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The king of football sports, Lionel Messi is the greatest soccer player in the modern generation. We can get to know from Lionel Messi Biography that he is often said to be the Xerox of Diego Maradona as he has the potential to become a great player in the team of Argentina.

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The Birth of the KING

Messi was born to a proletariat family. His father is a worker in a steel factory, and his mother, a cleaner. The lady gave birth to the soccer genius on June 24th, 1987. He started playing as a footballer at an early age and became a prominent footballer in no time. Messi had an in-born deficiency of growth hormone. This hampered his growth. It demanded a high amount of dollar bills needed to treat him with the drug called Human Hormone Growth.

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A local club of Argentina, River Plate, wanted the player for its team but without spending on his treatment. After a time, he gave trial in the Barcelona team and presented a great show leaving the heads stunned. The coach Charles Rexach, impressed by his performance, offered a contract written on a tissue paper, which included the expenses of his treatment that was too upheld in Spain. He, along with his father, left Argentina and went to Barcelona to join the eminent FC Barcelona youth academy. For Messi, it took several sacrifices to leave his place and made him parents move with him, but he claims this migration all to achieve the dream of being a footballer, and for the football itself.

Messi’s progress as a player

Spending a year in the youth academy of Barcelona, Messi got enrolled in the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF)He got registered in February 2001.

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He joined and became a part of Barcelona’s youth side “Baby Dream Team” at the age of fourteen, after completing his treatment. During the season of 2002-2003, he scored 36 goals in 30 league games in which he broke his cheekbone. He was not allowed to play for a week but after a week allowed to play with a plastic protector. The protector made him retarded, and he took it off. As soon as he took off the protector, Messi made two goals before being replaced. He got an offer to join the Arsenal, a club of England, but he rejected it and stayed in there for Barcelona.

Messi’s Transformation

During the 2003-2004 season, after his international competition with Juveniles B, Messi was transferred to Juveniles A. There, he scored a total of 18 goals in 11 league games. Like other players as Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi made his way through the ranks and made his first appearance in 2004-2005season as the youngest footballer, scoring a league goal. In 2006, Messi had a face-off with Real Madrid, a team that won both the Champions League and La Liga. In the following season of 2006-2007, he became the most valuable player of the Barcelona team as a first-choice striker, getting 14 goals from a total of 26 league games.

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In the 2009-10season, he equalized his scores of goals with the Portuguese football champion, Cristiano Ronaldo total record, by making 47 goals in total in all the competitions. Messi, moving fast than a tiger, kept breaking the records of his own, and by 2012 he had broken the entire world records of the most scored goals marked in the history. Gerd Muller and Pele made the previous record in 1958 of 75 scores, and Messi broke the 40 years of memoir with 91 goals in 2012.

At the beginning of 2003, Messi scored 292 out of 359 in club footballs and appeared 76 times internationally and scored 31 goals. Messi got an offer to play from an unnamed Russian side, which he rejected by announcing his love for Barcelona. He signed a contract with Barcelona by reefing the Russian offer of 20 million pounds salary per year, making him the most expensive player in the world.

International Career of Leo

Messi had the nationality of Spain as he was taken to Spain at an early age for treatment. He got an offer to play the sports for the young team of the country, which he refused and played for Argentina and showed his affection and love for his birthplace and became the reason for the victory of Argentina in the FIFA Youth Championship of 2005. He debuted internationally in 2005 against Hungary, where he charged with elbowing a player. The decision remained controversial as it was not the style of the football king to dive for the sake of victory. Messi always had a clean playing style with a spirit of fair play.

Messi debut in WCC

As the youngest player of Argentina, Messi made his debut in World Cup Championship. But unfortunately, his team lost in the semi-finals. In 2008, without the permission of his Barcelona team, Messi made an appearance in Beijing Olympics and won the gold medal for his homeland, Argentina. Wearing the shirt of number 10Messi played for Argentina in the 2010 World Cup and supported the team to reach the quarter-finals, but lost the match. In the 2014 World Cup, his team reached to finals but again lost the game from Germany. The continuous failure made Messi disappointed. He announced his retirement from international football in June 2016 after losing Copa America Final. The news left his fans heartbroken, but they revived after Messi took his retirement back. He said that “the team was already having problems, and he didn’t want to be the reason for another one.”

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Coming back to international football, he takes Argentina. In 2018/19, Messi returned to the shining team of Barcelona. Although Messi is a great football player among all. But still had not won a single World Cup.

Insight into the private life

Messi being, the most paid athlete to by Forbes of 2019, had a significant and modest lifestyle. He keeps his lifestyle private and tries not to show off what is happening in his life. Messi tries to keep up with his hometown Rosario. He had a girlfriend named Antonella Roccuzzo, also from Argentina, with whom he kept his relationship private for a year and announced it to his in January 2009They marriage dated in June 2017. They had three sons, Thiago (2012), Mateo (2015), and Ciro, born after their marriage in 2018.

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Messi has a nickname La Pulga Atomica. Because he has proved himself as a pest for the opponents while being a player with short-height.

Awards and Titles

Messi holds six FIFA Ballon d’Or, making him rank number one on the list. He also had nine La Liga titles with the Barcelona team and won four UEFA Champions League. Messi also holds the Guinness World Record as a top goal scorer in the calendar year of 2012 for club and country by scoring 91 goals.

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He also won the title of most paid athlete of 2019 by Forbes. His net worth is $400 million.

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