Need to bypass limitations and barriers set by the government? Do you need to explore and achieve freedom? Young people, especially teenagers, want to enjoy their lives;

they want to attend parties, drink alcohol, go to clubs, drive cars and do more without restrictions.  There is only one answer to achieving all these – YOU NEED A FAKE ID.

What Is A Fake Id?

As the name implies, any means of identification not legally given or approved by the government is a fake id.

In other words, it is referred to as an ID card possessed by an underage person to access areas of restriction.

10 Best Fake ID Websites 2023

Countless fake ID sites will try to make a “real” fake ID for you, but which ones are the best.

These websites deal with their customers directly online; this allows you to send your details, which will be used to make the fake ID.

A typical process would take about 7 to 14 days to replicate and deliver to your address.

However, customers in dire need can choose the express service at an extra charge to have it earlier than 7 days.

Payments for these fake ID cards depend on the type of ID you want and the state, but the price ranges from $80 to $150.

For fear of being found out, their processes are not explicit, including delivery.

How To Know That Fake Id Website Is The Real Deal?

As mentioned, there are fake ID websites that know their job, but others are scams that use the service to defraud innocent people who seek their services.

A legit fake ID website with great reviews has the following features.

If you are seeking a legit fake ID website, check out the following.

  1. The payment options or routes
  2. Types of state IDs available
  3. Customer privacy
  4. Company details include location.
  5. ID quality and similarity to the original
  6. Printing techniques and machinery are used.
  7. Customer support system
  8. Web interface
  9. Information generator software is used to produce credible data for fake ID orders.
  10. Reviews from customers

Additionally, specific ID features found on original ID cards and apps used to identify them, like the Magnetic strip and BCS reading scanner or Show-Me ID app, validate these fake IDs.

Safety is first in any situation. So, stay safe while using fake ID and stay safe always from viruses. With that said, below is our top 10 comprehensive list for July 2023.

#1 Litfakes.com

With decades of experience as the #1 fake ID maker, LITFAKES.COM has garnered trust from its users around the world.

It is based in North America and is known for offering novelty IDs (digital and virtual ID cards) for verification.

Their services are attractive, as is their price and card quality. The positive reviews on their site are certainly a reason to work with them.


The process takes one to three weeks, depending on your location, after ordering with free duplicate copies included at no extra charge.

The popular state ID cards they make are New Texas, Vermont, Alaska, and Arizona. Others are Georgia, California, Idaho, Iowa, Colorado, Minnesota, Kentucky, Illinois, Virginia, Utah, Washington, Ohio, Louisiana, Florida, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Connecticut.

They recently added South Dakota, Indiana, Montana, and Hawaii.


  1. Ability to track orders and between 10 to 40% discount on bulk cards
  2. Produces customized fake id, including license numbers, issuing or expiration dates.
  3. 3 days for delivery on express service.
  4. These are high-quality cards that bypass most scanning machines and security checks.
  5. Reseller’s program is available and offers free duplicates.
  6. Details of the ID are sent online.


  1. ID price is steep at $80.

#2 – Topfakeid.com

You cannot beat this service provider if you want high-quality novelty IDs with high-tech security features.

Based in Hong Kong, they are known for using multiple layer imaging and thermal procedures in producing their cards.

You can read more about it by reading a comprehensive topfakeid.com review on our website.


TOPFAKEID is a living legend, flooding U.S. campuses with hundreds of I.D. per week. He has been featured in countless news reports.

Operating for over 10 years now, he floods U.S. campuses with literally hundreds of I.D.s per week.

The cards have superior security features and are embedded with hidden features, holograms, and scannable codes for any system.

They have clients worldwide and are praised for their excellent output. They also operate several blogs educating people about their services, including fakeid.top, Sitejabber, and FakeIDBoss.

Available in state and out of state, they produce fake state IDs for the following states: Arkansas, Arizona, Alaska, California, Texas, New York, Illinois, Ohio, Maryland, Utah, Georgia, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Colorado, Connecticut, Nevada, Nebraska, Vermont, Oregon, Louisiana, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Washington, West Virginia, and Virginia.


  1. Well-designed and easily navigable web interface
  2. Updated templates
  3. Well-secured IDs with free duplicates
  4. Flexible payment plans with a discount on bulk orders
  5. Swift and secure delivery system
  6. A photo is required before shipping


  1. Weekend customer service could be better


5thfloordmv is one of the best fake ID sellers, and from selling one state on Reddit, it has become the most sought-after offering of over 10 state IDs.


Their high quality, perfection, and excellence are qualities that have endeared their customers to them.

They keep a low profile and do not take bulk orders but only accept limited orders.

Their website is www.5thFloordmv.net, and popular state IDs are Colorado, Illinois, Connecticut, Maryland, and Kansas.


  1. A credible fake ID website with over 5 years of experience.
  2. Listed on many trusted websites, including Reddit.
  3. Amazing and swift customer service.


  1. The order is limited to taking only 5 to 10 daily.
  2. Lengthy delivery time

#4 Fakeyourid.com

Ranked as the best scannable ids provider, Fakeyourid.com is based in the United States and Korea; they offer professional service, high-quality ids, and a short delivery time.


Customers that want to know more can read their reviews on popular sites like Quora, Reddit, and many more.

They make fake state IDS for 23 states in the US, including Maine, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, , Delaware, Rhode Island, Kansas, Maryland, Georgia, Minnesota, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Washington, Texas, New Jersey, Utah, California, and Florida.


