All You Require to Know: Pampers Swaddlers Vs Cruisers

To help you find the perfect diaper for your baby, we’ve made this short guide. From cloth diapers to all-leak resistant onesies–there’s something here!

Pampers is one of the most popular and universal diaper brands globally. They have been around for decades, so you can find their products in stores all over America from big-box retailers like Target or Walmart right down to small mom & pop shops across town.

 But even within this huge brand, there are about eight different types designed specifically with the needs of your little one in mind.

 Pampers Swaddlers are two examples that will work best if yours require extra absorbency while Cruisers were made just for toddlers who need quick-drying material that doesn’t snag delicate skin before it grows into a shirt sleeve full grown.

The question then becomes whether or not these specific varieties would benefit me as well.

Pampers is a well-known diaper brand that has been around for over 50 years. They have eight different types of diapers, from newborn to potty training size babies and every stage in between.

 The two most popular varieties are Swaddlers and Cruisers so if you’re wondering which one will work best with your little bundle– try out both to see what suits them better as they grow up big chunky baby or tougher toddler.

So, you’ve got your Swaddlers and cruisers, but what are they made of? What size should I get-a a baby or toddler bed for my big kid who never grows out of these things quick enough? 

And why does our dog love lay on his side so much more than face down!? Here’s all the info!

At A Glimpse

Pampers offers a variety of different types and sizes for their diapers, suitable to suit the needs and stage in which your diaper-wearing. 

A Swaddler is designed with an extra layer that catches liquid; it’s good if your kid has sensitive skin or leaks sometimes when they poop. They also make Cruisers – these don’t contain any velcro so it’s easier on the baby’s bottom! 

If we were going by my experience as well as other moms’ feedback here at P&H parenting blog Whether You Like It or Not.

Pampers Swaddlers

Pampers Swaddlers is the number one choice for hospitals and parents in America. They’re made with a super soft, breathable fabric, allowing your baby to stay cool during hot weather or warm if it’s wintertime.

 With sizes newborn through 6 available, you can rest assured knowing they have something suitable no matter what stage of diaper-wearing life your little one has reached.

We especially like them because these diapers are hypoallergenic so even sensitive-skinned kiddos will love changing their clothes after potty training

Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive

Pampers Swaddlers are a great option for parents on the go. They have everything you need in one pack, including diaper cream that can be applied up to 12 hours after changing your baby’s wet clothes without any impact or discomfort.

 With two different varieties (sensitive and regular), there’s something perfect no matter what type of parent feels like – whether they’re having trouble with leaks at night time because their little one has started drinking more than usual.

 If leak prevention isn’t working but accidents still happen too frequently; wanting peace-of-, knowing he’ll stay dry.

Pampers Cruisers 

Pampers Cruiser defines the future generation of children. Once they’re a few years old, your little one will turn into an insatiable daredevil who loves nothing more than going top-down on all fours and being chased by you while laughing loudly in delight!

The way parents love their kids is so endearing it makes my heart burst with happiness.

So, if you have a baby who likes to move and shake, then Pampers Cruisers are a perfect choice. 

They’re made for older babies starting in life with all their might– so they can explore without worrying about leaks or discomfort.

This variety also comes equipped with an absorbent pad that fits around your little one’s bottom perfectly; it has snap buttons on either side of this diaper which keep things tight enough yet allow room just enough when needed during urination sessions

. Finally, likewise, hypoallergenic design makes sure no matter what allergies.

Pampers Cruisers Vs Swaddlers Differences

Pampers Swaddlers Vs Cruisers: Which Is Best For My Baby?

Wondering which Pampers to buy? It can be hard finding the best diapers for your little one. There are many brands and varieties out there, but this article will help you decide between two different types of Cruisers or Swaddlers!


If you’re looking for a diaper that is soft, durable, and extra absorbent then Swaddlers should be your number one choice! Pampers says this variety offers 2x the comfort of their regular brand with up to 12 hours of protection against moisture.

Keeping your baby dry is key to their health. The clothing company ‘Cloth nappy’ has created a line of clothes for babies that keeps them comfortable, clean, and most importantly dry!

You can find these adorable little outfits online or in specialty stores across Canada but I recommend browsing our site first because not only do we offer free shipping on all orders over $35 (currency converter), but also a 10% discount with a code ‘DADSOMMER’.

The Cloth Nappies come complete with everything you need including adjustable straps so it will fit perfectly around any leg length – even those who are currently growing like weeds thanks to nature.


I am a stickler for knowing what ingredients are in my baby’s diapers. It’s important because we’re putting them on all day, every day for up to 3 years- it bugs me if they don’t make their materials clear!

