Protect Your Rental Car

The car renting companies in Dubai will offer you a wide range of vehicles. Know your need and requirements discuss them with the agency to get a car that suits your need.

While booking check the protection policy, insurance policy, and the deals provided by the company.

Good car rental companies will provide you with collision damage waivers, theft protection, and third-party cover.

This blog will guide you to the simple steps to protect your rental car from any kind of damage and theft in Dubai.

Tips To Protect Your Rent Car In Dubai

Taking measures than facing some big problems is always a good and wise option. When it comes to cars their protection is more important because buying them and paying for their damage will cost you a fortune.

Here are some tips to help you protect your car for rent in Dubai. Where millions of visitors and business meetings are held every year. That’s why rent a car culture is very popular there. Without any further delay, let’s get started:

1. Safe Parking

Safe parking is the first step to protecting your car. Make sure that you don’t park your rental car in an isolated place. Park it in a place that has is crowded.

Don’t park your car too far. Park your rental car where you can see it easily and keep an eye on it.

Don’t leave your expensive belongings in your car. Take it with you. So, in case the car gets stolen you don’t have to suffer a great deal of loss.

Following this step is good especially when you are staying in Sharjah.

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2. Car Tracker

When renting a car, ask the company if they have installed car trackers in their vehicles. It is good to install a car tracker in your car as well.

Car trackers will help you trace your vehicle in case it gets stolen. In case the car rental company has not installed the car trackers in their vehicles.

Ask them to install in one that you are renting.

3. Steering Locks

Install steering lock installed in your rental car. The steering lock will immobilize the steering wheel.


By using the device, the chances of your car getting stolen will decrease significantly.

Ask your rental car company if they had this device installed in their vehicles. If not then ask them to install it in the one you are renting.

These steering wheels get auto-locked when someone tries to move the car without the key.

4. Lock Your Car

Always keep your car locked. When arriving at your location make sure that all the doors of the car are locked.

If someone tries to open the lock the car alarm will alert you. This way you can save your car from getting stolen.

5. In Case Your Car Gets Stolen

In case your rental car gets stolen, follow the following steps:

6. Contact The Car Rental Company

Contact the car renting agency from which you had rented your car. Take all the steps they tell you to take.

Don’t hesitate to tell them about the theft as it is your responsibility and a wise decision to make.

7. Inform The Police

Inform the nearest police station about the robbery. File a proper complaint and give them all the information regarding the car.

The sooner you will inform them the sooner the police can help you get your car back.

8. Look For Insurance

Many car rental companies provide you with insurance protection against car theft.

Look for detailed information on the insurance policy and keep every document ready.