  1. Use the latest templates for making state IDs.
  2. IDs contain top security elements to bypass hologram, barcode, UV backlight, bend, and scan tests.
  3. Cards made with DMV-grade polycarbonate
  4. Finished cards are delivered in 3 to 5 days
  5. The process is strictly remote.
  6. Payment options are via Amazon gift cards and cryptocurrency (Bitcoin)
  7. Customers get free duplicates


  1. Cards are expensive, starting at $100.

#5 IDTOP.is

With little or no information about its location and poor customer service, this fake id service lacks reliability and makes many suspicious about its activity.


Even with all these cons, some customers have had good dealings with them. The only review is advertised on Collegerag and offers their services in all 50 states in the US, especially Texas.


  1. Use the latest templates
  2. The hologram features are decent


  1. Substandard web interface with poor ratings
  2. No customer support
  3. Many customers are unsatisfied as orders are mostly unfulfilled
  4. No privacy on all fronts, including payment options

#6 IDGod.ph


This fake ID service is based in China and produces fake IDs for international customers in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Asia, Europe, and Germany.

IDGod.ph’s delivery, quality, and support are exceptional standouts.

US customers in the following states can opt for their services, Indiana, Alabama, Arizona, California, Georgia, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maine, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Utah, Nevada, Washington, Missouri, and Wisconsin.


  1. Multiple anonymous payment options such as cryptocurrency, PayPal, and Western Union are available.
  2. Details are confirmed before delivery.
  3. Enjoy customized services.
  4. Get tracking in 7 to 14 days.


  1. No free duplicates
  2. It does not deal with certain US states, so inquire before ordering.

Many fake websites impersonate the real IDGod.ph, so ensure the name is as written to avoid falling prey to scammers.

#7 Fake-id.com

Though it is a successful fake id provider, its services are not as perfect as some in the industry.

Being the new kid on the block, it has a long way to go and currently focuses on student IDs.

They need to improve quality, customer support, and scannable ID features.

With no claim on the actual location, Fake-id.com is said to operate from Germany, but during this review, it was discovered that it actually makes and ships from Hong Kong.

It currently offers its services to international students or career people such as fishermen, drivers, press people, and boaters. They only serve a small number of states in the US.


  1. Affordable price at $45
  2. Numerous payment options
  3. Ids pass hologram and QR scanning codes


  1. PVC quality is decent
  2. Substandard state ids
  3. Holographic features are whack
  4. Getting a fake ID from them is a risky business.

#8 Fakeyourdrank.com

With several positive reviews, fakeyourdrank.com is building a reputation in the industry.

They have managed to set up a reliable customer service system and deal swiftly with unsatisfied clients.


They are not number one but offer excellent state IDs for Illinois, Delaware, Kentucky, Vermont, and Washington EDL.


  1. Incredible high-quality scannable ids passed all security tests, including raised text.
  2. Get a free replacement if your ID is ceased.
  3. Get a discount for referrals.
  4. Starting price at $85
  5. Awesome customer service!


  1. Customers complain of scanning issues

#9 Oldironsidesfakes.ph

With just one year in the industry, this fake ID maker is proving that it has all the equipment and machines to deliver premium fake IDs to its customers.

It checks all the boxes for customer satisfaction, affordability, and design, but there is always a con. Despite their shortcomings, customers love their service and patronize them.

The main products from this website are New York and Texas driving licenses.


  1. Free duplicates
  2. You must send a video of the required ID or photo before shipping.
  3. Starting price of $50
  4. Offer referral program on bulk orders


  1. Id cards lack basic security features
  2. Not QR code scannable
  3. Lack originality like the authentic ones

#10 Bogusbraxtor.ph

Despite having 5 years of experience, its low ratings and shady service cannot be missed. However, it is on the list for doing some things right.


Bogusbraxtor.ph offers counterfeit IDs for all US states, including driver’s licenses.

It also provides the same for international countries like Canada, Germany, and the UK. Reddit gives this site a 1/5 star rating.

Its service is popular in US states like Virginia, New York, Missouri, Florida, West Virginia, Washington, and Alaska.


  1. Customers get a free duplicate.
  2. The standard charge rate is $80.


  1. Delivery is slow and late.
  2. It is shady and places too much emphasis on picture submission
  3. Not the most trusted site in the business
  4. Prices fluctuate

Our Final Thought

After analyzing the offers and customer relationships, Fakeyourid.com is the best website to get a legitimate fake ID.

Its services are top-notch; the quality, price, and delivery are incredible. No wonder it gets a 5-star rating from its users and customers.

Our second best goes to IDTop.is and Topfakeid.com. Both will share the award for this position for their scannable fake id cards.

As mentioned, scammers are in the market to take your money and disappear. Hence be careful, or your fingers will get burnt.

So are so dubious and deliver an id card with the wrong detail or keep delaying until whenever.

How to differentiate a fake vs. real fake id website?

There will always be scammers. After all, it is a fake ID site, and people will capitalize on innocent people looking to enjoy the best time of their lives.

However, there are factors to look out for to avoid scammers or wasting your money on quack sites.

Domain Name

When the name of the website resembles a top fake Id website with letters rearranged or changed, it is not real. You patronize those sites at your peril, as they will scam you.

Website Design and Appeal

 Original websites will take their time to create a vibrant interface and content to attract potential customers.

In addition, the real website has a detailed account of their company and business for all to see. However, on a fake website, such information is absent.

Payment options

Real websites have a transparent payment plan or system and even a method to check if payments are made and accurate for the said product.

Shady Deals

Any fake id website will do anything to convince the customers by emphasizing why they are the best and showing several proofs to that effect. If you feel coerced or doubtful at any point, stay away.

Review the reviews

Use top sites like Reddit and other reliable websites before forging ahead. Additionally, read the reviews.

It is a scam if they are all positive and there are no negatives. Remember, it is a fake ID service, so there are bound to be some unsatisfied customers.

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