The Pampers website contains a section explaining the various materials and components that go into each type of diaper. 

For example, Swaddlers boast an inner lining made from 100% polyester for absorbency; they also contain stay-dry bamboo threads which make it perfect to wear during summer months without worry about wetness getting through (or sticking).

The company does not claim any credentials as “eco” or skin-friendly but should you care? Not really–whatever works best at keeping your little one dry should do!

What Is Their Absorbent Core Made From?

As a new parent, you may be wondering what the heck ‘elemental chlorine-free fluff pulp’ and super absorbent polymer are. 

Luckily for all of us parents out there with an inkling to know or want even more information on their baby’s nappies in general but not sure where they should start, here is some easy-to be understood info about these ingredients from Pamper diapers’ site:

Pampers don’t just use chlorine in their diapers to bleach them, but it is an environmental hazard.

Elemental chlorine-free bleaching is less toxic than “normal” or non-elemental types of chemical bleaches that are still used because the company has a focus on being eco-friendly and avoiding toxins as much it can.

I’m sure Pampers has its reasons for hiding these chemicals, but I can’t help feeling like fragrances are unnecessary. Chemicals should always have a purpose!

The word ‘fragrance’ is usually associated with pleasant smells that give pleasure in some way or another – after all what would be the point of adding them if you’re not going to use them? 

There’s no mention of how many different scent-boosting ingredients might end up being included either…

Super absorbent polymer is the bit that absorbs all of your baby’s moisture. It can be found in every diaper, eco-friendly or not! Made from plastic and perfect for an extra boost to keep things dry on those especially wet days when you need them most.

What Are the Top sheet And Exterior Covers Produced From?

They tell us that their absorbent top sheet is made with polypropylene (not great for the environment), polyethylene terephthalate – otherwise known as PET plastic which isn’t good either.

 As you can see these things don’t have much variety in them; however, they are used throughout all aspects from soft outer coverings over core structure so there isn’t one specific type at play here apart from petroleum-based plastics which come up again later on down below…

The key takeaway: “What’s worse than using something toxic?”

Do They Use Inks and Dyes?

Some of the most popular brands in diapers feature cute prints for babies. But this should be a parent decision, not one made by their child – unless they can get used out of it.

 A lot goes into choosing which diaper is best suited to suit your needs: what kind do you want? Are there any allergies or sensitivities with regards to clothing dyes on top?

Do They Use Lotions?

Pampers Swaddlers contain ‘skin-protecting lotion’, made from petrolatum and other oils. 

Pampers is very careful when producing their diapers; unlike many disposable products on store shelves today which just have synthetic additives like fragrances & dyes added for color.

Do They Use Phthalates?

Phthalates are a group of chemicals found in many products such as household items, plastics, and other materials. 

They’re used to make the product flexible or durable but because they don’t break down easily after use can cause major health issues including cancer if exposure continues over time.

 When you find out what these man-made concerning toxins do, please share this info with your friends so we can all avoid them together.

Pampers is a company that prominently features its use of phthalates in advertisements. 

It looks like they don’t prefer it if you’re looking for information to suggest otherwise because then people would surely start paying more attention and questioning why they do things one way when there’s an easier option available– not just mentioning this as one aspect but making the claim throughout marketing material on their website!

Pampers Swaddlers Size Chart

Pampers Swaddlers Reviews

With 29,000 reviews and a rating of 4.8 out of 5 on average from parents around the world who use Pampers Swaddlers diapers for their children’s needs at home or in hospitals- these will be sure to keep your baby dry always!

It’s no secret that parents love Pampers for their leak-proof and super soft diapers.

 Many comments talk about how great these diapers are, with people often talking about them as the only option now since all others have failed in comparison!


Why settle for anything but the best when you’ve got a baby on deck? Pampers is one of those names that every parent needs, and buying from their website will guarantee your products get delivered right to your door.

Plus, with free shipping plus sales alerts sent directly by email—you could save even more money in no time.

I prefer shopping online because it saves me from running all over town trying places out – not to mention we’re saving gas too (and thank goodness there isn’t much worth stopping at around here). 

The Bottom Line

Pampers Swaddlers are a trusted name in baby diapers, but they could do better.

Their parent company spends millions on unnecessary additions like fragrances and lotions that can be avoided when making your little one’s skin the focus of care for its delicate newborn state up until potty training age or beyond!

P&G needs to make some changes if we want our children off harmful chemicals such as plastics-based molecules which have been shown scientifically link back towards developmental delays during childhood

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