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Trixie Mattel net worth & Complete Biography – Secrets About Economy

Trixie Mattel net worth & Complete Biography – Secrets About Economy

Trixie Mattel is a famous American drag queen, singer, and actor. He starts gaining fame from an early age and starts from the American Reality Show. Metal started his drags from the age of 19, which made his massive public appearance. In this article, we are going to discuss many interesting facts about the life of Trixie Mattel.

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Trixie Mattel net worth
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Trixie Mattel Networth & Biography

Early Life

Mattel was born on August 23, 1989, and his ongoing age is 32 years old. He is a gay personality and lives in Los Angeles, California. Trixie converted himself to vegetarian at the age of nine. He registers himself on many gay apps with the name “Trixie.”

However, he is also a musician who influence music like Dolly Parton, June Carter Cash, and Jason Isbell. His stepfather covered his gay personality, which leads him to start his career as a drag queen. His father called him Trixie as an insult. But, he did not take that as an insult and make it his stage name.

He even performed a music show in which he played his role as Trixie. You will be surprised after knowing that his inspiration and celebrities are barbies.

That is why he used Mattel as his second name. Trixie is a broad-minded gay who has been in a relationship with his boyfriend David Silver for more than 3 years.


 As we mentioned above, her inspiration is barbie; he also wants to change his look and dressing based on the barbie. It was also concluded that he could not own a barbie as a kid, which takes him to depression and sometimes anxiety.

He started his official career in 2008 by performing drag at LaCage NiteClub. He went there to become a regular drag queen.

In 2014, he was dropped out after enrolling at the institute of beauty and wellness. He wants to take part in RuPaul’s ‘Drag Race.’ With his luck, he entered in the seventh season but dropped out in the 4th episode.

It creates several issues in industries. Later on, he came back in the 8th episode again. At the end of the serial, he was placed sixth in the competition.

Trixie Mattel net worth
Source: Orlando Weekly

After gaining a lot of fame throughout the world, he started traveling the world to perform at high-class venues. One of his most famous stand-up comedy show is known as ‘Ages 3 and Up’. Trixie is also a musician who captured his singing abilities in his first studio album ‘Two Birds.’

He has also taken part in many club bands for raising funds for the GaymerX foundation. In 2018, after returning to the Drag Race, he struggled a lot and defeated Kennedy Davenport in a lip-sync competition.

It adds more confidence in his personality, which leads him to release his second album ‘One Stone.’

As we mentioned above, eliminating Trixie from the 4th episode creates controversies. Many of his fans argued on it and made a hashtag #JusticeforTrixie. It helps him to come back again in the series.

Net Worth Of Trixie Mattel

 According to research, Trixie Mattel has a net worth of 10 million dollars. He considers his fans and the audience who loves him as his real net worth, which is in millions across social media platforms.

He has more than 1.5 million YouTube subscribers.s Mattel is also CEO of Trixie cosmetics

Facts No One Knows About Trixie Mattel

  • When it comes to the recording. Trixie Mattel has one of the worst lip-sync recording times on which he is struggling.
  • Once in his interview, he said that performing in a snatch game is one of the worst experiences.
  • Trixie never planned to take his career full-time as a drag queen. After getting massive fame and money, he thinks nothing will be good for him expected performing as a drag queen.
  • Everyone knows that he is a successful person and barbie was his inspiration. But, you will be surprised after knowing that Tammie Brown is one of his favorite drag Queen.

Secrets He Revealed About The Drag Economy

He believed that drag is fascinating for many people because it helps them remember their childhood when gender norms were not an issue. He has a tragic story. His name is a reference to a barbie, which was a childhood toy for him.

In some interviews, he also said that drag performers walk like a tightrope when it comes to gender. Many community drag queens lead themselves to the extreme version of femininity with clothing and strange makeup. In order to become a successful drag queen, you need to stick with only one character.


 The life of Trixie Mattel is not as easy as it looks. He faces bullying from his stepfather, who insults him. Moreover, He faced many rejections, but his continuous struggle with a confident gay personality leads him to the fortune of 10 million dollars. Now, he is one of the successful entrepreneurs in the world who is selling cosmetics products.

Trixie revealed many secrets of the drag community in which he even explained some tips and tricks for others who wish to become a drag queen.

His important point, which should be noted, is that you need to stick only with one character as he sticks with the barbie doll. Secondly, according to him, every adult wants to go back to their childhood where the gender norms were not a problem.


 Who is Trixie Mattel’s boyfriend?

 One of his co-stars was his boyfriend for more than 3 years known as David Silver.

Who is the richest drag queen in 2020?

 Trixie Mattel and Bianca Del Rio are the richest drag queen of 2020. Both of them charge more than $7,000 per post on social media.

Are Trixie Mattel and Katya still friends?

 Yes, after facing several issues they have repaired their friendship and bonded strongly.

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