Why A Security Operations Center Is Important

Every company needs to be concerned about a security breach. Every business has a responsibility to customers and employees, not only for their safety but also for protecting company data.

However, many companies are underprepared for cyber security because they don’t have an effective security operations system in place.

The idea of a SOC may seem overwhelming or unnecessary to business leaders. However, this technology is the most crucial aspect of data protection and is necessary for all companies handling sensitive information.

A security operations center can come in various forms, with features that best suit a company’s needs.

These systems are commonly referred to as SIEMs (security information and event management systems), NOCs (network operations centers), or SOCs. However, when it comes to overall security, businesses must take advantage of these features all the same.

A SIEM is a necessity for any business that deals with data protection. SIEMs can be set up to monitor all aspects of company data, including users, devices, and applications.

The system also requires the installation of network sensors that help monitor for potential cyber-attacks or security breaches. Once these sensors are in place, they will alert management of any unusual activity.

Suppose your business is not familiar with SIEMs or has not considered the importance of a security operations system. In that case, it is time to take things seriously and understand why this technology is so critical for all companies handling sensitive information.

NOCs and SOCs operate in much the same way as SIEMs. These systems monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic for unusual or suspicious activity. You can use NOCs and SOCs to detect potential threats such as malware, viruses, hackers, and more.

However, they differ from SIEM in that they can also take action against these known threats. NOCs and SOCs typically have a sophisticated security system that can flag any unusual behavior and then take control measures to fix the problem.

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For instance, if an employee is downloading large files, a NOC or SOC will automatically shut off access or inform management of potential issues.

In addition to their ability to monitor for security violations, NOCs and SOCs will also allow management to track down potential problems within company data.

For example, they can determine where a security breach originated from, who is responsible for any suspicious behavior and find the root cause of the problem.

These systems give companies the necessary tools to protect themselves against cyber-attacks and hackers. SIEMs, NOCs, and SOCs monitor company data, keep track of any security violations and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.

However, not all businesses have the resources or funds necessary to set up a NOC or SOC.

Many companies may instead want to consider an on-site device within their office capable of monitoring for potential cyber threats while also tracking down the root cause of a security breach. In these cases, businesses can look into purchasing a SIEM or network sensor.

According to Micro Focus, “By acquiring a deep awareness of all hardware, software, tools, and technologies used in the organization, the SOC ensures assets are monitored for security incidents.” If you want to learn more on What Is SOC security? reach out to them.