K Electric Duplicate Bill & E-Payments | 2021

K-electric is a utility company in Pakistan. They provide electricity to homes and businesses across the nation but recently have been experiencing duplicate electric bills. How does this happen?

What can you do if you find that your Bill has been duplicated? In this guide, we’ll be answering these questions and more.

What is K Electric? 

K Electric Logo
Source: Dawn

The city of Karachi is home to over 22 million people. KE stands for Karachi Electric, which provides electricity and distributes it in the nearby southern Pakistan areas with an estimated overall population below their landmass that KE operates on – around 18 Million

Learn about your K Electric bill

At the top left corner, the front side of your Bill is where you will find K Electric Logo and customer details. Beneath this are Consumer Category Tariff numbers and last month’s average temperature for that category (this data comes straight from our servers!). 

K Electric Bill
Source : K Electric

Below these three things in a row appear Comparative analysis on Consumption rates over 13 months; payment channels shown if any have been used recently without going into detail about what each channel entails or which ones were accessed most often etc.

The backside of your Bill has a lot more than just information about the different charges that appear on it. You’ll find QR codes for important notifications, and barcodes meant to be scanned internally only (to avoid complaints), late payment surcharge via positive messaging about how much you can save by paying in advance or not being overdue yet again.

Plus, there’s space where someone might custom message all kinds’ concerns regarding their electricity usage. These words are secondary because every customer deserves to be respected no matter who they are.

But most importantly, I think we should focus less on what goes down here and instead learn something new like when did reconciliation occur last year?

How to check your latest K electric bill? 

Check K Electric Bill
Source: IESCO Duplicate Bill

You need these four things before checking your Bill: 

  • Account Number of 13 digits, (Compulsory)
  • Consumer Number (Optional)
  • e-mail (Optional) and
  • Mobile Number (Optional)

How to pay the K Electric bill?

 K Electric Bill Online Payment
Source: Find Any Bill

You can pay your bill using a hard copy of the invoice and if you don’t have it, print another one from this method. Then visit any commercial bank branch, post office or Easypaisa shop nearby to settle up with KE.

You must be wondering how do I go about paying my electricity bill? 

There are two ways; either through making physical payment at an authorized settlement point like banks & shops where they accept cash payments and other forms such as card/debit transactions (which will require signing for the transaction before handing over the item).

Or else opting out online which means that there is no need for people receiving bills in the mail too since everything gets settled automatically once every month. 

K Electric SMS Service

 K Electric SMS Service

K-Electric has introduced a new service to its customers, intending to make it easier when electricity is scarce. The company, which started 8119 SMS Service after registration, enables their clients’ quick updates about any developments going on at K Electric’s network level.

On the other hand what this means for people living nearby or if there are planned outages happening soon, etcetera. They can use these messages to inquire about load shed schedules (if applicable), technical faults reports, and billing inquiries when necessary.


If you want to make sure that your K Electric bill is correct, you need to review the details in each monthly statement. Remember, bills can be paid online or by phone using our SMS service. 

The power of electricity has always been fascinating and awe-inspiring; now we know how complex electric charges are. It’s no wonder why people feel uneasy when they see an unexpected charge on their latest K Electric bill.

But don’t worry our team here at K knows all about electrical currents and will help get everything sorted out, so there’s never any confusion again.

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