possible vacancies posted there and postings on or LinkedIn.

If applicable by add filters like HR or Talent acquisition to find your desired results. Again contact them via email with queries regarding floor mopper salaries – because we know how much they love answering these.

Final Thoughts

Mop boys are an integral part of the NBA. They keep the court looking perfect for players, which is why it’s essential to be a good custodian in order to get your foot in the door with this job. As you can see from our research, many different factors determine how much one would make as a mop boy on average.

This is where hiring someone like HRUSA comes into play–we can help find out what salary range you should expect and then negotiate accordingly.

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