The Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited(PTCL) has always adopted technological advancement in its services and structure.

Being the first to introduce broadband internet access throughout all regions, PTCL is now focusing on improving billing systems for its customers. They are introducing an online Duplicate Bill service that will provide more convenience than ever before. 

About PTCL

About PTCL

PTCL provides a wide range of broadband internet, dial-up, and TV services with efficient solutions throughout Pakistan. All customers can get bills online or even receive a hard copy of their living/commercial addresses.

If they want it shifted to the new location within the same city; however, such service must be done through a helpline by calling PTCL’s customer care center since further instructions will then follow accordingly.

Ptcl offers many quality advantages over other competitive providers in addition to its affordable prices. It is a known fact that the availability of PTCL provides an appreciable service in Pakistan. The company has well-established roots throughout this country.

It offers affordable internet packages to its customers, but quality seems difficult for some reason when it comes down to providing you with what your money pays for more bills. 

However, lucky enough, there are areas like remote villages where big names can’t expand due (or just don’t want) networks. So people can still get high-speed connections through Ptcl’s flash fiber project, though these come at higher costs. 

Why Do You Need A Duplicate Bill?

Duplicate Bill

A duplicate bill is an official copy of the original. It’s typically requested by a customer when they change their CNIC or cancel phone service.

It can be submitted as evidence if authorities are looking over your shoulder, asking for proof that you have moved out from one address to another.

It’s important because in both cases changing telephone numbers on identification cards (CNIC) or canceling mobile internet connection- policy requires submitting prior bills too.

Online Payment Of PTCL Bill

PTCL customers can take advantage of a new online bill payment option with automatic recovery and suspended lines. The ability to get duplicate bill invoices is available, which ensures that you have all the information needed for your product purchase or renewal call in one place. 

The Requirement To Check The PTCL Bill

To get your latest PTCL bill online, you must have both of these:

  • Phone Number
  • Account ID

To check your bills PTCL, you need to have an account id. Ensure not to enter any phone numbers with area code as it will confuse the system and cause a lot of trouble for both yourself and us.

How To Make A Complaint In PTCL?

The PTCL bill has been a hassle for many people, and they want it to stop. Fortunately, there is one way to get in contact with them if you ever have an issue or problem: The customer care numbers!

These are available 24/7, so just pick up your phone right now and dial their number into the keypad on top of your handset – surely someone from their team will be able to help out pretty quickly. 

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