Getting a fake I.D. has become the ultimate pass for many of us. It’s an age restriction less ticket to getting in and having fun with no restrictions whatsoever. This year, do not be fooled by these websites that are set up strictly for your expense- or worse yet -scamming you out of money during transactions online.

For many of us, a fake I.D. may be the key to liberation. Sign up for an accessible website right now and get your freedom back.

We have got you covered if choosing where to start is becoming difficult in this world full of scams designed just for people like yourself who want nothing more than casual fun without age restrictions.

We’ve compiled reviews from trusted sources, so there’s no need to search anywhere else because our list has everything on it.

5 Best Fake ID Websites

A fake I.D. is an ultimate pass for any thirsty young adult who wants to get in and have some fun with no age restrictions.

I was wondering where to start your quest? We’ve got you covered because our experts sorted through thousands of reviews, studied up on all sorts of scammers that could be out there doing their dirty work (which ISN’T US), then compiled this listicle.


This website specializes in fake student identification cards for the United States, Europe, and Australia.


The process takes one to three weeks, depending on your location, after ordering with free duplicate copies included at no extra charge.

They accept payment from Transferwise or Credit Card payments accepted worldwide, too, making this service even more convenient than ever before.


TOPFAKEID is a living legend, flooding U.S. campuses with hundreds of I.D. per week. He has been featured in countless news reports. IDGod.


Operating for over 10 years now, he floods U.S. campuses with literally hundreds of I.D.s per week.

It’s easy to get confused when so many sites look just like the real deal.

3- ScannableFakeID.com


With a premium product that is both legitimate and genuine, it’s easy to pass as someone you’re not. The company has a way to make fake ids look so real that even the most sophisticated scanners can’t tell which one is authentic.

They create cards in Europe by high-quality manufacturers and test them on all accessible I.D. Scanners you’re guaranteed success with your purchase.

4- Buy-id.com


To provide false identification for 11 U.S. states, the most popular being Connecticut, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and West Virginia. After ordering, it takes about five weeks to receive your I.D. card. 

They accept payment via Bitcoin, Credit Card, or PayPal; Depending on which option you choose, you can get approximately $89 per license plate number set (upwards).

The company’s printing facility is situated somewhere inside Hong Kong. So they do not depend heavily upon outside resellers like factories often do when working on larger orders.

5- Fake Your Drank

Fake Your Drank

The site’s focus is on providing fake identification cards for novel purposes.

The central selling point of their product, which looks a tad more legitimate than other such fakes out there due to its PVX printing and lack of any inconsistencies with U.V. light authenticity tests (U.V. laminate does not affect the appearance when exposed), has been found very appealing by many buyers living inside America’s borders; it also offers international customers access through simplified payment options like PayPal or bank transfer. 

Final Thoughts

Buying a fake I.D. is an attractive prospect for many students who want to have fun with their friends and drink in excess. However, using a crappy source will only end up costing you money– the vendors that create the best I.D.s must do extensive research before making one because there’s no point in getting caught once they’re done.

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