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Islam is a minority religion in a country like this, which makes it difficult for Muslims to determine when to pray. Here, we are offering some tips on how to determine when to pray for Columbus.

Time For Prayer In Columbus, Ohio

This is the capital and the largest city of Ohio. Columbus is known for having the most universities, the best zoos, and the best soccer schools in the country.

The Muslim population of Columbus is approximately 0.6%. Below are the details for those in the minority who are looking to find out when the prayer times are.



When this guide is being written, the prayer time for Fajr is 6:34-AM, and the prayer time for sunrise is 7:54-AM.

In other words, you have 1 hour and 21 minutes to perform the prayer of Fajr. The Qaza e Fajr (lapsed prayer) should be performed a minimum of 20 minutes after sunrise.

Yet, the time continues to update after the fixed intervals. Check out the chart below for a better understanding of Fajr prayer as of 10-15 January 2022 if you wish. 

10 January 20226:34 AM
11 January 20226:34 AM
12 January 20226:34 AM
13 January 20226:33 AM
14 January 20226:33 AM
15 January 20226:33 AM



It is currently 12:39 PM in Columbus, Ohio, which is the time for prayer for Dhuhr. In addition, the time is also updated according to the fixed intervals.

Dhuhr prayer is said to end 10 minutes before sunset according to Islamic scholars and scholars.

The following is the detailed chart for 10-15 January 2022;

10 January 202212:40 PM
11 January 202212:40 PM
12 January 202212:41 PM
13 January 202212:41 PM
14 January 202212:41 PM
15 January 202212:42 PM



As we proceed with our guide on Prayer Times In Columbus, Ohio, now we will mention the prayer time for Asr, which at the moment of writing this guide is 3:05 pm.

During the Asr prayer, the time for Maghrib prayer starts at sunset, which is when the Asr prayer ends. Below is a chart that illustrates the updated timings.

10 January 20223:07-PM
11 January 20223:08-PM
12 January 20223:09-PM
13 January 20223:10-PM
14 January 20223:11-PM
15 January 20223:12-PM



Maghrib prayers begin after Asr’s prayer, just a short time after Asr’s prayer. As of right now, Columbus, Ohio, follows 5:24 PM as the time for Maghrib. However, the updated chart indicates the following:

10 January 20225:26 PM
11 January 20225:27 PM
12 January 20225:28 PM
13 January 20225:29 PM
14 January 20225:30 PM
15 January 20225:31 PM



During the Fard prayer, Isha is the last prayer of the day. In Columbus, Ohio, the time of Isha’s prayer is 6:44-PM. As far as the end time goes, it will last until midnight. 

10 January 20226:46 PM
11 January 20226:47 PM
12 January 20226:48 PM
13 January 20226:49 PM
14 January 20226:50 PM
15 January 20226:51 PM

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