how much is anytime fitness

The best gym for you depends on what it is that motivates your workout. Do you want to join classes, get access to a wide array of equipment, or do not have any formal exercise routine?

Our ultimate guide will help tailor the ideal fitness experience with various gyms tailored towards meeting these needs.

What Are The Facilities In Anytime Fitness?

  • 24-hour access and security
  • private showers
  • private restrooms
  • Convenient parking with onsite training facilities includes cardio areas for those who want an intense workout or need some time to themselves.
  • Equipment at most gyms includes free weights and functional training gear, such as yoga mats and specialist gym flooring that you can use while doing your exercises.

What Are The Membership Prices? 

Club dues, monthly fees, and any additional charges vary depending on where you live. The average cost for a gym membership in the United States is $36.50 per month, while Canada sits at about 49 Canadian Dollars or CA$100 annually.

A lot goes into buying a health club, from registration to credit cards, so we’ve created this guide as a resource if you’re looking around new gyms.

What Are The Benefits Of Joining Anytime Fitness? 

  • The clubs are open 24/7 and offer top-notch gear alongside best in class security frameworks that give you peace of mind regarding your fitness routine.
  • When you join Anytime Fitness, life feels simpler
  • It operates at several locations all over the world
  • Exercises go hand-in-hand with fun while being individualized
  • there’s no extra cost charge
  • excellent benefits package offered only through joining up as an employee or customer member
  • group cycle classes

How To Cancel Your Membership? 

Anytime Fitness has a no-nonsense cancellation policy. Just read the fine print, and you’ll know what to expect. The common misconception is that if your plan isn’t 100% finished, they will charge an early termination fee or some other penalty for quitting before its completion; however, this may not always be true (they usually don’t). 

Even though memberships are transferable (which means people can move within proximity of each other), one thing worth noting: relocation transfers must exceed 10 miles between clubs. So make sure all potential new gym locations meet these requirements first before jumping ship midstream.


A life without Anytime Fitness is like a dinner date with someone you don’t particularly care for. You know it will be short and unfulfilling, but there’s nothing we can do about that now. With over 1500 worldwide locations across 80 countries on 5 continents (and more coming), they cover most areas 24/7, which means no matter when your day starts or ends.

If their club isn’t open, then YOU’RE LUCKY! Exercise classes provide fun while being exceptionally individualized, making sure each person gets exactly what he needs from his fitness experience.

Whether it’s calories burned during interval training at 6 am Wednesday OR finding new hobbies/interests through sport-specific groups.

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