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Demonic Gorilla OSRS – Ultimate Guide In 2021

Demonic Gorilla OSRS


Demonic Gorilla OSRS

Demonic gorillas are powerful creatures found in the Crash Site Cavern. Two of them can be fought during Monkey Madness II, and after this quest is complete more demonic gorillas may show up alongside their tortured brethren to attack you.

They primarily drop zenith shards for your inventory or onto ground spaces nearby as well while also having ballista components that they will throw at any players within range when not attacking physically with weapons like swords etc. 

The gorillas are large, ape-like creatures that can use a protection prayer and switch to protect from your attack style after taking 50 damage. They also have high magical defense so they’re most often killed with melee or ranged weapons. But there is one special move where the gorilla will send rocks crashing down at you when attacked-moving just one tile away makes this easier to avoid.

The demonic gorilla is a dangerous creature found in the Abandoned Iron Mine. They can cause significant damage to players with their attacks and have been known to kill according to player statistics at 33% health where there are no other sources of injury or illness present on them.

.Imbuing an item like holy water will allow you to deal extra-lethally strikes against these creatures while protected by magic from its many resistant properties; however, even then they’ll only crumble when finally reduced below 25%.

Fighting Demonic Gorillas requires

  • Complete Monkey Madness II
  • Go back to Crash Site Cavern
  • 75 range
  • 75 attack
  • High strength level

You have the following quest area

The Crash Site Cavern is the gorilla’s house where they live with other brothers named Tortured. This cave also has a part in Monkey Madness, as well as being home to all of MONSTER TRAP’S monsters resting there for safety from humans who want them gone forever.

Tortured Gorilla

Although it is a solo player versus an enemy, the Demonic Gorilla has more than enough strength and power to take you on. 

It can use three different attacks against its opponent: 

  • melee attack in close range combat
  • ranged attacks from afar with their bows or guns (or just rocks if they’re feeling particularly underhanded)
  • a magic defense that works best when both combatants are using similar types of magics such as lightning spells.

The gorilla also possesses protective prayers for the offense. So make sure not only do I fight back but strategically place my own protection around myself. These troops may be strong monsters but there’s no need to worry since these apex predators will never leave any part untouched once we start fighting them head-on

The player has to use two styles to fight and win against gorillas.

  • Melee attack
  • Ranged attack

These weapons are of four kinds that a player can use to kill these demons. 

  • Silver light
  • Dark light
  • Arclight
  • Holy water


The Demonic Gorilla is a challenging opponent that can easily kill you if not fought wisely. This OSRS guide will help identify the most useful weapons and tricks for killing them safely. But be careful as their power combined with good defense skills makes this beastie difficult to take down quickly or without some strategy. 

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