How To Join Discord Call Without Anyone Knowing?

There are tons of featured offered by Discord allowing users to chat, call and make communities with like-minded people.

But sometimes it can be annoying to others when someone is joining or leaving the call with a huge sound.

So most of the time people are asking how to join Discord Call silently. In a nutshell, There is no straight or legitimate way to join the call privately, unless you are a MODERATOR. This is because you can always get into a channel through the INVITATION LINK.

And one thing you can do is by clicking shift + click the group call button to start a call without ringing, don’t worry we will discuss the other ways to do this as well!

Whenever you join a call there’s a sound produced that lets all the other people know that SOMEONE has joined this community.

This system is very appreciable sometimes because it allows people to know the current situation. They will be notified if someone connects with your channel or left it.

It really helps with privacy manners. But only some people admire this practice as it disturbs their chatting.

For those, all you have to do is, change the settings and put the notifications on mute or simply not listen to the channel, only then you will never know who is getting in or out of this chit-chat.

But maybe there are some ways instead that you can follow easily!

Top 5 Best Ways To Link Discord Calls Privately – Don’t Miss The 4th One!

1. A “DESKTOP” Version- Essential For All The Above Factors!

1. A “DESKTOP” Version- Essential For All The Above Factors!
Source: computercures

You must have a DESKTOP version for this activity. Because there are a lot more options in the desktop version from where you can resolve your problem.

Moreover, mobile users are not able to get these features through which discord calls can be joined secretly.

Stick to the end and we’ll tell you some incredible ways that how a mobile user can utilize these desktop features.

2. There’s A Brief Way Also- Highly Recommended

In this extremely easy and quick procedure, all you’ve to do is,

Press SHIFT+CLICK the group call button in which you want to get in without anyone ringing. By doing this little simple trick at that spot.

And WALA!  You will be able to join the discord server without knowing!

3. Find A DISCORD SERVERS On DISBOARD- The Most Secure Method

Another best way to join the channel without any links is through the discord server on disboard. When you open disboard, You will have to add or find public servers.

Search for that specific server name/category/tag and hit the enter button.

You can also filter the specific tags you’re searching for!

Hit the join server team, and you’re done.

4. Join A Discord Server From Top.Gg – The Easiest Way

Join A Discord Server From Top.Gg - The Easiest Way
Source: Twitter is one of the best ways to get into a voice channel privately. Basically, it is a website.

So first you have to browse for it and then it will lead you to the page where you have to select a specific category and then it’ll show the most famous results in that particular category.

For example, If you are searching for a session of gaming then you’ll get the most popular and really prominent channels in GAMMING only.

After selecting that specific chat session, All you have to do is join that chat.

Here your problem is over!

5. Explore Public Servers On Discord- Very Simple Procedure

You can easily join that specific call channel you want. By just navigating to the left sidebar. You will see a compass icon at the bottom of that sidebar.

After that, You will see a search bar where you have to search the specific community you are searching for. By selecting that specific category, you will see the most popular servers there.

Then you have to choose, select and press ok. You will be in that server without anyone knowing!

6. Desktop Features On Smart Phone

By following this step you can easily have a desktop version on a mobile phone. First of all, you have to launch your web browser on mobile.

And then, go to the discord login page and click “OPEN DISCORD IN YOUR BROWSER”

And you’re done!


So after all that stuff, we get the point that there is no straight way to get in or leave the discord calls silently ( because of the NOTIFICATION SOUNDS and the JOINING TERMS & REGULATIONS until you’re an interceder ).

But simply clicking shift + clicking the group call button will resolve your problem, so you can enjoy your time on discord.

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