Why You Need To Buy Loose Diamonds

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What Are Lab Grown Diamonds

These diamonds are man made, not mined. They are grown in a laboratory, a process that takes around 150 days. Though the material looks similar to their natural counterparts, the quality and value is different from natural diamonds .

The synthetic diamonds have a great durability than the mined ones. They are also much more affordable. They are suitable for engagement rings, wedding rings and some other jewelry.

The process of synthetic diamond creation is long, complicated, and it might take a lot of time and money to complete this process. Once the synthetic diamonds are created, they have to be cut into the sizes that you want them to be.

The color may vary depending on the type of light that touches the diamonds; though there are many companies that provide you with craft-made colored diamonds.

The price for a synthesis diamond is cheaper than natural one; in fact they can be of better quality than their original counterpart.

Why Lab-grown Diamonds Are Better For You

1. They Are More Affordable.

The cost of synthetic diamonds is much lower than the natural ones. The prices for synthetic diamonds are actually lower than what you pay for your natural diamonds.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that lab grown diamonds look like natural ones; their costs are low because they are artificially created, thus making them more affordable to people. With the prices being low you will also not want to pay extra money to get higher quality and quantity.

2. They may last longer than natural diamonds

Although they might not be as durable or strong as natural ones, they can last longer than their counterparts. Lab-grown diamonds grow in a laboratory and are made of high quality carbon.

They might not be as good as their original counterpart, but they can be strong enough to last for several years. Synthetic diamonds are also less prone to breakage than natural ones.

3. You Have More Options

When it comes to inclusions, no two diamonds are the same. There will always be a difference in size, shape and even color depending on the location from which they were mined.

Due to the fact that synthetic diamonds are artificially created, you will have several options when it comes to choosing the size, shape or even color of the stone that you want.

You also don’t have to worry about getting inclusions because the process is done in a lab away from any earth elements, so there is no need for you to check for inclusions or other problems.

4. They Are More Eco-friendly Than Natural Ones.

When mines are destroyed due to mining, it will take millions of years before they can be restored; this is why it’s important for us to protect the environment.

Lab-grown diamonds do not require the use of any earth elements when it comes to their creation; this means that we can save a lot of trees and animals if we use lab-grown diamonds.

Synthetic diamonds are also produced in a way that it’s better for the environment, thus making them more eco-friendly than their natural counterparts.

5. They Look And Feel Like Real Ones.

Synthetic diamonds do not look fake or have any oddness when they are on display, they look just like the natural ones. You will love the way they look and feel on you finger, they will make you feel confident every time you put them on.

Synthetic diamonds are also as good as their natural counterparts in terms of appearance; if your original diamond is white, synthetic could be too; so you can now choose the shade of white that works best for your personality.

How Much Do Rare Carat Diamonds Cost?

Rare Carat Diamonds cost depends on the diamond cut, shape and size. They have a wide variety of diamond cuts to choose from. If you want them to be prong set you can choose that one too.

The price for a single natural loose round gemstone is $2000, if you want a diamond bridal ring you can buy it from $5000 to $7000 depending on its glorious design and size.