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When is 6G coming to China?

When is 6G coming to China?

As we know the news that Donald Trump has urged his IT experts for 6G technology, it’s common to have questions in mind:

Is china going to lag behind America in this race?

Will the US win this race of technology?

What are China’s tech companies doing to make progress?

Yes, every one of us is curious to get the answers to these questions.

Let’s see:

Every country is trying to excel in every field of life, like warfare, education, or technology. So, in the world of machines, now a race of technology has started. We already know that China has made many advancements in nearly every field like education, business, and technology. After Trump’s statements, CNBC reports that through 6G technology, the US will beat China in the race of advancements.

Wait! Here’s more to come!

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China aims to develop 6G; after introducing 5G technology, now Chinese tech experts are up for launching 6G technology to have accurate connectivity and higher speed of the internet. Ministry of Science and technology has declared that they will be having two groups of experts working on it.

One group, comprising universities, research institutes, will work on the technical side of 6G. The other group will promote how tech companies will carry out the research and develop 6G.

However, we must note that 6G is still a theoretical idea; it is a long way to go.

I would like you to pay attention to the statement given by Vice Minister Wang Xi of the Ministry of Science and Technology. He says that”6G is still in the “initial stage, its technical route is not clear yet, and the key indicators and application scenarios have not been standardized and defined.”

Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei also commented that ‘though the company has already started working on the 6G technology. It is still in its primordial stage,” and there’s “a long way to go” before commercialization.’

These were a few statements I chose to share with you to answer your questions better. Now let’s learn:

What is 6G? Which has caused too much debate and speed up the race of technology among two powerful countries, i.e., China and the US?

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It refers to the sixth-generation technology. With the launching of advanced software and devices, it has become necessary to have advanced technology. It is, of course, more advanced than 5G technology. With 6G, the new world of progression and imagination will open to us.

  • It will be far faster than the existing 5G technology.
  • It will have higher frequency bands at a smaller wavelength, called Terahertz.

How fast will it be 6G?

It will be more advanced and faster than 5G technology. Its Data rates will be up to 10-11 GB/s.

What are the aims of 6G?

  • To provide better navigation of satellites
  • Give the higher speed of internet
  • Facilitate us by providing the best connectivity
  • Provide weather information.

How will 6G help China make advancements?

6G will help in making many advancements;

1- It will be as fast as the blink of an eye.

2- It will help in saving electricity using Energy from the cosmic world.

3- it will give advancements in Warfare applications and Space technology

4- Humankind will be able to have Satellite to Satellite Communication for the development.

5- 6G will help, controlling natural catastrophes.

6- Using 6G internet for video calling will make you feel as if you are standing before the person you are talking with on video calls.

7- It won’t be using smartphones. Instead, it will use floating pads to connect with your family, friends, and colleagues.

8- As mentioned that it will use terahertz waves, which can absorb the moisture, thus facilitating connectivity in long-range distances.

How will 6G technology help economically?

Sergey Zavjalov, associate professor at the Higher School of Applied Physics and Space Technology, explains that reducing the occupied bandwidth will lower the costs, thus helping the economy. It will also provide us with more transmission channels, thus making it possible to spread information fastly.

How will 6G help in the health of people?

You already know that the world is facing disastrous health problems due to advancing technology. Higher ultraviolet radiation causes devastating diseases, so it’s obvious to think that will 6G bring more conditions to us, or would it prove beneficial for us?

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  • Smartphones would be made extinct with the advancement of technology. We know that smartphones emit ultra-violet radiation; with the extinction of smartphones, these ultra-violet radiations will also be reduced, thus imparting a good effect on health.
  • It will prevent the masses from natural disasters by informing them earlier.

What kind of future will be shaped by the launching of 6G technology?

Chinese have shown their vision through various science fiction movies; one of them is NextGen.

NextGen is a Chinese animated science fiction action movie directed by Kevin R. Adams and Joe Ksander. This film shows the world where a teenage girl bond with a robot to stop the severe threat.

We can expect from tech experts that with the launching of 6G technology, we will have help in many ways; there will be weaponized robots which will

  • help in warfare
  • help in making people obey the laws and orders
  • improve the health conditions of masses

We can say that film directors have not just produced a movie; they have presented their tech expert’s ideas to the world and showed what kind of world they are visualizing in the future.

The Chinese ministry of science and technology had announced that they would have two groups which will work in collaboration. It seems that they have already started working on it, as film directors are promoting the tech expert’s ideas through their movies.

China announced that 6G technology would be announced by 2030, but now after Trump’s announcement, it seems that we’ll be having 6G technology soon.

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