Wedding Attire

Wedding is special. Maybe not for all the guests. But they are for the brides and grooms and their families. Brides are the most sensitive about their weddings. From the menu to the décor, to the flower arrangements, to the music, to the food and the list may go on.

But the most important thing to them is the dress. They want to look beautiful, and unique. Nobody wants someone to steal their thunder, especially on their wedding day right? The bride is sensitive to that. The guests should be too. 

The Unwritten Rules

The rules may not be set in stone. But there are many unsaid and unwritten ones. They are as important as obvious rules and should remain unbroken. Each culture has its dress code or etiquette. It should always stay like that.

Wedding Culture

Wedding Culture

At weddings here, the brides usually wear red lehngas. Long, flowy lehengas with embroideries and stonework. They look so festive and traditional. But what if another woman comes to your wedding, dressed in her bridal dress? Where will your spotlight go?

Someone adorning that red lehenga with dupattas on their head, heavy jewelry, Eye Makeup. How would that make you feel? Wedding dresses are indeed expensive, but you can’t crash someone’s wedding in that.  

What Not To Wear

Following items should be avoided while going to a wedding as a guest:

Your Wedding Dress

You cannot wear the most beautiful dress. The biggest “what not to wear” I guess. There should be only one bride at the wedding. You had your moment at your wedding, or, you will have your moment when you get married.

Any Flashy Or Bold Dress That Diverts Attention

Any dress that is very bold or flashy. Dresses that demand the spotlight to be taken away from the bride should be a no-no. It could be a shimmery western gown, a ball gown. Something that makes heads turn because it isn’t very common in our culture. 

Anything Too Revealing

That is a cultural norm. We don’t wear revealing dresses in this part of the world, not publicly at least. It’s obvious that if you show up to a wedding in a backless dress, or something showing cleavage. All eyes would be glued to you. Avoid being the center of attention for one day, please! 

Wearing Heavy Dupattas On The Head

Wearing Heavy Dupattas On The Head

The brides here usually adorn their heavily embroidered dupattas on their heads. There is a proper dupatta setting part in bridal makeovers. If someone else does that to a wedding. The first reaction would be, oh there comes the bride! We don’t want that.

If you do cover your head usually, for that event you can maybe wear a headscarf and drape that heavy dupatta around your shoulders, or on one side. Options are always there, people. 

Red Dresses

As the brides usually wear red dresses on their big day. Guests should avoid doing that. You can opt-out of the red color while shopping from a Women’s Clothing Store Online.  Some people usually do that intentionally to match with the bride. But please! Pick another day to wear matchy outfits. Not their wedding!  

How To Reuse Your Wedding Dress

There are plenty of ways to use your bridal wear at someone else’s wedding. You can still look considerate, you can always modify the dresses. You can always try different combinations.

Dupatta Of Wedding Dress

You can always make a plain dress with that heavy dupatta. Hang that dupatta on one side over the dress. Wear nice accessories and a nice pair of heels. You may carry a dazzling cutch. Add moderate make-up with a simple hairstyle and you are ready to go. 

Reusing The Shirt

Those embroidered shirts don’t always need to accompany that lehenga you wore at your wedding. You can pair those up with plain silk or jamawar trousers. Carry a plain dupatta and accessorize adequately.

If the shirt is short in length, or waist-length you can always attach a plain or self embossed silk skirt and make a frock out of it.

Reusing The Lehnga

Now that can be a tricky one. You can add a plain bodice and attach the lehnga to make a frock out of it.

Yes! The reverse of reusing the shirt. You can also split the lehnga from the middle and make a gown out of it. Wear it over a plain trouser-shirt. Or you can also add plain fabric panels and make a paneled frock.

There are always ways to be nice and considerate to others. Let’s not trash each other’s sentiments on special days. Let’s be the woman who picks up the other woman. Not the one who takes her down.

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