15 Celebrities Career Stopped After This Happened

15 Celebrities Career Stopped After This Happened

There are some celebrities in the world which have faced many problems in their career. However, it leads them to many problems and scandals because of some bad decisions and poor choices. Here in this article, we are going to limelight some celebrities who stopped their career after some severe problems.

1 – Anthony Weiner

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Twitter is one of the most famous social media platforms all over the world. If it gets used for making someone viral, it will do the job in a few days. The same case happens with Anthony Weiner. Anthony is the youngest member of New York City National Council who wins the seat at a very young age. His life takes a terrible turn when he accidentally posted a screenshot of sexting with a woman. At first, he claimed that someone hacked his account. But after resigning from the congress, Anthony said that he was exchanging the photos with the woman for several years.

2 – Dixie Chicks

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Dixie Chick is one of the famous musicians who stands at the top of the chart for many years. At her live concert, she made a terrible mistake by roasting the President and says unethical comments. After that, she converted many of her loyal fans in haters. Even some radio stations declined his music tracks on their stations. She did not get a comeback after this terrible mistake.

3 – Tiger Woods

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Tiger Woods has messed very severely with his golf career because of several affairs with women. His scandals with other women come in the limelight, and he almost lost $10 million by getting cancellations from sponsorships. He was not abandoned entirely as a golf community has given him a second chance. Tiger Wood struggles to get back his formidable reputation, and people will never love him as they love him before.

4 – Paula Deen

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Paula Deen was the lead face of Food Network for many years. She made a huge mistake by making a racist statement towards the black people, especially Africans. She claimed some words for Africans like they are just a joke, leading her network to cancel her TV programs. There are some stores which even stopped selling her products. Nowadays, she is not on any TV because of her terrible behavior.

5 – Lance Armstrong

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Lance Armstrong is a famous Olympic player who has charges of using performance-enhancing drugs. He denied allegations several times, but his former teammates eventually confirm his usage of drugs in 2012. After that, no one has ever seen him in the Olympic games or even in Cycling sports

6 – Kanye West

Source: https://www.nbcnews.com/

Kanye West has played very deadly with his career. As we said before, tweets of the celebrities spread like the fire in the jungle. However, he made the same mistake and retweeted many controversial statements which make him the target. He made some ill mistakes like yelling at disable crowd members and jumping on the stage at Taylor Swift’s speech.

7 – Ashlee Simpson

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Ashlee was caught red-handed by doing lip-syncing on the stage. Suddenly, another song was played on the speaker, and she got an embarrassing moment. Ashlee starts blaming her band and the management for such an incident, which results in her fame and popularity.

8 – Mariah Carey

Source: https://variety.com/

The same incident happens with the Mariah Carey also on the new year eve show. She was lip-syncing like a regular song singing, and then suddenly her in-ear audio stopped working, which makes her embarrassed in front of the audience. She angrily stepped off the stage, and after this incident, she faced many problems in her career.

9 – Jared Fogle

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Jared Fogle has an allegation of collecting child pornography and committing many sexual crimes. He claimed that his attorney tricked him in this crime for seeking millions of dollar. Jared was sentenced to prison for 15 years, which destroyed his career and took Subwa’s speaker spot.

10 – Amanda Bynes

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Amanda Bynes is an American actress who becomes famous for her professional and creative acting skills. You will feel wow after knowing that she claimed her retirement on Twitter at the age of 24. The reason behind her retirement was different. She has an unstable personal life which he twitted several times on social media. Moreover, she also verbally attacked other celebrities many times which bring instability to her career.

11 – Tonya Harding

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The scandal of tonya Harding has an interesting and mind-blowing story. She hired a hitman to break a leg of her competitor to make her winning spot in a national championship. She was found guilty and paid $150K fine for this bull shit. After this wrong decision, she banned herself from the USFSA for a lifetime.

12 – Ryan Lochte

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Ryan was an Olympic swimmer who was earning millions from his endorsement. He goes through a mishap by overdrinking in 2016, and many of his sponsors cancelled his sponsorships. His lying was also caught about being robbed at gunpoint. Like all celebrities do for saving their reputation. Ryan did the same thing, but his luck was not as charming as he thinks.

13 – Chris Meloni

Source: https://globalnews.ca/

He was mainly known as Detective Stabler. He made a terrible mistake by not controlling his anger and left the live show with no prominent reason. After an investigation, it was concluded that the producer refused to offer him more money as he was a greedy actor who only runs behind the money.

14 – Aaron Hernandez

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You will be surprised after knowing that he murdered signing a 41 million dollar project which was the biggest mistake of his life. He has lost millions of his money and even sentenced to prison for a lifetime. The more surprising fact is that his dead body was founded in jail in 2017.

15 – Wesley Snipes

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Wesley is a big star of the industry. However, he just made a little mistake which becomes the reason for his career failure. He stopped paying tax of his property and other stuff which leads him to the prison. He did not pay his tax for more than three years which causes many troubles. Wesley even faces plenty of $17 million, which is an immense fortune of money. His tax problem creates a full stop on his career.

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