Pubfilm is a website that allows users to watch movies and television shows in high definition (HD) quality without having to pay a single penny for the privilege.

Since 2007, the website has been hosted on multiple domains at various times. was the very first domain that we discovered that they had registered, but after that, they registered under a variety of other domain names.

We discovered the website, which utilises the same design as it did in 2007, but we are unsure as to whether or not this is an official site or whether it was simply created by a random person.

What Happened To Pubfilm?

At the tail end of the previous year, a number of reports started appearing that referenced a wave of takedown notices that movie studios and other copyright holders had sent out against streaming sites like Pubfilm.

Because of this, the companies that provided these services were forced to abruptly shut down, and as a result, thousands of people were forced to find new homes because they were no longer able to access the content that was hosted on the platform that has since been discontinued.

Is Pubfilm Safe/Legal?

Concerns have been raised over the legality of Pubfilm, a website known for providing free streaming of movies and television shows. Without the proper licensing or permission, streaming content protected by copyright is illegal in most countries.

Also, Pubfilm is not a legitimate website because it lacks the contracts and licences required by content producers and distributors. This poses a risk of legal complications and security threats like malware and viruses to users.

It’s best to stick with verified and trustworthy streaming services that provide licensed content and employ appropriate safety precautions for their users.

Top 10 Safe Alternatives to Pubfilm

In order to find the best free movie streaming site, you should have some standards in mind. There are many factors to consider when choosing a streaming service, including the quality of the movies, the ease of use, the variety of titles available, and the prevalence of commercials. As a result, I have compiled a list of 10 alternatives to Pubfilm that do fulfil some or all of the above conditions.

1. Putlocker

Putlocker is a good alternative to Pubfilm since it has an interface that is simple to use and a vast library of movies and television shows that can be viewed without incurring any additional fees. 

Despite the fact that it has been around since 2011, a great number of services have attempted, but very few have been able to match the huge selection that is available on Putlocker. This collection also includes fan favourites from other countries and regions.

2. Yesmovies

YesMovies is yet another top-tier on-demand streaming platform that boasts a sleek and visually appealing user interface in addition to its long list of features. 

Its library contains thousands of titles, which include everything from indie films to the most recent releases. All of these titles are easily accessible in high definition at no additional charge.

3. Kanopy

When Kanopy was first introduced to the public in 2008, its primary mission was to give users access to a large collection of videos that had been gathered from various locations on the internet. 

Users may search for movies depending on age range, gender, and other parameters, which makes it a perfect alternative to Pubfilm due to its feature-packed assortment as well as the fact that users can search for films based on those criteria.

4. Gomovies

As a result of the extensive collection that Go Movies provides, which includes both mainstream films from around the world and smaller, more independent films that can be streamed for no charge at all, the name “Go Movies” has become a popular topic of conversation among movie enthusiasts. 

Because it is one of the very few streaming sites that offers content that has not been restricted, it is an excellent alternative to Pubfilm.

5. 0123Movies

0123Movies is one of the go-to platforms for individuals seeking services like Pubfilm, and it offers a vast library that includes a wide variety of films, ranging from fan favourites to indie projects and even classics that have become timeless over the course of time. 

The content is being updated on a consistent basis, which means that there is always something brand new to view.

6. WatchFree

WatchFree was one of the first services to offer free streaming of movies, making it a great choice for anyone looking for alternatives like Pubfilm. Currently, WatchFree is one of the only services that offers free movies. 

It features original content despite featuring new titles every day and boasting an attractive design that makes browsing the selection effortless. This is made possible by independent movie makers who supply them with exclusive movies. In addition, it has an attractive design that adds new titles every day.

7. 5Movies

If you are looking for alternatives to Pubfilm, you should take a look at 5Movies because it is comparable to sites such as Putlocker and SolarMovie and offers a vast collection that is full of classic favourites in addition to the newest and most popular releases.

It also features a lightning-fast streaming speed, allowing users to view movies without experiencing any buffering or other complications.

8. Flixtor

Flixtor is a streaming platform that combines two of the most popular features into a single product. It provides users with access to thousands of film titles and television shows, both new and old, that can be relied on to provide a high-quality viewing experience. 

It stands out from other services like Pubfilm thanks to its extensive customization options, which make it much simpler than ever before to provide users with content that is specifically tailored to their interests.

9. StreamLord

StreamLord is one more website that could rightfully stand alongside streaming services such as 123Movies and GoMovies that offer an extensive library of movies and TV shows sourced from all around the web, updated daily to bring users only new titles along with new episodes of their favourite Seasonal sitcoms, making it a great no cost replacement for Pubfilm. GoMovies also offers an extensive library of movies and TV shows sourced from all around the web.

10. Einthusan

Einthusan is a well-known video streaming service that offers films from a variety of Asian countries. It has hundreds of imported titles that span a wide variety of genres, such as horror, comedy, and action, which places it in good company with other services that are comparable to Pubfilm. 

It also has a subscription model, which enables users to unlock additional features like movie trailers, photo galleries, and even fan clubs dedicated to their favourite films.


Pubfilm’s huge, high-quality library of free movies and TV series is one of its many strengths. Because that resource has been removed, you may want to look into some of the alternatives we’ve already covered here. 

Any of the websites we suggested as alternatives are great places to watch movies online. You can get free movies and TV series from these sites and watch them whenever you want.

The only real problem with these sites is that they use intrusive advertisements to generate revenue. Thus, it is recommended that you use an ad blocker or pay for a subscription to a reliable website.


1. What type of content is available on Pubfilm?

Pubfilm offers a variety of movies and TV shows ranging from classic to newly released titles.

2. Is Pubfilm completely free to use?

Yes, Pubfilm is a completely free website with no subscription or payment required.

3. Can I request specific content to be added to Pubfilm?

No, Pubfilm does not have a feature for content requests, but it does regularly update its library with new titles.

4. How does Pubfilm make money if it’s free to use?

Pubfilm makes money through ads displayed on its website, which can be intrusive and potentially harmful.

5. Is there a limit to how much content I can stream on Pubfilm?

No, there is no limit to how much content you can stream on Pubfilm, but it does recommend using a VPN to protect privacy.

6. Can I watch live TV on Pubfilm?

No, Pubfilm does not offer live TV streaming, only pre-recorded movies and TV shows.

7. Is Pubfilm available in all countries?

No, Pubfilm is not available in all countries and may be blocked in certain regions due to copyright laws. Users can use a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions and access the website.